The popularity of beards has been soaring over the past few years, so this is the perfect time to grow one out or try a new style and this is exactly where our list of top 10 beard trends will come in handy. Everything from well-trimmed facial hair to the wild look that Rick Grimes sported until recently on “The Walking Dead” have been showcased in movies and TV shows, and men from all walks of life have been experimenting with the very best in beard styles and maintenance.

Beards are Trending. Period.

Also, if predictions are correct about the popularity of certain styles of beards, they’re going to be the coolest fashion accessory in the coming years, scorching hot in popularity this summer and keeping plenty of facial features warm this fall and winter. In fact, it’s probably a good idea to familiarize yourself with words such asyeard, ‘beard-wearing hipsters’ and ‘lumber-sexuals’ if you want to catch up with the fashion masses that are sprouting facial hair.

Beard Trends 2015: What Works and What Doesn’t

And, although most types of beards are currently trendy, it is still a good idea to consider the following factors before you decide exactly what you want to do with your facial hair.

1. Proper Care is Key

When you were a boy, you may have watched your dad basically ignore his beard aside from the occasional trim. Although this probably looked cool to you at the time, the reality is that ignoring proper beard maintenance can cause a long list of issues, including uncomfortable skin underneath the hair. Therefore, today’s beard owner takes the time to use products such as beard oil and sophisticated grooming tools to keep their facial hair and skin in good shape.

Maintain your beard, and keep it runway ready!

Maintain your beard, and keep it runway ready!

2. Full and Short is In

Perhaps the biggest trend for 2015 is the full and short beard. This style requires growing your beard as thick as possible across your chin and cheeks, but you need to keep the beard well trimmed so that it never hangs down over your neck by a noticeable amount. Some men, such as Ben Affleck choose to connect this beard style to sideburns, and this is the perfect way to achieve a fuller appearance.

Ben Affleck's full and short beard Photo by deepufashion

Ben Affleck’s full and short beard
Photo by deepufashion

When you add a mustache into the mix, you will also be showcasing the boxed beard style. Although there is a small percentage of beard loving men who have taken this short and full look and allowed it to spread down their neck, that amount of extra facial hair looks better with ayeard.

3. Consider the Yeard 

If you have always dreamed of having a full, bushy and long beard as opposed to the short style that many men favor, 2015 may be the perfect time for you to start growing a yeard. This trendy method for beard development requires a man to allow his facial hair to grow unencumbered for an entire year. In other words, you will not spend any time trimming or shaving your beard.

Found on the

Found on the

However, this does not mean that you cannot use other styling methods, including washing and combing it, drying it thoroughly before going outside and applying beard oil to keep it soft. After the one year mark passes, you can trim and shape your beard as desired. Alternatively, you can switch your focus toward growing tweard by adding an extra year without any shaving or trimming. Yeards and tweards are the perfect option for men who have no interest in spending a lot of extra time trimming and cultivating a full but short beard.

4. Don’t Forget the ‘stache

Some men opt to grow a beard without allowing their mustache to develop, but this does not qualify for beard trends in 2015. Therefore, even though Abraham Lincoln once rocked this look, it is not a good idea to take this approach unless you want to be out of step with the latest beard trends. Growing a mustache will make your face look more distinguished, and it will also blend with your beard to provide a more polished and complete appearance.

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It is important to note that mustaches alone are not very stylish right now. Due to this, if you are going for a clean shaven look on your cheeks and chin, make sure that you also regularly shave the hair above your upper lip.

5. Fuller Than Stubble but Less Than a Full Beard

Men who have trouble growing a lot of facial hair are embracing an alternative to the full and short method by growing their facial hair out until just past the stubble stage. This offers some fullness and definition, and you can keep it trimmed down so that people get the impression that you are in complete control of the length that you have achieved. This type of beard tends to look very precise, well-groomed and purposeful, and it can cover up the fact that you are unable to grow long beards that are so trending in 2015.

Fuller than stubble look Photo by

Fuller than stubble look
Photo by

6. Get Good at Grooming 

As previously mentioned, beard maintenance is very important for numerous reasons. There are many items available that will help you with this process, including beard trimmers, scissors, shampoo and beard oil. You need to ensure that you wash your beard each time you take a shower, and it is also necessary to dry it with a towel before you go outside, especially during the winter.

Instead of reaching for just any comb or brush, you should focus on utilizing tools that have been formulated specifically for beards. For example, a good grooming kit such as the Explorer’s Kit from Beardbrand gives you everything that you need to get started.  However, these kits provide only a minimal amount of beard oil, so you will want to expand to other products in order to protect your facial hair while also enjoying the perfect scent.

This kit features sophisticated grooming tools Photo found on

This kit features grooming utensils, beard wax and more
Photo found on

7. Explore Your Inner Lumber-sexual 

The urban dictionary defines a lumber-sexual as “a metro-sexual who has the need to hold on to some outdoor based ruggedness, thus opting to keep a finely trimmed beard, or as “a sexy man who dresses in denim, leather, and flannel, and has a ruggedly sensual beard.”

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Lumberjack’s Beard Oil caters to these forward-thinking lumber-sexuals by offering scented beard oil blends in everything from Alpine Blast to an Unscented Blend that was made for men with sensitive skin or noses. Alternatively, there are DIY beard oil options that give you the ability to make your own blend.

Alpine blast by Lumberkjack's Beard Oil conditions your beard

Alpine Blast beard oil conditions your beard Photo found on

You can learn other tips and keep up to date on the most fashionable aspects of beard culture by checking out the Lumberjack’s Beard Oil blog. This useful resource showcases bearded men who look very modern and hip, and you can access a nice mixture of beard care information and humorous stories.

8. Mixing it Up Spices it Up

If you are interested in changing the color of your beard hair, you can choose from multiple products and manufacturers. Although there are many companies selling beard dye, Bodcare offers a hypoallergenic and henna-based beard dye, aptly named “Beard,” that is extremely kind to your skin. The results of Beard is instantaneous and youthful-looking appearance you get after using it is sure to be a confidence booster. The dye comes in brown and black shades.

9. A Beard is Your Best Accessory

Your beard is definitely an accent piece for your face, and it can also serve as an important accessory for your entire look. For example, if you are a lumbersexual, you will want to grow a fuller, thicker beard to complement your fashion choices.

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A yeard or tweard might be a bit hard for you to work with because you have to stick with grooming options that do not include trimming or shaving, but cultivating a full beard will definitely complete your desired appearance. This same type of beard can work well for the hipster lifestyle, but you will want to do something to make it stand out. Some hipsters grow handlebar mustaches or style their thick, full beard in an unusual, eye-catching way.

10. The Right Beard Gets the Job Done

If you are part of corporate America, you will most likely need to stick with the fuller than stubble but less than a beard look. In some cases, a full and short beard will also be acceptable. Make sure that you pay attention to your company’s grooming policy, and always keep your beard trim and neat to maintain a professional appearance. In other words, if you have not grown a beard yet, you may have to wait until your next vacation to get started so that you can experience the stubble and patchy portions of facial hair growth when you are not in the office.

Foun on: pittiuomo

Found on: pittiuomo


A less refined version of the two beards that work well in a professional setting are also sure to be a big hit for the club scene. A long list of styles have been explored recently on the runway and in other big fashion circles, but a tighter trim with a smaller amount of facial hair is by far the most prevalent choice. Keep in mind that all of these options are merely suggestions, and you should grow whichever type of beard works best for your personal and professional lives.

Whichever beard trend you end up selecting in 2015, it is best to put the necessary time and energy into taking care of it. Keep in mind that scientific research indicates that men and women are most attracted to men who have facial hair, so you just might get more out of your facial hair than personal satisfaction.