What Does HEALTH Really Mean On Male Extravaganza


Eat the food that is right for you and heal your body!
We’ll get into some myths and diet plans that you can use to gain weight, lose weight or cure different diseases.

Alternative Medicine

Some easier and less complicated ways to heal yourself.
From essential oils to energy healing, I am going to present you the ones that worked for me.

Sports & Fitness

Move your body and you will also improve your mind!
I cover everything from gym exercises, supplements to running, biking and even triathlons.

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2501, 2017

Lovely Beards: Why Natural Beard Care Products Are Good For Your Skin

By | January 25th, 2017|Health, Style|

When talking about beards, a disputed subject between gentlemen, you should know (by now) what category you find yourself in. Decide what type of beard you want to grow, whether you’re in a beginner stage [...]

703, 2015

Train in Style: 19 Most Stylish Running & Training Shoes for Men

By | March 7th, 2015|Health|

We've built this collection of the most stylish running shoes for those guys that love to be active, but want to do it fashionably.

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