Today is an awesome day because it holds a very special meaning, not only to me personally, but to all of you reading this – today is Mihai Herman’s birthday – the gentleman that created Male Extravaganza.

Mihai herman CEO

Mihai Herman – Founder and CEO Male Extravaganza – wearing Tudor Tailor

He is starting the new year with B-school, studying hard in order to be able to offer even more value to Male Extravaganza‘s readers. He is working on redesigning the blog, so soon enough you will love it even more because it will blow your mind. Besides this, he is almost done with the new email course he is launching – for FREE and a new ebook, a must in every gentleman’s bookshelf.

Nonetheless,  he just updated Male Extravaganza’s team and together, we are working on cool interviews and amazing fashion projects that will enhance your knowledge this year.

But Male Extravaganza is not the only project he is working on, at the same time, he is redesigning Estilo TendancesB-school was the best investment so far – and working on creating his new personal website, where he will teach aspiring entrepreneurs all about launching an online business and thriving at blogging. 

As you can see, he is pretty busy because Mihai has big dreams and a huge heart. He wants to change the world and inspire young people through his example.

He managed to turn a hobby into a business and turn in profit after 11 months of part time blogging – and not any profit, a profit that allowed him and myself to be able to do what we love full time and pay our bills.

Expect great things to happen this year and watch his every move, it will inspire you to be more, do more and have more!

If there is anything that he would love to tell you on his special day, it would be for sure:

Follow your dreams and never give up! CLICK TO TWEET

Because we love him and respect him so much, we put up a video together, with some of his friends and team members. Since he is Romanian, most of the people in the video are greeting him in his own language – so, I am sorry if you will not be able to understand the whole video.

#3ThingsWeLOVE about Mihai:

Thank you for being our source of inspiration and HAPPY BIRTHDAY! May all your dreams come to life this year and stay positive, kind, amazingly loving, healthy and inspiring!