A blazer is an indispensable item to any man’s wardrobe. The word blazer does not have to be described as suit-type jacket, but a man’s “blazer” has a more specific meaning. Whether business or casual, the difference between the two are identified through fabrication and style. With the gradual acceptance of colour in the past few years for men, a bold and creative blazer is a great way to make your statement.

How To Wear a Blazer?

Spotlight designers such as Hardy AmiesDavid Naman, and Tom Ford evoke this season of blazers with superb quality and tailored cuts. If in doubt of seasonal colours, a more minimalist approach might fit your criteria. Regardless, walk with confidence and cultivate a trendy look. Deciding on a decorative add-on calls for playfulness but here are a few tips to get you started this season.


Denim is ideally the best candidate from traditional slacks and conclude direr needs of casual appearance. When styled with a blazer, explore modern trends and transfuse your style. More so, stay away from repulsive fabrics in pursuit of high quality stitching and patterns. Latest collections by Hermes, Alexis Mabille, and He by Mango(video) certainly have a way of presenting character. Here are a few looks from SS14 London fashion week.

Denim SS14


Nothing says summer like a pair of light-weight trousers or shorts on call. In an audacious attempt to exhilarate the latest fad, mix in seasonal colours that blend perfectly with your style. Layering a blazer with Pantone palettes demonstrate subtle and satisfying results. Courageously enough, fabrics such as cargo, corduroy, pinstripes or camouflage are indefectible.

Trousers and Shorts


Styling a blazer doesn’t require a simple button down t-shirt, especially if your day leans toward the casual side. Pick out an impressive graphic T-shirt and you’ve got the perfect day-to-evening ensemble. Designs tailored to floral prints, solid gallant colours, and inspired naval stripes are ideal for a more opulent approach. Ensure to scout out fabrics that are comfortable, light, and adaptable with your blazer.



Great sunglasses have been known to transform wardrobes. Styled with a blazer – must have to avoid inevitable stares. Whether gradient tints or transparent optics, select a pair which extenuate your appearance. Need further assistance finding a pair, check out this article – S/S 2014 Ready to Wear Men’s Sunglasses. When it comes to accessories, withdraw from obnoxious jewelry and think small trinkets such as bracelets, armbands, and necklaces. Try a pocket scarf tucked into your breast pocket – exquisite indeed!

Sunglasses & Accessories


Incitement is bound to happen when incorporating a fancy time piece. Ensure to select a band with splendid specifications – especially during conversational moments. Feeling adventurous? Swap out the wristband and refine your colours.

Never-failing, designers such as Movado, Carter, and Rolex are precisely acquainted in the area of luxury. World-class chronicle watches are flattering, pleasurable, and go well with any blazer! Furthermore, take glee in the fact that your approach will spark all sorts of attention – BOSS!



By learning how to wear a blazer, you will get more confidence in yourself and you will feel more successful. Either business or causal endeavors, blazers have the upper-hand. With more and more men becoming accustomed to style and fashion, the desire to stand out has increased tenfold! Just remember – find a style that demonstrates valor but yet elaborate and convincing. Pitch a new look and don’t be afraid to look back.