For the average man, many of the luxurious, high-fashion brands simply remain out of their reach. The firm grasps men hold onto their copies of GQ and Esquire as they longingly covet the Armani coat. Not everyone can casually walk into their local Armani store and purchase a new wardrobe, yet online website Sage Clothing has taken action against this typical dilemma.

Sage Clothing offer a diverse range of cutting edge garments that any man could ever hope to fabricate, from jeans to jogging pants, blazers to t-shirts, all designed by leading contemporary visionaries whose aims are to inspire and energise the otherwise blase menswear market with designs that will help men explore aesthetics they do not normally have access to, doing this for men on a worldwide scale.



No brand oozes a sense of raw, uncomparable masculinity than Diesel. As part of the widening and growing collection of iconic brands that Sage Clothing have to offer, the Italian brand, well-known for their ravaged denim, take basic quintessential pieces of a man’s wardrobe and blend experimental elements. Taking the formal structure of the blazer and fashioning it from rocky stone-wash linen, or subtle touches of roughness in the form of  denim chest pockets on cotton tees, the brand demonstrate how simple pieces can be imbued with perennial vigor.



Jeremy Scott’s creative influence remains at the forefront of Moschino. Irreverent of the fast-food fashion aesthetics that the designer has played upon for his Autumn Winter 2014/15 collection, the pieces that Sage Clothing houses involve a perky use of logos, such as a shirt littered with a contrasting all-over print of the brand’s name. These items can make for quirky, quite youthful statement editions to a wardrobe in dire need of something not made of tweed or wool.




Armani remain as a brand that anyone can invest their confidence in timeless design. Their pieces employ buff silhouettes using cardinal materials of denim and wool, emblazoning their well-known logo onto all. The leather ‘AJ’ logo on the left sleeve of the half-denim shirt is understated and subdued, the addition of leather to the denim contrast shirt broadens the stylistic depth. It’s this minimal approach to attire that is made accessible, thanks to Sage Clothing. 

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Sage Clothing have been operating within London for over 25 years now as an authorised stockist of some of the fashion world‘s most respected and innovative brands. Their ethos of inspiring men to drift away from their ensemble ruts and routines a move towards clothing that they wouldn’t typically wear is reflected in their blog. Ultimately, this one-stop-shop has an astute awareness of their market, and isn’t afraid to shake it up a little.

This pots is sponsored by Sage Clothing.