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Mihai Herman is passionate about self-development, business, sports and style. He is the founder of Male-Extravaganza.com where he blogs since 2010 and he teaches men how to be happy, kind and stylish, being determined to help 10,000 gentlemen live a better life through his newly launched self-development journal.

5 Bags Every Gentleman Should Own (Bonus: 3 Accessories)

Whether you are a man or a woman, a bag is something that is a must-have if you leave your house daily. A bag is something you keep your everyday necessities in, like books, keys, phone, laptop, and various other things that can come in handy throughout the day.

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Top 6 Watches to Wear This Summer

A watch is not only a device that helps us see time, it is a piece of style that embodies our personality and taste in fashion. A watch is a perfect accessory that every gentleman should have in their collection. There are many brands working in the industry to manufacture the best quality products, however, [...]

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Restart Energy Adds a Member of the EU Parliament to Their Advisory Team

We hear news of new tokens and alt coins pretty much every day. ICOs (Initial Coin Offering) have become one of the most successful ways to raise capital in 2017. Actually, according to the ICO rating website, ICOdata, there has been $6 billion in ICO funding in 2017 from 886 companies. And yes, that is [...]

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This Blockchain Company Allows You to Send & Receive Energy Anywhere in the World (ICO Open)

This article first appeared on HuffingtonPost.com Bitcoin. Cryptocurrency. Blockchain. And lately, Ethereum or Ripple. Some of the most popular words in 2017 and something tells me that they will be THE most popular ones in 2018. With the total cryptocurrency market cap going from $18bln on January, 3rd 2017 to over $700bln on the same [...]

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Winter Apparel For Motorcycle Enthusiasts

When the snow starts coming down, the bikers who allow winter to tame them bow their heads and wheel their bike into the shed for the rest of the season. But you’re not a regular biker. You’re an enthusiast — everything about riding gets you excited, and you can’t wait to hit the open highway [...]

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The Monkstrap by Male Extravaganza – ORDER NOW

Hey guys, Exciting news!! This is the day I've been waiting for since day one of Male Extravaganza. We are launching our own shoe line. Our first ever model is for GENTLEMEN: a beautifully designed pair double-strap shoes (or bad boys as I like to call them). ORDER YOUR PAIR HERE! (only $279) Payments [...]

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Top Men’s Boots & Shoes Trends for 2017 – 2018

Now that the colder weather is here, it is time to go out and buy some new footwear. There really is nothing worse than having cold, wet feet. Here Are The Top 2017 Men's Boot Trends This year, there are some great-looking men's boots available in the shops. Whether you are looking for a traditional [...]

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4 Most Stylish Cars to Own in 2017

The relationship between a man and his car is a complex one that dates back to the dawn of motoring – indeed, some might argue that it is even older, and the way that some treat their cars is reminiscent of the relationship between man and horse in the days before the internal combustion engine. [...]

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