Every once in a while I find a brand that is so cool and built on great values that I just can’t help myself from sharing it with you. Since the rebranding of Male Extravaganza, I chose to stop the advertisement work and focus on providing as much value as possible for my subscribers and working on launching ebooks, courses and a self-development diary (check it out here!) and even though I am contacted by lots of brands every week, I did not feature any up until now.

The brand that I am talking about made me actually re-think the whole concept of featuring brands and I will start to write about brands that have the same values as my business, but I will also feature a charitable company every month. The name of the brand is Howard Flacke, a luxury eyewear brand that wants to make high quality available for everyone.

Recently, I’ve found a lot of new entrepreneurs that are finding ways to cut the middle man and bring luxury items to the average market, like .Bk providing high-quality limited edition shirts or Aaron Hallerman from Vincero Collective (see my interview with him here) that provides gentlemen with stunning watches & bags at a very low price.

What’s so Special About Howard Flacke?

First of all, I love stories and I believe that’s what makes people buy a product. Howard Kahan’s story, founder of the brand, is very inspiring because instead of feeling like a victim because he couldn’t find an affordable pair of sunglasses that are also high in quality, he decided to create his own line. Who does that? Winners do that! Few months later, he is running a project on Kickstarter that, by the time of this writing, is 40% funded with 21 days to do.

Secondly, I am an entrepreneur myself living off the money I make from blogging and consultations (more on that in another article) and I admire young people that have the courage to take their lives into their own hands by setting forth on this amazing journey of entrepreneurship by adding more value into the world.

Last but not least, they are going the extra mile in order to provide the best eyewear possible. How? See the features below.

  • the frames are made from genuine Buffalo Horn imported from India
  • unique – because of the buffalo horn, you’ll get a unique pattern every time
  • super lightweight – lighter than plastic
  • made from natural molding material, which means that it will mold to the contour of your face after continuous wear
  • they are hypoallergenic
  • polarized sunglasses
  • 100% UVA & UVB protection

Okay, but Pictures?

I am sure you are very excited to take a look at some pictures and see if the shades will go well with your business-casual outfit, so here they are. Even so, I’ve only included pictures with my favorite pairs, but I encourage you to go visit their Kickstarter campaign and order your pair because it’s well worth it and they are so cheap!