What is .Bk?

You are probably wondering “who in the world is .Bk (dotBk)?”. Well, to paraphrase them “.Bk is a Brooklyn-based limited edition menswear startup that’s breaking down the conventions of men’s fashion—seasons, mass production & hyper-macho branding.” Basically, what they aim to do is simple: produce only a limited number of products in a collection and sell them at the same price as they would if it was mass-produced.

How do they find inspiration for their collection?

They find a unique and inspiring lifestyle, learn as much as they can about it and produce a collection that perfectly mirrors it. 

Fits you perfectly

All of their shirts are slim fit that “tapers in at the waist and out at the bottom”. and they also have a cool & very useful Size guide.



The Collections

1. Hemingway Herringbone

Inspired by the DIY craftsman who “doesn’t have soft hands” and needs a durable, comfortable and presentable shirt.

Favorite color: blue.

Fabric: 100% cotton.

Hemingway Herringbone .Bk Luxury Shirt


2. Founder’s OCBD

First of all, OCBD = Oxford Cloth Button Down. Inspired by the busy life of an entrepreneur that has to take care of everything from closing deals to shipping and customer service, and still “stand out from his/her interns”.

This is the one I got to try on and give feedback which also happens to be my favorite. The pocket really stands out and the bright colors make it better than the CEO Chambray collection (see below). Probably the best part of these shirts, besides perfect fit, is that they barely need any ironing.

Favorite color: pink.

Fabric: 100% cotton.

Founder's OCBD Luxury Shirt by .Bk


3. Startup Stripe

As you probably guessed, this shirt is inspired by the new cool thing: open/have a startup. Everyone has a startup these days and this can only make me feel proud and express gratitude for the world we live in because people open up to new possibilities and challenge themselves to get out of their victim state and do something about their lives.

From my own experience, having your own startup makes you happy, creative and work harder. Of course, right from the beginning the money might not be great, people will probably make fun of you and try to “wake you up” from your “dream state”, but if you keep your eyes on the goal, it will eventually happen.

Don’t forget to enjoy the journey, it will define you as a human being!

Favorite color: black dots.

Fabric: 100% cotton.

Startup Stripe Luxury Shirt by .Bk


4. CEO Chambray

This shirt is for “the CEO’s play-hard side” and, as they say on their website, is “a classic work shirt that was transformed into a refined nightlife button down”.

Favorite color: blue.

Fabric: a mix of oxford & chambray.

CEO Chambray Luxury Shirt by .Bk



We live in a world where being cool still means “like everyone else” and I strongly believe that .Bk is about to make an important change in how people dress because they will help those who want to stand out which will, eventually, influence the rest of the “dudes”.

Join me and other Founders & CEOs and order your .Bk shirt now. Follow .Bk on Twitter for more updates & offers.