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Restart Energy Adds a Member of the EU Parliament to Their Advisory Team

We hear news of new tokens and alt coins pretty much every day. ICOs (Initial Coin Offering) have become one of the most successful ways to raise capital in 2017. Actually, according to the ICO rating website, ICOdata, there has been $6 billion in ICO funding in 2017 from 886 companies. And yes, that is [...]

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4 Most Stylish Cars to Own in 2017

The relationship between a man and his car is a complex one that dates back to the dawn of motoring – indeed, some might argue that it is even older, and the way that some treat their cars is reminiscent of the relationship between man and horse in the days before the internal combustion engine. [...]

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Growing a Beard? Here are 10 Beard Trends to Guide Your Life

The popularity of beards has been soaring over the past few years, so this is the perfect time to grow one out or try a new style. Here are the top 10 beard trends for 2015!

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4 Ways To Embrace The Newest Trend: Pattern On Pattern

Pattern on pattern is a popular term in the fashion industry and we want you to embrace the new trend in the best way possible.

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Happy Birthday, Mihai! CEO @Male Extravaganza

Today is an awesome day because it holds a very special meaning, not only to me personally, but to all of you reading this - today is Mihai Herman's birthday - the gentleman that created Male Extravaganza. Mihai Herman - Founder and CEO Male Extravaganza - wearing Tudor Tailor He is starting the [...]

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A Feral Cat From Britain: The All New Jaguar F-type [Review]

I know what some of you will say at this point: “Hm, Jaguar F-type, that should be related to the E-type” and it is. Let’s see what is the case here

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10 Best Dressed Gentlemen At The Oscars 2015

The awards given out, the speeches said, but which award is still left? That of the Best Dressed Gentleman from Oscars 2015. Here are the best 10!

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How To Spot Quality In Men’s Dress Shoes

Intuitively, you understand it makes good fashion sense to invest in quality footwear. Read our basic guide to identifying men's dress shoe quality elements.

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