My Story – A Matter of Perspective

It all started on a cold November evening in my dorm room, it was the 13th – I’ll never forget that date – when I had my first (that I know of) panic attack. The following year was the hardest one in my entire life having at least one attack every day for the first four months and I had a lot of suicidal thoughts the next 12 months.

It was tough, but now I look at that period of my life as the best thing that ever happened to me. Why? Because it forced me to GROW – it was so hard and uncomfortable that I did everything to get better and I am so thankful for those panic attacks because they made me the man I am today.

Because I’ve been through the worse, I am determined to help you make small, weekly changes that will help you develop yourself so you don’t have to go through what I’ve gone.

Even though I graduated Power Engineering in 2014, I decided that I have a bigger purpose and started blogging full-time in September 2014 after almost 4 years of doing it part-time. There were a lot of tough times, but together with my girlfriend, Roswitha, we’ve managed to make it happen and make a living out of blogging.

I love to inspire men to become better human beings, that’s why I transformed Male Extravaganza from a fashion blog into a platform where I teach men how to become my type of gentlemen: happy, wealthy, kind and stylish!

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What’s The Motivation Behind My Business

Want To Hear Something Funny? Read These Facts About Me

I Love Friends Tv Show

Yeah, I still love them even though I watched the entire show at least 5 times, but I feel it’s like a good wine – it gets better and better! Plus, their jokes are really evergreen.

Animation Movies ROCK!

I’d always choose an animation movie over anything else. I love the fact that they are so smart and have lots of hidden lessons. My favorites: Kung Fu Panda, The Book of Life, Big Hero 6.

I Watch The Ellen Show

I’ve probably watched all her episodes in the last two years and I love how she inspires people to be kinder.

Nature = Happiness

Being in the nature makes me happy, especially forests when everything is green. I love to admire trees and flowers, and smell the fresh air.

I Am a Dog Person

I love dogs and I cannot help but smile every time I see one. Hope I’ll be able to have my own dog soon.

I Love To Bike

I love to bike and admire beautiful areas, building, nature. It’s very relaxing and it feels me with joy and peace.

I Feel Free When I Run

It has to be in a beautiful area though – I cannot run in circles! Running really makes me free and it helps me release tension.

I Am a Pretty Good Swimmer

I practiced swimming for about 10 years and being a national vice-champion was the highlight of my career. As you can imagine, I love to swim and it feels me with joy every time I do it.

I Enjoy A Good Walk

I probably go out for a walk at least 2-3 times per week and I listen to audio books, courses and trainings. It gives me a feeling of growth and I love that! (+ it’s very relaxing!)


Do We Have Anything In Common?

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What Do People Say About Me

You may ask yourself “how do I know this” and the answer is that part of an exercise I did during B-School where I actually had to ASK 25 people (in a survey) what they believe are my three top qualities and these are the results. It’s an exercise I recommend you do by the way – it will force you to look at the bright side and find strengths that you did not know you had.


My Mentors – Or The People Who Shaped My Life & Business

There are many people who played a very important role in my life, even people that are not famous and I am very grateful that I met all of them. The ones below had a bigger impact that I think will last forever.

Robin Sharma

I’ve learned so much from Robin Sharma by listening to his book The Greatness Guide, especially while I was going through some tough times and he always gave me hope. Robin was my first teacher and he set the groundwork for everyone else.

Marie Forleo

Marie is one of the most recent teachers that I’ve found and signing up for B-School really changed the way I do business. She opened my eyes to lots of new possibilities.

Brian Johnson

Brian exposed me to lots of new and amazing books through his product Philosopher’s Notes and his positivity is contagious and he has some really cool views on life.

It’s Time For a Change!

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