Each year the web is crowded with thousands of Gift Guides: from what to buy for your friends to what to buy your mother, and they are all great (we wrote some amazing pieces as well, read here) but, rarely there is enough information to cover each individual, each taste, each body type, each wallet. This is why, this project was so important to me, because I wanted to integrate as many items as possible to fit a larger pool of men with this massive gift guide for men.

What you will find in this gift guide, are items from these categories: shirts, suits, blazers, outerwear, knitwear/jumpers, trousers/pants/jeansties/bow tiespolos/t-shirts, shoes, socks, underwear, bracelets, watcheshatsbelts & suspendersbagsglasseswallets & card holders, books, alcohol, perfumesshaving stuffshampoosgadgets & more.

All the products featured in this gift guide are from companies we’ve worked with and made a great impression or companies we believe in that offer high quality items.

About 70% of the links below are through affiliates and it will account for a small contribution to keep the blog alive and get some nice gifts for our team! If you do not want to contribute, just click the link, delete your browser’s cookies and refresh the page.

We were inspired to research and write such a massive article by RealMenRealStyle‘s 199 products and it was a tough challenge, but more than 120 hours later, we have our own list of 207 holiday gift ideas for men. Check out their article as well because Antonio featured some nice products that he tried and can guarantee for most of them!


1. Blue Shirt by Brioni

A simple but beautiful shirt, perfect for a normal day. This is made in Italy and you know that style can be even put in a simple, elegant and classy shirt as this one. It’s a sea blue and white striped shirt, so you can wear it with some black trousers or even jeans of a dark color.

Blue Shirt by Brioni - Gift Ideas for Men

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 2. Pink “Founders” Shirt by .Bk

This shirt was inspired by the busy life of an entrepreneur that has to take care of everything from closing deals to shipping and customer service, and still “stand out from his/her interns”. This shirt will get you lots of compliments for sure as it really brings out the best in you. The Founders shirt is made from 100% cotton and will fit you perfectly. Guaranteed!

My only question is: are you man enough to wear this color? If not, you can also find it in 3 more colors.

Pink Founders Shirt by .Bk - Gift Ideas for Men

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 3. Purple Shirt by Brooks Brothers

You don’t see many guys wearing a purple shirt and now is your time to set the trend and prove that it looks good, especially paired with a light grey plain suit and a pair of brown tassel shoes.

Best part: is a non-iron shirt made from pure Supima cotton, designed to virtually remain wrinkle-free. Comes in 4 different fit types: slim fit, regular, traditional and extra-slim fit.

Purple Shirt by Brooks Brothers - Gift Ideas for Men


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 4. Red Stripped Shirt by InStitchu

Mr DuPont (as the guys over at InStitchu like to call it) is our favorite stripped shirt as it’s elegant enough for any business event. You can fully customize the shirt to fit your needs and they make sure it will perfectly fit you.

Red Stripped Shirt by InstitChu - Gift Ideas for Men

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 5. Blue Stripped Shirt by TM Lewin

If you’ve never heard of TM Lewin, you are missing out. With a history of over 100 years, they have always focused on providing quality as their main company value. Prices are more than accessible for everyone that wants to invest in themselves because a nice, well fitted shirt can really make your day.

Wear this blue stripped shirt with a pair of dark red chinos and a cardigan and you’re off to a good start.

Blue Stripped Shirt by TM Lewin - Gift Ideas for Men

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 6. Red & White Cotton Shirt by J. Crew

Chamois elbow-patch shirt is what J.Crew likes to call heather plaster plaid with long-sleeves and a button down collar. The material is not too light, not too bulky and it is ideal for the season to come. Wear it with everything casual. It is a day-to-day shirt, that offers both pattern and a little bit of texture, made from a non-synthetic fabric destined o keep you warm. This shirt is considered to be “rugged outdoorsy classic”, which is very true as you can’t mess up with this one. It is timeless, classic and can upgrade your daily wear.

Red & White Shirt by J. Crew - Gift Ideas for Men

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 7. B&W Candy Stripe Shirt by Nick Graham

Why invest in this shirt? Because black and white will always be in fashion! Wear it with jeans or trousers, a black cardigan and some cool ankle boots. You can make it less formal by wearing a colorful plain bow tie.

B&W Candy Stripe Shirt by Nick Graham

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1. Steel Grey Wool Suit by Ermenegildo Zegna

Oh, grey suits: they will always be in style. I do like this particular nuance of grey as it kinda tricks you into thinking is brown when you first look at it. The simplicity of this suit is what actually stands out and caught my eye.

Made of 100% wool, this two button model is perfect for your every day business use.

Braun Suit by Ermenegildo Zegna - Gift Ideas for Men

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 2. Grey Suit by Brioni

Best worn on a spring/summer day. This is the kind of slim fit suit that fits gentlemen with attitude, but it can definitely raise your self-esteem if worn right and if it fits you well. Some say that a nice suit will make you look and feel more successful and I am not here to convince you that is right, I am just here to say “try it and see for yourself”

Pair it with black double strap shoes, a white shirt and a black polka tie to stand out. Oh, the Burberry watch (see below) would be a perfect match here. 

Grey Suit by Brioni - Gift Ideas for Men

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3. Navy Suit by Suitcafe

This is what we would call “A Suit for Life”. This navy office-kind-of-suit is something that should not miss from any gentleman’s wardrobe. If the man pays attention to details like fitting, accessories and attitude, it could never be a bad choice for anyone. It is best to wear it at work or at that business lunch your boss keeps bothering you about. Also, it’s the type of suit that goes pretty well for an important interview.

Navy Suit by Suitcafe - Gift Ideas for Men

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4. Mr Rico Suit by InStitchu

As you’ve probably noticed, we love double-breasted blazer here at Male Extravaganza and we couldn’t skip this beautiful 100% wool suit by InStitchu. Perfect for that meeting with top investors you’ve been talking about, especially if paired with a Daniel Wellington classic watch.

Dark Grey Suit by Institchu

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1. Checked Tweed Blazer by Lardini

Lardini remains one of our favorite places when it comes to blazers/jackets. Their unique patterns and colors never stop impressing us and when you also take their quality service & materials into consideration, you just have to love them. The picture below shows a perfect example of “how to wear it right”, but please wear it with attitude!

Checked Tweed Blazer by Lardini


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2. Navy Stripe Knit Blazer by Brooks Brothers

This is another must-have for every man (that respects himself) wardrobe. I think Karl Lagerfeld used to say that you can look bad, very bad, but if you put on a navy blazer you will look like George Clooney, and that can save your day! He was partly right, I don’t recommend you only count on your blazer, please make sure your entire outfit is flawless.

Wear it with a pair of grey chinos and navy tassel loafers and you are good to go!

Navy Stripped Blazer - Gift Ideas for Men

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3. Brown Plaid Blazer by Canali

This classic fit sport coat by Canali will easily become your go-to jacket for when you want to impress your “better half” and take her out to a fancy restaurant. Even though we love ties and bow ties, it looks so good without a tie that we’d recommend you try wearing it like that at least once and see how you feel.

Brown Plaid Blazer by Canali - Gift Ideas for Men

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1. Brown Suede Bomber Jacket by Brooks Brothers

Crafted from pure suede with tartan lining, this bomber jacket is a statement by itself and can be also worn during the cold season. Wear it with a pair of indigo jeans, chukka boots, checked shirt and a v-neck jumper. Add a light cashmere scarf for more impact!

Brown Suede Bomber Jacket by Brooks Brothers - Gift Ideas for Men

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2. Felted Jersey Overcoat by Ermenegildo Zegna

Businessmen, all your eyes should be on this overcoat by Ermenegildo Zegna if you want to look professional and be taken seriously this winter season. You can either wear it with dark trousers or indigo jeans. Add a navy or dark red scarf for more sophistication!

Oh, don’t even dare not to wear a simple, classic watch with it!

Felted Jersey Overcoat by Ermenegildo Zegna - Gift Ideas for Men

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3. Quilted Jacket by Barbour

These are old news, but the quilted jacket is a big trend this winter! Perfect for business use if you got sick of your overcoats and still want to make a good impression. This jacket comes in relaxed fit to allow you to use another big trend: layering. Make sure you use it right and pair it with a stripped shirt, vest and a navy cardigan.

Quilted Jacket by Barbour - Gift Ideas for Men

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4. Fishtail Parka by Globe Goodstock

The parka is remarkably versatile, it can be worn over a suit to create a powerfully simple contrast, or worn just over a sweatshirt for an urban look. Alternatively, the parka can be embraced by pairing it with a check shirt and dark denim jeans.

 Fishtail Parka by Globe Goodstock


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5. Camel Duffle Coat by Brooks Brothers

This Brooks Brothers duffle coat is made from 100% double-faced wool with signature tartan plaid on the inside. Best to wear duffle coats with slim, cuffed jeans and slip on brogues with a cable-knit jumper to channel the duffle brightest facets.

Camel Duffle Coat by Brooks Brothers - Gift Ideas for Men

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6. Fireman Coat by Monitaly

Monitaly is a Yuki Matsuda collection that sets itself apart by creating pieces that will be in trend over and over again. Made from wool, it’s sure to keep you warm on most days. The sophistication of the buttons makes it a cool garment for any age. Best worn with denim.

Best part is that you can machine wash this coat!

Fireman Coat by Monitaly


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 7. Faux Leather Jacket by G Star

We all have days when we just want to look a bit more “badass” and this faux leather jacket will do the trick. Only wear it with jeans (does not matter the color) and this is not the right clothing item to show your layering skills. Keep it simple and wear your best aviator sunglasses with it!

Faux Leather Jacket by G Star - Gift Ideas for Men

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8. Double Breasted Wool Overcoat by Scotch & Soda

This is our favorite overcoat, by far. The plush faux fur gives it a vintage look that will put you in the spotlight! Wear it with black trousers, double strap monk strap boots and your favorite leather messenger bag.

Double Breasted Wool Overcoat by Scotch & Soda - Gift Ideas for Men

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1. Merino Wool Blue Sweater by Brooks Brothers

This is the best fall/winter add on: layer it with tees or even with a shirt and skinny tie. It goes perfect with your indigo jeans or navy trousers. Best to be worn with a pair of black ankle or chukka boots.

Merino Wool Blue Sweater by Brooks Brothers - Gift Ideas for Men

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 2. Patterned Jumper by Diesel

Jackie, the Patterned Jumper from Diesel is a fortunate choice in Knitwear this season. We’re saying that every man should have one of these warm-and-cozy pieces in his wardrobe this winter. If you’re not a fan of layering, then this is definitely for you. It can be worn in a very simplest way, with a pair of navy jeans and a parka on top. We would also say it’s the perfect piece for a cozy evening, next to the fire at your parents’ house.

Patterned Jumper by Diesel - Gift Ideas for Men

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3. Shawl Collar White Cardigan by Topman

This Topman cardigan is perfect for your layering needs and it won’t disappoint you. Wear it with a checked shirt (as pictured), jeans or trousers, and a pair of brogues. Perfect for those early Autumn and/or Spring days. The two open pockets make it useful no matter the situation.

Shawl Collar White Cardigan by Topman - Gift Ideas for Men

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4. Plaid Cardigan by Brooks Brothers

Crafted from pure American-grown Supima cotton, this navy plaid cardigan will be your perfect clothing item for days when you don’t want to think about matching anything because it will most probably look good with 90% of all your tees and shirts. It’s nonconformists’ perfect garment.

Plaid Cardigan by Brooks Brothers


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5. “Reindeer Crossing” Sweater by Topman

This is the best holiday sweater and will surely put a lot of smiles on co-workers’, friends’ or just strangers’ faces. You can wear it on casual Fridays with just a pair of jeans and boots, add a Santa hat for even more fun! Or, as Topman describes it, “wear it while hiking in the woods so you can let an approaching deer know that you’re cool.”

Reindeer Crossing Jumper by Topman - Gift Ideas for Men

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6. Blue V-Neck Sweater by Billy Reid

This beautifully crafted 100% cashmere v-neck sweater will impress every living being that will pass you on the street or at work. Only wear it with a nice pale shirt so you don’t make the shirt stand out that much. Accessorize it with a black leather strap watch and a pair of ankle boots.

Blue V-Neck Sweater by Billy Reid


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7. Donegal Wool Crewneck Sweater by Original Penguin

This cozy 100% wool sweater is proven to keep you warm during those cold winter days, as well as making you look sharper than ever. Wear it with a checked shirt underneath, a grey overcoat and a pair of black boots.

Crewneck Sweater by Original Penguin - Gift Ideas for Men


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1. Colorblock Hoodie by The Rail

Most probably, one of the best invention ever! A hoodie can be so practical, yet so stylish. It’s perfect for your sport needs and can be easily worn on a chill night out with friends at a not-so-fancy bar. Wear it with jeans or sweatpants. The small kangaroo like pocket will successfully hide your protein bar and cookies from your friends.

Colorblock Hoodie by The Rail - Gift Ideas for Men


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2. Blue Zip Hoodie by Original Penguin

The zip hoodie is even more useful than the regular one as it can integrate perfectly with your business wear. This hoodie is probably the most sought after clothing garment is San Francisco as it’s very popular through entrepreneurs & creative people. Wear it with your favorite trousers, checked or stripped shirt and a pair of navy high top Converse for a relaxed look or brown chukka boots for a more casual look.

Blue Zip Hoodie by Original Penguin - Gift Ideas for Men


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1. Dark Blue Trousers by Brioni

Attention!! These were not created for your day to day business needs, save them for important meeting and events when you need to look flawless. Also invest in a white non-iron shirt and a pair of leather dress shoes.

Dark Blue Trousers by Brioni - Gift Ideas for Men

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2. Light Brown Skinny Chinos by Hawkings McGill

Light brown skinny chinos that go perfectly with the white sneakers by Greats (see below) and a checked shirt for a casual look. Made from cotton and spandex, and are available in three lengths and eight other colors, perfect for your every day use.

Light Brown Skinny Chinos by Hawkings McGill - Gift Ideas for Men

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3. Skinny Indigo Jeans by ASOS

A pair of skinny jeans is essential for this party season. They could be worn in either formal or casual occasions dependent on what shoes you are matching with. A pair of loafers or brogue shoes is perfect for formal events; running shoes or plimsolls could be matched with them for casual days.

Skinny Indigo Jeans by Asos - Gift Ideas for Men

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4. Super Skinny Fit Jeans by Abercrombie & Fitch

Made from a cotton denim. Classic five pocket styling with super skinny fit – cut closest to the body. Wear this pair of jeans with a Xmas jumper to create a festive look while keeping the total look cool and stylish.

Super Skinny Fit Jeans by Abercrombie & Fitch - Gift Ideas for Men

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5. 504 Regular Straight Jeans by Levis

Not all people like slim or skinny jeans and it’s always good to have a straight leg pair of jeans. Perfect with a pair of converse (any color) and a printed t-shirt or even a checked shirt. Accessorize them with some cool bracelets and a casual silicone strap watch (same color as your sneakers).

504 Regular Straight Jeans by Levis - Gift Ideas for Men

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6. Corduroy Jeans by Paul Smith

If you did not notice, corduroy is a growing trend this winter and can be worn with sneakers, boots or even boat shoes – completely your call, don’t got too formal though! Besides being so fashionable they are also warmer than your usual jeans and trousers, so invest in a pair and see how you feel.

Corduroy Jeans by Paul Smith


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7. Stripe Slim Fit Sweatpants by BOSS Orange

These are the perfect choice when you want to feel (& look) relaxed yet very stylish. You can wear them with sneakers & running shoes, just make sure they are not printed so the pants stand out. They are made from 100% cotton for your convenience and comfort.

Stripe Slim Fit Sweatpants by BOSS Orange - Gift IDeas for Men

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8. Super Skinny Check Trousers by Anthony Morato

Go super casual with these trousers, a pair of sneakers and a plain t-shirt or more business casual for a plain light blue shirt and a pair of boat shoes (no socks, please!).

Super Skinny Check Trousers by Anthony Morato - Gift Ideas for Men

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1. Navy Polo Shirt by Sunspel

I should probably just tell you that this particular polo shirt was originally tailored for Daniel Craig in his role as James Bond in Casino Royale and you will go ahead and purchase it for your muscular friend, cool brother or boyfriend. You can find it in 5 more colours, but I think it looks best on navy.

Wear it with chinos, a jacket & your favorite Converse sneakers for a casual look.

Made from 100% combed cotton


Navy Polo Shirt by Sunspel - Gift Ideas for Men

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2. Regular Fit Polo by Hugo BOSS

Soft, yarn-dyed cotton is knit into a comfortable polo styled with a contrast collar, inner placket and cuffs and tailored for a trim, modern fit. What makes it more worthy is that it is provided in 3 different coloursThe contrasted collar shortens the formality of this Polo T-shirt by Hugo Boss, thus we recommend you wearing it within a loose, go-as-you-please background. Pair it with beige chinos or a pair of slim, bright-coloured trousers.

Regular Fit Polo by Hugo BOSS - Gift Ideas for Men

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3. Stripe Polo by Gant Rugger

Gant, brings the navy striped polo shirt to another level. It looks comfortable and completely wearable for anyone. The contrasting horizontal stripes make this shirt a very covetable garment in any man’s wardrobe. It is easy to wear, adds some colour and pattern, but still keeps the elegance of a polo shirt with a twist. Plus, Gant is known for their high-quality clothes, and this t-shirt makes no exception.

Stripe Polo by Gant Rugger - Gift Ideas for Men

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1. Indonesian Bow Tie by LuckyLusyano

Did you know that all the bow ties by LuckyLusyano are unique? We’ve all been through those awkward moments when you attend a party or an event and someone else has the same bow tie or blazer as you do. LuckyLusyano solved the bow tie problem by only selling each product once!

The indonesian bow goes perfectly on your playful days when you don’t want to be taken too seriously!

Indonesian Cotton Bow Tie by LuckyLusyano - Gift Ideas for Men

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2. Wood Bow Tie by LuckyLusyano

If you think regular silk, wool bow ties are too mainstream, we dare you to try a wooden one. You have to be prepared though to be asked a lot of questions and to be starred at a lot.

Made completely of stained cedar wood, it should last more than your usual bow ties. Make sure you wear it with a plain shirt so it stands out!

Wood Bow Tie by LuckyLusyano - Gift Ideas for Men

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3. 3D Printed Bow Tie by WonderLuk

This one comes from the future: 3D printed bow tie and we’re pretty sure we will see lots of other companies innovate here in the next couple of years. Wear it as any other simple, black bow tie.

3D Printed Bow Tie by WonderLuk - Gift Ideas for Men

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4. Bow Tie by Sean Christopher

There’s no question about it: double bow ties are super cool, especially this one that can be worn with a casual attire or a formal one, the shoes & blazer will dictate that!

Sean Cohen, the creative director of Sean Christopher, learned most of what he knows during his years of working at Yves Saint Laurent and Chanel, and says that “I incorporate style with art by visually narrating the client’s style and story.” – that’s the kind of tailors we’re looking for!

Bow Tie by Sean Christopher - Gift Ideas for Men

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5. Strawberry Polka Tie by Beau Ties

This tie shows that you are aware of the latest trends, but it also has a toned down way of showing your sense of humor through how you dress. Whoever said that pink is only for girls was more than just incredibly wrong. This stunning strawberry pink Polka Dot tie from Beau Ties Ltd is simply perfect for any occasion when you want to be just a bit more playful, yet look super polished and cool.

Strawberry Polka Tie by Beau Ties - Gift Ideas for Men

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6. Navy Dots Tie by Ulterior Motive

A navy blue tie with white polka dot pattern. Some dots are randomly missing and it’s what makes it special that your usual dot tie. It is best to wear it with white shirt and a pair of slim fit navy blue chinos for a casual look. Alternatively, you can match it with a red shirt, blue suit and brown shoes for a more classic look.

Material: Woven microfiber – silk like texture.

Navy Dots Tie by Ulterior Motive - Gift Ideas for Men

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7. Bigi Cravatte Milano by No Man Walks Alone

This is a great tie for your everyday outfit as an editor for a big magazine, blog or even your own blog. Stripes are always sophisticated and if you pair it with a nice light blue shirt, navy pants and waistcoat, brown brogues and yellow striped socks, you’ll look like a style icon. 

Made from 60% wool, 40% silk fabric – #handmade

Blue panama wool & silk tie



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8.The Grey Blue Plaid Bow Tie by Robinson & Dapper

 This simple, modern plaid fabric is a medium grey twill, with a light aqua blue plaid incorporated into the weave. Woven at a traditional, well-established mill in Highland Perthshire.

This tie is handmade from 100% Scottish wool.

img (23)



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9. The Charlie Tie by Zeke Stokes

Camouflage was a big trend this year and something tells us that it’s here to stay for at least another year. There something about this print that makes you feel powerful, special and stylish at the same time. Never underestimate the use of a camouflage tie or bow tie to complete an outfit – our only recommendation is that you don’t wear it with other prints. Make it stand out!

The Charlie Tie by Zeke Stokes

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1. New York Skyline Boxer Brief by Kenwroy

Ultra soft cotton boxer-briefs with a hand sketched NYC skyline design. Due to their durable cotton blend material, wear them while running or working out if you really want to make them most out of them. 

New York Skyline Boxer Brief by Kenwroy - Gift Ideas for Men

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2. Buffalo Plaid Boxer Brief by Saxx

Cotton blend construction with buffalo plaid print finished with an elastic waist band for a snug fit. It is best to wear this comfy boxer brief with skinny jeans. If you like low-waist jeans, this will become your go-to pair of boxer briefs if you want to make a good impression. 

Saxx Vibe Boxer Brief - Men's Buffalo Plaid

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3. Floral Print Woven Boxer by Calvin Klein

This pair of floral print boxer shorts will brighten your day and make you and your loved one happy. Soft woven cotton boxers with allover floral print and finished with a stretch waist band for a snug fit, what more could you ask for?!

Mens 1 Pair Calvin Klein Hiro Floral Print Woven Slim Fit Boxers

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4. Penguin Boxer Brief by Gap

Cotton blend construction with allover penguin print finished with an elastic waist band for a snug fit. A must have for guys that want to stay forever young and express their creative side in every way possible. 

Gap Festive Penguin Boxer Briefs (5 Pack)

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5. Taped Red Trunk by UO

Super soft cotton trunks topped with contrast trimming. Complete with an elastic waist band for a snug fit.

Taped Red Trunk by UO - Gift Ideas for Men

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6. Cats Trunk by Dolce & Gabbana

Perfect for the cat lover, these trunks give you to option to express your love in a new way. Great for impressing your crush (but do your research: if she’s a god person, you are screwed!).

Made from super soft cotton. 

Cat Print Regular Boxer Trunk

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7. Lemons Boxer by Druthers

Most of us love a healthy lemon juice and it’s indicated to have it every single week. That’s when these boxers come in handy, to remind you not to forget to take care of your health and stay fit!



Order them here!


8. The Simpsons Boxer by UO

Have any “Simpsons” friends? (I think we all have one) This is the perfect gift for him and it will prove that you really care and researched your gift! If it’s for your boyfriend and you know he is a fan, then you will definitely win him over.



Get them here!


9. Constellation Trunk by UO

You’ve always wanted to learn just a bit more about stars, right? Well now is your chance with these constellation trunks you will learn a few forms and you can search for them next time you can’t seem to fall asleep.

Constellation Trunk by UO - Gift Ideas for Men

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1. Gallo Stripe Short Socks

This pair of contrasting colors socks is perfect for this party season. You could create a funky look by matching these socks with your favourite Xmas jumper. Make sure you roll up your jeans or trousers so that they can be seen. Best to be worn with a pair of brown shoes: be them dress shoes, loafers or sneakers. 

img (4)


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2. Big Dot Cotton Sock by Happy Socks

Even thought they have small patches of pink, these socks are still manly enough to be worn on a casual or business outfit. Make sure you roll up your jeans or pants to show off your cool socks, otherwise you will be the only one enjoying them!


Order them here!

3. Stripe & Dots Socks by Happy Socks

We love the socks that have two different patterns, even more those that feature three like the ones below. You can easily match them with your polka dot tie and oxfords.

Stripe & Dots Socks by Happy Socks - Gift IDeas for Men
Order them here!

4. Multi Argyle Socks by Happy Socks

Black and white fan? We got you covered (well, Happy Socks do)! These can be the fun touch on a formal outfit to make you look humanly and approachable. Experiment and see what works best for you!


Order them here!


1. The Royale Sneaker in White by Greats

Super casual and comfortable, these hand-made Italian sneakers are a delight to behold. Besides, they do not break the bank, so having them in your closet would be great for the moments when you simply do not want to be too elegant, but want to keep it classy. Wear it with what makes you feel more comfortable. They are sneakers in the end, so a big no-no is with suits or a very elegant attire, but otherwise, it depends on whether you want them to be the centre piece of your outfit or not.

Footbed and lining are full grain, vegetable tanned Vachetta leather, a material commonly used for luxury handbags. The laces are 100% waxed cotton and the whole show is assembled on an Italian Margom sole by the best Italian manufacturers.

The Royale Sneaker in White by Greats - Gift Ideas for Men

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2. Curt Commando Brown Gibson by Grenson

With a casual aspect and a color that rules this season, Curt Commando from Grenson are an excellent way to express your strong personality. The best ooccasion to pair these stogies with, would be on a movie-night with your friends or just an ordinary shopping day at the city centre.

Material: Leather upper with rubber sole.

Curt Commando Brown Gibson by Grenson - Gift Ideas for Men

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 3. No 696 Suede Boots by Shoe Passion

For centuries, upper-class gentlemen wore only smooth leather shoes. This pair, is no exception. Although, it does not fit to a very sophisticated outfit, works perfectly to a day to day outfit.

These versatile boots can be worn with jeans, cord, flannel and tweed.

No 696 Suede Boots by Shoe Passion - Gift ideas for men

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4. Double Monk Strap Boots by Magnani

This leather ankle boot, is defined by a handsome patina,classic double monk strap and cap toe! Made in Spain, under Magnanni‘s supervision, this pair is a stealPerfect for winter season, goes well with formal outfits: like suits, but also with more casual ones: like jeans and shirts. They are a statement and you will definitely be acknowledged!

Double Monk Strap Boots by Magnani - Gift ideas for men
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5. “Sergio” Chelsea Boot by Vince Camuto

A Chelsea boot crafted from high quality leather, is a medallion-stamped toe cap. Invest in Vince Camuto boots and you can wear them with almost anything in your wardrobe this season! (anything a gentleman would wear!)

"Sergio" Chelsea Boot by Vince Camuto
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6. Brown Cap Toe Boot by To Boot New York

Items made in Italy, usually send us into a gentleman’s world. This pair is no exception: distinctive shine, hearty coloring and vintage inspiration; combine perfectly the bold look with a more sleek silhouette. The shiny toe is best to match with a more elegant outfit, but the bold cast makes them easily to combine with various items. Wear them if you are going for a business meeting, going on a casual date or just visiting family this Christmas!

Brown Cap Toe Boot by To Boot New York
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7. “Brompton” Chukka Boot by UGG Australia

We are sure that when you hear ‘Ugg’ you immediately think of those comfy shoes your girlfriend/wife is in loved with, BUT they do have an amazing range of men’s shoes.This smart chukka boot, is beautifully incorporates tweedy inlays which gives it an earthy texture. Definitely casual outfits! Wear them with big, comfy blazers paired with slim fit jeans, or corduroy pants with an earthy cardigan.

"Brompton" Chukka Boot by UGG Australia
Order them here!

8.”Lewiston” Wingtip by 1901

The most intriguing part about this shoe is the asymmetrical cut at the heel. Also, richly pebbled leather adds distinctive texture to a classic wingtip with versatile appeal! We would not advice wearing this pair on a rainy or snowy day! Sunny days are more pleasant, when you can match them with copper/beige trousers or even jeans!


Get them here!

9. No 320 Oxfords by Shoe Passion

These Oxford Contemporary shoes come in two-brown tones and are striking for the Gentleman that loves distinguished footwear. No. 320 from Shoepassion boasts the perfect combination of color and craft. This particular No. 320 is the absolute choice for non-conformists for both, your leisure time and full-time job, and could be combined with a grey/navy smart-business suit or a three-pieces tweed.

Made from dyed calf leather.

No 320 Oxfords by Shoe Passion
Get them here!

10. Brown Double Monk Straps by Magnanni

The flawless design gives them the “most wanted” status. A man’s wardrobe must contain a few MUST HAVE items and this is definitely one of them! A pair of Classic Magnanni Monk Strap shoes ask for a special occasion! We would suggest to pair them with a suit, but they would also stand out with a pair of dark, skinny jeans.

Brown Double Monk Straps by Canali
Order them here!


11. “Pinch” Tassel Loafer by Cole Haan

The perfect mix between moccasin and dress shoe, not to mention the memory flex cushions that are a big help for comfort and support. Best to be worn without socks during warm seasons, with white shorts (Italian style) and now, in the winter time, we recommend you wear them with statement socks for casual outfits – like jeans.

"Pinch" Tassel Loafer by Cole Haan

Get them here!


12. Authentic Boat Shoe by Sperry Top-Sider

We know for a fact that this is Antonio Centeno‘s indispensable shoe style. These classic boat shoes go well on a sunny spring/summer day with no socks, a pair of white chinos, a white shirt and a floral blazer!

Authentic Boat Shoe by Sperry Top-Sider

Order them here!


13. Free 5.0 2014 Running Shoe by Nike

You actually don’t know what the new running shoes “Free” can do for you until you try them on. It’s pretty amazing how they engineered them to fit perfectly. It’s true it can be pretty weird at first having the sensation of your feet being actually trapped, but you’ll get used to it.

This pair of running shoes is best to be worn with skinny joggers or skinny jeans. They could be worn to the gym or just when going out. 

Free 5.0 2014 Running Shoe by Nike

Get them here!


14. Adidas ZX Flux NPS by Adidas Originals

If you’re not a big fan of Nike running shoes, we’ve got an alternative for your from Adidas. Made of textile upper and inner, rubber outsole, these trainers will easily become your best friend and will make your life easier at the gym and in the park.

Adidas ZX Flux NPS by Adidas Originals

Order them here!



1. London Watch Royal by Smart Turnout

I can only start by saying that this is actually a chronograph watch and it was featured in GQ – it must be damn good! Besides being made in Switzerland, which is probably the ultimate guarantee, the London watch features a swiss quartz movement, scratch resistant mineral crystal face and of course, it is water resistant for up to 50m.

We will feature it in a more comprehensive review in 2015! Stay tuned!

London Watch Royal by Smart Turnout

Get it here!


2. 80 Gold Digital Watch by Timex

We’re sure you’ve seen a lot of these watches this past year and some say they are just for “hipsters”, but we believe that if you wear them right can really make your outfit. We love vintage and everything that stands out that’s why we recommend you experience with this style.

80 Gold Digital Watch by Timex

Order it here!


3. The Sheffield Watch by Daniel Wellington

Lately, no top list about watches is complete without a Daniel Wellington watch. Simple design, yet so special.

Best to be worn with a more business-casual attire or at a more formal Christmas party. You can also wear a bracelet (on the same hand!) to give it a more casual look. Experiment and enjoy!

The Sheffield Watch by Daniel Wellington

Get it here!


4. Chronograph Watch by Armani Exchange

A classic, dark designed watch, with a leather strap and a textured chronograph dial. It comes with a buckle closure and it is water resistant up to 50 meters (5 ATM) for whenever you feel like going for a swim on your lunch break. 

The beauty of this watch is that it has that go-anywhere style, so you can wear it while having coffee with your colleagues at work, at your favourite bar with your mates or at a more formal event.

Chronograph Watch by Armani Exchange

Order it here!


5. Townsman Chronograph Leather Watch by Fossil

A top-of-the-hour essential that’s certain to be at the top of his list—Townsman takes its cues from retro design with up-to-the-minute innovation. The distinctive 44mm case and classic chronograph movement pave a fresh direction for a timeless style. We highly recommend wearing this luxury piece with a check suit in midnight blue tones and pair of brown leather shoes. See above (No. 320 from Shoepassion). It is the perfect gift for the respected, modern gentleman.

Townsman Chronograph Leather Watch by Fossil

Get it here!


6. Brown Leather Watch by Barbour International

With a rich heritage dating back to 1894, quintessentially British brand, Barbour have garnered a reputation for quality and durability. Best worn with a casual outfit. The strap is made from real leather!

This particular watch is perfect for water lovers, because you can actually wear it while swimming!

Brown Leather Watch by Barbour International

Get it here!


7. Chronograph Stainless Steel Watch by Fossil

An amazing essential, such as this sporty Chronograph Stainless Steel watch. The beautiful colour makes it even more desirable and it’s matte elegance brings it to another level of beautyAn amazing essential, such as this sporty Chronograph Stainless Steel watch. Wear it with everything, and don’t be afraid to mix it with an elegant suit or with your day-to-day outfit.

Be careful not to wear it when the occasion says super elegant, as other watches would be more appropriate then. This is a comfortable watch, to showcase on your wrist at any time making a lastful impact on the viewer.

Chronograph Stainless Steel Watch by Fossil

Order it here!


8. Chronograph Stainless Steel Watch by Skagen

With its case made of titanium and a stainless steel strap, this Skagen watch is perfect for your everyday use. You can wear it with a suit as well as with a polo shirt and still look awesome! Comes with a 2 year warranty so you are covered!

Chronograph Stainless Steel Watch by Skagen

Get it here!


9. Large Check Stamped Bracelet Watch by Burberry

This two-tone steel watch from Burberryis made in Swiss and it is the exact answer to any man’s confidence-issues. It exudes masculinity and it is just perfect for the businessman on the goYou can pair it very well to an office-suit or with a denim jacket for a movie night. None the less, be careful what colours you guys match it with.

Large Check Stamped Bracelet Watch by Burberry

Order it here!


10. “Mr. Daddy 2.0” Chronograph Watch by Diesel

Breath-taking Diesel watch that will sure get centre stage as a MUST accessory for any wardrobe. Shocasing its mastery in having analogue times for 4 time-zones, it is a big statement-making accessory made in a military-inspired design. 

Be careful how you pair this one, as it is a pity not to showcase it with each and every occasion you get(even though that might sound a little bit too cocky). It is worth wearing it with casual and maybe slightly elegant attire, as its military inspiration makes it slightly inappropriate for somethig extremely fancy. Show that you know a thing or two about fashion and wear it right.

"Mr. Daddy 2.0" Chronograph Watch by Diesel

Order it here!


11. “Kappa” Wood Watch by WeWood

A clean design, 42mm case, pure-wood bracelet watch made with environmentally responsible and biodegradable materials. Three-hand quartz movement, mineral crystal face to make your life easier. 

Wear it with a casual, urban clothing. It’s perfect for your everyday use and will definitely stand out and start conversations with total strangers!

"Kappa" Wood Watch by WeWood

Get it here!


12. “Trojan” Covered Silicone Watch by Diesel

This watch is so light and comfortable you won’t even notice you are wearing it. Leave it for your casual outfits and even experiment by combining it with another print. The most interesting fact is that is made from one single piece of silicone.

"Trojan" Covered Silicone Watch by Diesel

Order it here!


13. Face “Cancer” Digital Silicone Watch by Facewatch

This is not your average watch! This watch has the power to change the world, one watch at a time. How? You can pick a cause and watch the profits from your purchase affect global change. You can choose from several causes like: water, animals, hunger, AIDS, education, environment etc.

For example, if you pick “Education”: 5 watches equal for a year of education for a person.

Face "Cancer" Digital Silicone Watch by Facewatch

Get it here!



1. The Yukon Hat by Coal

A soft and warm hat by Coal that will elevate your outfits this winter. It’s made of wool and you can wear it with a duffle coat, bomber jacket and parka coat to be in fashion.

The Yukon Hat by Coal

Order it here!


2. Allover Faux Fur Hat by Mad Bomber

An arctic inspired hat from the polar experts over at Mad Bomber. You will look like a Russian tar, but a stylish one and you will keep your head, forehead and ears nice and warm.

Allover Faux Fur Hat by Mad Bomber

Get it here!


3. Wool Cable Knit Beanie by Saturdays Surf Nyc

There it is: the grey trend in a nice wool beanie that will keep you happy, cozy and warm. Wear it with jackets, duffle coats, overcoats and pair it with some nice brown boots.

img (5)


Get it here!


4. Snowflake Pompom Beanie by Eisbar

This gorgeous beanie consists of turn-up hem and large top bobble. Wear this stylish beanie with your winter outfit to create an urban look.

img (6)


Order it here!


5. Tweed Cap by Polo Ralph Lauren

A stylish tweed cap from Ralph Lauren for those sunny winter days. Wear it with a shirt, a bomber jacket and a pair of white sneakers for a relaxed look.

Tweed Cap by Polo Ralph Lauren

Get it here!

6. Bobble Trapper Hat by John Lewis

Lightly textured knit with full lining and signature branding jacquard.It also has ear covers, side string detailing and large top bobble. This super cool trapper hat is best to match with other  sportswear to stay fresh and energetic in this winter.

img (7)

Get it here!

7. Knitted Drivers Cap by Polo Ralph Lauren

Did you know that Polo Ralph Lauren started out as a label selling men’s ties? They’ve only launched their iconic polo shirt five years later and since then they’ve sold every clothing item you can think of, even this cool knitted drivers cap that is made of wool and can be worn with your navy/black overcoat to keep you warm.

Knitted Drivers Cap by Polo Ralph Lauren

Get it here!


1. Black & Brown California Duffle Bag by LUCLEON

For all the men out there who love to travel, a duffle bag is what you need to have in your bags collection. This Lucleon California duffle bag is brown and black is spacious enough to store all your belongings and keep your style game strong. This two-toned raw leather bag also has removable shoulder straps to make carrying your stuff a whole lot easier.

brown dufflebag men

Get it here!


2. Chestnut Leather Duffle by Ghurka

Ghurka is without any doubt our favorite place to shop for bags. As they advertise it, this chestnut leather duffle is “the gentleman’s answer to modern travel needs” as it provides a side pocket for your shoes, gym clothes or anything that needs to be kept separate for hygienic reasons.

Chestnut Leather Duffle by Ghurka

Order it here!


3. Vintage Chestnut Leather Briefcase by Ghurka

This vintage leather briefcase brings practicality to every day life through the two large front pockets, multiple zip pockets surrounding the exterior, three big compartments inside and a detachable shoulder strap. Businessmen, get your hands on this beautiful briefcase and we guarantee it will be the last one you purchase.

Vintage Chestnut Leather Briefcase by Ghurka

Order it here!


4. Messenger Bag by Personalized Canvas and Leather Messenger Bag

A very functional woven messenger bag featuring a flap front with buckle closures, a large main compartment with an internal side pocket and an adjustable shoulder strap. It’s an easy and safe place to carry your laptop as well as documents.



Order it here!


5. Winfield 2 Fashion Luggage by Samsonite

Perfect if you’re looking to transport your travel essentials effortlessly and stylishly. It is extremely lightweight and durable, made of 100% polycarbonate with sharp molded details. Because of its elegant brushed patterns you won’t see any scratches while you travel. It also comes with a TSA approved combination lock for security and peace of mind.

Winfield 2 Fashion Luggage by Samsonite

Get it here!


6. Little America Backpack by Herschel Supply

The “Little America Backpack” is the classic backpack for the modern man and it is inspired by the mountaineering style. It has a large volume and, the best part, Herschel Supply provides us with a great variation of colors. This backpack is your best choice when considering going on a short trip with your friends. It is so practical that, we are pretty sure that you can carry half of your room in it.

Little America Backpack by Herschel Supply

Order it here!



1. Hampton Bifold Wallet by Fossil

The perfect wallet is your pocket’s essential plus one to house all your cards and cash with ease. This season’s new Hampton bifold boasts supple leather and timeless textures for a classic look. Safely in one of your pockets, away from thieves. 

Hampton Bifold Wallet by Fossil

Order it here!


2. “Old Leather” L-Fold Wallet by Bosca

This Bosca wallet has interior currency slots, flip out ID window, stash pockets, eight card slots and it is made out of richly grained leather. Besides this, the stitching is flawless. This particular wallet asks for a formal outfit, the attention to details, the golden inscription screams gentleman.

"Old Leather" L-Fold Wallet by Bosca

Get it here!


3. “Tyler” Wallet by Boconi

The perfect item for those who love slim wallets. With Interior ID window, currency pocket, slip pockets and two card slots, this Boconi item is a great investmentWith everything! Seriously!

"Tyler" Wallet by Boconi

Get it here!


4. Magnetic Money Clip by Fossil

What a nice version of a wallet: the money clip! Sorting out your bills has never been easier, plus you get to have such a slim wallet version. To be honest, I would love having one next to my wallet, to use it only when I go at a gathering or someplace I don’t need my id and other things you might find hidden in my wallet. 

Magnetic Money Clip by Fossil

Get it here!


5. Ames Card Case by Fossil

Another slim version, from Fossil. This time, for the card lovers. If you own many and you want to organize them better, this would be the perfect fit for you. Plus, the design is exceptional, rich leather and colorful striped details, perfect for a classic look.

Ames Card Case by Fossil

Order it here!



1. New Wayfarer by Ray-Ban

Classic styling offers full UV protection on sunglasses with patented G-15 lenses, allowing you to see true, accurate colors. You can wear this pair of stylish glasses with any outfit. They are the perfect gift for your loved one and, unlike the classic wayfarer, are suitable for any face shape!

New Wayfarer by Ray-Ban

Order them here!


2. Classic Round Sunglasses by Ray-Ban

The Beatles fan? Well these are the kind of sunglasses that can make you look like John Lennon. Add the retro style to any casual, urban outfit and you’ll turn a lot of heads. Wear your leather jacket for a more rockstar look and make sure you accessories accordingly!

Classic Round Sunglasses by Ray-Ban

Get them here!


3. Classic Clubmaster Sunglasses by Ray-Ban

Oh Clubmasters, how big of a trend were you the past two years and we’re curios to see a new edition of clubmasters in 2015. We know for a fact that these are Brian Sacawa‘s favorite type of sunglasses and if you want to learn how to wear the right, check out his blog here!

Classic Clubmaster Sunglasses by Ray-Ban

Order them here!


4. Technotronics 5 Sunglasses by Spitfire

These Technotronics sunglasses by Spitfire are for the “trend-setters”, the ones that have the courage to be different, the ones that love to experience. Perfect for urban outfits or even more business-casual ones because the sunglasses will make you look more interesting to people and will exude high self-esteem.

Technotronics 5 Sunglasses by Spitfire

Get them here!


5. Clement Round Sunglasses by KOMONO

These sunglasses from KOMONO will add a subtle retro experience to any gentleman. Their lenses offer, of course, 100% UV protection and are a great fit for any man that knows a bit about fashion. You can wear them with almost anything, just make sure you match the red/black with something in your outfit like the shirt, shoes, belt, pocket square, etc.

Clement Round Sunglasses by KOMONO

Order them here!

6. Wayfarer Glasses by Persol

These glasses are handmade in Italy by Persol, an Italian brand with almost 100 years of experience. They’ve actually started out by producing eyewear for military pilots and racing drivers. They pass the “awesome test” because Steve McQueen wore a pair in several movies.

Wayfarer Glasses by Persol

Order them here!

7. Clubmaster Glasses by Ray-Ban

Some of us have to wear glasses and it can be a downside especially if you want to watch a 3D movie, but other than that you can be pretty cool if you invest in a pair of clubmasters by Ray-Ban. They come with adjustable silicone nose pads and metal frames for your comfort.

Clubmaster Glasses by Ray-Ban
Get them here!



1. Kevin Belt by Fossil

The Kevin Belt from Fossil comes in a neutral colour and it features an innovative cut-to-fit appearance in order to make it easier to buckle-down. It’s effortlessly wearable with all sorts of outfits, be it classical or minimalistic. In any case, do pay attention to how you, gentlemen, associate colours.

Kevin Belt by Fossil

Order it here!


2. Brogue Leather Belt by Allen Edmonds

Some like simple accessories, others like unique designs. This Allen Edmonds belt, is a brogue statement. When wearing this belt, the most important aspect you need to keep in mind is the shoes! I recommend pairing it with oxfords.

2 Order it here!


3. “Wyoming” Suspenders by Trafalgar

When was the last time you wore suspenders? Do you know how great they look with a formal outfit? The Trafalgar ones are made out of heavily grained leather and will last forever. Not every accessory works for everyone! You should not feel presured to wear suspenders just because gentlemen used to wear them, or just because it is ‘cool’. If you feel like incorporating them in your formal wear, please do! You will look amazing!

"Wyoming" Suspenders by Trafalgar

Get them here!


4. Suspenders by Scotch & Soda

The casual version of suspenders! With tricolored stripes pattern, these stretchy suspenders are fastened with bronze metal clasps and have the logo stamped on the leather connector. Work for almost any outfit, however, I would go for a more casual one.

Suspenders by Scotch & Soda

Get them here!



1. Stitched Leather Brown Bracelet by Fossil

This bracelet is more of a watch without the time pressureIf you love incorporating vintage accessories in your daily outfit, this is the right item for you! The buckle and stitching on top, gives this bracelet the old vibe, so many men are looking for.

Stitched Leather Brown Bracelet by Fossil

Get it here!


2. Multi Wrap Brown Bracelet by Fossil

The perfect balance between old and new you will find incorporated in this bracelet. A rugged brown leather wrist wrap suitable for all your casual encounters.

Multi Wrap Brown Bracelet by Fossil

Order it here!


3. Double String Bracelet by Fossil

When a bracelet meets a cuff, another amazing accessory is revealed! Have you ever had a button closure emblazoned, on a double string leather bracelet? If you like special accessories, or ‘odd’ ones, like some might say, you can buy this Fossil bracelet!

Double String Bracelet by Fossil


Get it here!


4. Treasure Coin Silver Necklace by Miansai

Elevate your urban look with this treasure coin pendant by Miansai made of sterling silver. It’s perfect for your casual urban days when you want to look relaxed but still cool. Wear it with a t-shirt and a checked shirt on top (unbuttoned) and a pair of 504 Levis jeans. And yes, a white pair of high top converse will be your best friend!

Treasure Coin Silver Necklace by Miansai

Order it here!


5. Racing Steering Wheel Cufflinks by Chopard

Perfect for the extravagant racing/car lover! Made of stainless steel, these wonderful cufflinks are a piece of art. Show your passion wearing them with your favorite non-iron white shirt and a navy suit at events all over the world.

Racing Steering Wheel Cufflinks by Chopard

Order them here!



1. Cashmere Shawl Neck Robe by Loretta Caponi

Every gentleman that truly respects himself, should own a proper robe! Feeling fabulos at home is as important as feeling extraordinary when going out! Best to wear it after a nice hot shower, or early in the morning, sipping coffee and enjoying the view.

Cashmere Shawl Neck Robe by Loretta Caponi


Get it here!


2. The Timekeeper No. 213 by Ghurka

Where do you keep your watches? Do you know that you can increase their lifespan if caring for them, and placing them in a chestnut leather watch case, which is using the finest quality of materials, innovative design, and expert craftsmanship?! Well now you do, so you don’t have any excuse not to get one for your respected father. 

The Timekeeper No. 213 by Ghurka

Get it here!


3. 10 Piece Watch Box by Fossil

For those of you who loves watches, this a great watch box for 10 pieces. Perfect vintage box to store your collection and hopefully you are such a big fan that you’ll need at least three of these boxes. 

10 Piece Watch Box by Fossil

Order it here!


4. Leather Gloves by Brioni

No winter wihtout leather gloves! It is not so much for the style part, but for the health condition. Although, a nice pair as the one from Brioni shouts for attention! 

Leather Gloves by Brioni

Order them here!


5. Black E-Touch Gloves by UO

Someone’s calling you, you got an important text or just want to see what your former boss has posted on twitter but you only have two options: you either freeze and see the update/text or wait until you get home or to a warmer place. We’ve all been there and it’s pretty frustrating, even though we have to admit that we spend too much time on our phones. With these gloves you can check your phone because they work with all touchscreen devices so you can entertain yourself while waiting for the subway.



Get them here!


6. Brown Framed Travel Kit by Fossil

Traveling with style. Beautiful estate framed kit for men, available in three colors: black, brown and cognac. You can take with you a lot of your personal and important stuff.

Brown Framed Travel Kit by Fossil

Order it here!


7. Leathercare Formula 8 by Ghurka

Maintain your favorite leather shoes, bags, wallets and other accessories with this specially formulated conditioner. It won’t make them new, but it will extend their lifetime!

Leathercare Formula 8 by Ghurka

Order it here!

8. Lavazza a Modo Mio

The Lavazza A Modo Mio Éspria is a simple and compact counter-top coffee machine. The Éspria accepts the Lavazza A Modo Mio coffee capsules rather than any other ground beans or filters, this will keep your kitchen cleaner. It’s really fast and will leave an unforgettable smell in the whole house.

 Lavazza A Modo Mio Éspria Order it here!


9. ‘Squared’ Microfiber Pocket Square by Declan

When you thought that you cannot innovate anymore, we show you dapper pocket square that gets reinvented with modern function in mind: their microfiber construction makes it great for removing daily dirt from touchscreens, eyewear and cameras.



Order it here!


10. Handcrafted Clothes Brush by Kent

This brush is perfect for people that are constantly on the road. This hand-crafted cherry wood brush packs easily and is the solution for cleaning up clothes before that big meeting! You’re welcome!

Handcrafted Clothes Brush by Kent

Get it here!


11. 161 Piece Household Tool Kit By Apollo

Every woman likes when his husband knows how to fix at least some stuff around the house and this tool kit will come in handy for most repairs around the house. All tools meet or exceed ANSI critical standards.

161 Piece Household Tool Kit By Apollo

Get it here!


12. Surfer Look Matt Paste by Got2b

Most people say that there’s no such thing as “perfection” but we’re pretty sure they did not try this matt paste. It’s perfect for when you want to give your hair some volume as it won’t make your hair look greasy. Easy to style and it will probably last you about 3-4 months.

Surfer Look Matt Paste by Got2b

Order it here!


13. Smart Body Analyzer by Withings

This ultra precise weight and body fat measurement analyzer will help you with your weight-loss or even weight-gain goals! It can also measure your heart rate, track air quality and will update through Wi-Fi or Bluetooth to your profile. They have an app for that!

Smart Body Analyzer by Withings

Get it here!


14. Wood Valet Stand by Winsome

Let’s face it: your clothes hanging on the door, chair, bed or on the floor are not doing any good for your personal CV. This wood stand lets your organize the clothes that you use regularly, but don’t expect to fit all your closet on it!

Wood Valet Stand by Winsome

Get it here!


15. Nose, Ear & Facial Hair Trimmer by Panasonic

This might be the answer to all your hair problems! Best part: you can use Wet or Dry, plus the head is washable for easy maintenance. It also has a vacuum system that whisks away hair clippings.

Nose, Ear & Facial Hair Trimmer by Panasonic

Order it here!


16. The Art of Manliness Collection

If you’ve never hear of “The Art of Manliness” you are really missing out! It includes two books and six drink coasters. Their mission is to help men uncover what manliness means in the 21st century.

The Art of Manliness Collection

Order it here!


17. Tartan Slippers by John Lewis

The specially-designed acrylic construction in these slippers ensures warmth stays locked in whatever the winter throws at you.

img (1)


Get them here!


1. Red Power by Ferrari

The new fragrance from Ferrari gathers the very best of the brand. It confirms the passion for the timeless values that the Prancing Horse brand gives to the connoisseurs & admirers. 

A fresh fragrance dedicated to the authentic Ferrari man. If you are a confident man, you will get the Ferrari Red Power to complete your charm, out on a date or for a relaxing day with your friends.

Ingredients: Bergamot, Red Pepper Berries, Lavender+Violet Leaves, Geranium, Rosemary+White Moss, Red Cedarwood, Tonka Bean.

Red Power by Ferrari

Order it here!

 2. Bleu de Chanel by Chanel

A sense of liberating well-being is released from this elegant bottle. Your body gains an untouchable confidence, embracing a masculinity that is enigmatic, irresistible and impenetrable. You will definitely conquer the one girl that you want with this fragrance. Be confident because your looks will be completed in totality with BLEU DE CHANEL.

Ingredients: Pink Pepper, Citrus accord, Grapefruit, Dry Cedar Notes, Ginger, Scindalwood.

Bleu de Chanel by Chanel

Order it here!


3. The One for Men by Dolce & Gabbana

This is a sensual, spicy, oriental fragrance built in harmony on a tabacco base with citrus spice accord. It is classic, yet modern, vibrant and engaging. Dolce & Gabbana The One gives you confidence and makes you feel sexy and even more, refined. Wear it in a classy ambient and you will feel perfect with it.

Ingredients: Grapefruit, Coriander, Basil, Cardamom, Ginger, Orange Blossom, Cedar, Tobacco, Ambergris.

The One for Men by Dolce & Gabbana

Get it here!

4. Terre d’Hermès by Hermès

This perfume tells the story of the ancient and natural world. It has mineral notes that give soul to the woody tones and green notes, seasoned with a sparkle of citrus scent enhanced by a note of shiso. If you feel seductive yet confident and want to go back to your essence as a man, sparkle some of the Hermès Terre d’Hermès and be you, an original, transformed spirit. 

Ingredients: Grapefruit, Woody Notes, Mineral Notes, Green Notes.

Terre d'Hermès by Hermès
Order it here!

5. Eros by Versace

Versace Eros is a fragrance for a strong, passionate man, who is master of himself. This bottle of perfume emobdies the glamour and the spirit of Versace. It has a very strong, masculine smell and it stays on for hours. If you are confident and want to be the centre of attention, have a few spray before you go to party.

Ingredients: Mint Oil, Italian Lemon, Green Apple, Tonka Bean, Geranium Flower, Vanilla, Vetiver, Moss, Cedarwood.

Eros by Versace

Get it here!

6. Invictus by Paco Rabanne

Embodied in a unique trophy bottle, the first one like this, Paco Rabanne Invictus is the fragrance of a champion. Fresh as it is, embodies competition and excitement for sports, celebrating victory and power. If you feel invincible or unconquered than Invictus is for you. On sporty occasions, you can wear it while you are doing your most exciting activities, having a magnetic scent and giving masculine strength.

Ingredients: Grapefruit, Guaiac Wood, Patchouli.


Invictus by Paco Rabanne
Get it here!

7. Polo Red by Ralph Lauren

Polo Red captures speed, seduction, and adrenaline in a sexy, bold scent. Is the ultimate in design, power, and distinction with a flery mix of spices and fresh red grapefruit. If you feel daring, if you want to be seductive and yet you are thrill-seeking, than Polo Red is the fragrance for you. Wear it when you go to the office or when you have a business meeting and you will be thrilling.

Ingredients: Red Grapefruit, Red Saffron, Redwood.

Polo Red by Ralph Lauren
Order it here!

8. London for Men by Burberry

A timeless signature scent for the modern gentleman who exudes natural confidence and a sophisticated manner. Burberry London for Men has a refined amber woody fragrance, being fresh and masculine on top. Natural sexiness at its heart, combines unique base notes to create a timeless, signature scent. If you are the elegant, refined man, war it to feel timeless.

Ingredients: Bergamot, Lavender, Cinnamon Leaves, Black Pepper, Mimosa, Leather, Port Wine, Guaiac Wood, Oakmoss, Tobacco, Opopanax.


London for Men by Burberry
Get it here!

9. Gentlemen Only by Givenchy

Givenchy introduces Gentlemen Only for the distinguished man of today. His natural, refined elegance is a reflection of the times. It is deliciously disconcerting with its blend of freshness, sensuality, and masculine qualities. A fragrance for a man of taste—a fragrance for a gentleman. You are charming and you are distinct with this perfume. Complete your gentleman manners with a touch of class. Wear it while giving your best in everything you do!

Ingredients: Green Mandarin, Pink Pepper, Nutmeg, Birch Leaf, Cedar Wood Texas, Heart Of Patchouli, Vetiver, Incense.Gentlemen Only by Givenchy

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10. Artisan by John Varvatos

With a distinctly masculine flask bottle, this is a modern edge perfume. John Varvatos Artisan embodies the lost art of craftsmanship; it blends state-of-the-art, abstract-perfumery notes with citrus and herbal tonalities for a contemporary twist. In your most creative moments and environment, this perfume is the one you want for being unique and timeless.

Ingredients: Sicilian Clementine, Tangelo, Mandarin, Thyme, Marjoram, Lavadin, North African Orange Tree Blossom, Indian Murraya, Orange Jasmine Tree, Ginger extracts, Kephalis, Georgywood, Belambre, Serenolide.

Artisan by John Varvatos
Order it here!

11. Boss by Hugo Boss

Cool, confident, and contemporary, Boss Hugo Boss embodies the 21st century man who embraces life with the utmost vigor. It has fresh and sensuous tones, giving an air of distinction, sophistication and desire to live. The modern man must award himself with this perfume. If the key to success is what you’re aiming for than you will be reinsured and reinforced by this fragrance in everything that you do.

Ingredients: Apple, Bergamot, Cinnamon, Tagetes, Geranium, Clove, Cedarwood, Sandalwood, Vetiver, Olivewood.Boss by Hugo Boss

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12. Luna Rossa by Prada

Evolved from the pursuit of excellence, Luna Rosa by Prada is a scent with a reverence for the natural world and a passion for innovation. The strength and freshness of the elements is evoked by the interpretation of classic notes in novel forms. In your busiest days, in your more exciting adventures in the urban jungle, be fresh with this dynamic, sportive and energetic fragrance.

Ingredients: Orange Essence, Lavender Absolue, Clary Sage, Spearmint Nanah, Ambroxan, Ambrette Absolue.

Luna Rossa by Prada
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13. Noble Fig by Ferarri

I am a big fig lover and this perfume, to my surprise, does have some really cool figleaf notes, but in a very luxurious way. Among the top notes, you can also find, besides fig leaf, pink pepper and mandarin which give the perfume a very fresh feel.

noble fig by ferrari

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1. Pre-Shave Oil by Refinery

This oil will bring you the ultimate close shave! Its jojoba oil will rejuvenate your skin and the essential oils of petitgrain, patchouli and geranium will protect your skin from bacteria.

Use it before you shave to soften your skin. This oil is for all skin types as it’s mostly made out of natural ingredients.

Pre-Shave Oil by Refinery

Order it here!

 2. Shave Gel by Eve Taylor

This Aloe Vera based shave gel will make it easier to reach tight areas when you shave. Perfect for all skin types and will leave your skin stubble free.

Key ingredients: Aloe Vera, Eucalyptus, Lavender.

Shave Gel by Eve Taylor

Get it here!

 3. Pure Badger Shaving Brush by Bluebeards Revenge

Bluebeards Revenge promises to elevate your shaving from “a day to day drudgery to a not to be missed event”. This brush is designed to create the best leather especially on those days when you slept a bit more.

RELATED: Our Top 5 Shaving Essentials by Bluebeards Revenge

Pure Badger Shaving Brush by Bluebeards Revenge

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 4. Mach 3 Razor by The Art of Shaving

An expertly manufactured razor for gentlemen that was developed with the most advanced blade technology by Gillette. It ensures comfort and balance while you shave.

Mach 3 Razor by The Art of Shaving

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 5. After-Shave Balm by The Art of Shaving

We love the fact that this after-shave balm is antiseptic and alcohol free. It’s only recommended for normal, sensitive or dry skin and it is best to apply this it during dry winter months.

After-Shave Balm by The Art of Shaving

Get it here!

 6. Nourishing Face Balm by Spiezia Organics

This is the kind of product we absolutely love! Why? Because it’s 100% organic! This face balm it’s enriched with patchouli and cedar wood to combat razor burn and to keep the skin hydrated. Beewax and Cocoa Butter will soften and nourish your skin.

Key Ingredients: Cedar Wood Essential Oil, Chamomile Oil, Cocoa Butter, Jojoba Oil, Patchouli.

Nourishing Face Balm by Spiezia Organics

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1. Pieced iPhone 5 Case by Fossil

A very stylish case for your phone in cognac color. This leather case is only for iPhone5 and iPhone5S and it’s the perfect gift for Christmas.

Pieced iPhone 5 Case by Fossil

Order it here!


2. Arrows and Feathers iPhone 6 Plus Case by Styles For Less

This case is the best way to keep your new gadget protected and stylish.

img (2)


Get it here!


3. 3D Printed iPhone 5s Case by Wonderluk

This exquisite piece of art consists of an intricate structure of fine tubes. Depending on the finishing technique, its texture can be smooth as silk or intriguingly grainy, giving an amazing sensation to the touch.

3D Printed iPhone 5s Case by Wonderluk

Order it here!


4. Brown iPad Case by Will Leather Goods

Got yourself a new iPad? We strongly recommend you keep it safe with this leather case made in Italy. It comes with a smart folding stand so you can watch your videos while you grab a popcorn or some fruits!

Brown iPad Case by Will Leather

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5. 15.6″ Laptop Sleeve by Case Logic

Case Logic are leaders in laptop bags and sleeves: a bag or sleeve bought from them can easily last 3-4 years. This sleeve is perfect for your 15.6″ laptop and can also fit a 10.1″ tablet in the slim front pocket.

15.6" Laptop Sleeve by Case Logic

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6. Medium Black Leather Pouch by Ghurka

Your essential travel accessory to keep yourpersonal accessories organized and safe while saving space. This medium leather pouch features a flat-pack design, making it ideal for jewelry, toiletries, or small electronics.

Vintage Chestnut Leather Sleeve by Ghurka

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At Male Extravaganza we love and value books, and we are a true believers that books can really shape your life. It’s widely known that a simple idea in one book can actually change your life and expose you to new possibilities.

Also, we are in the business of inspiring people by anything and everything we do, be it through style, care for your body, healthy living, a healthy lifestyle or business success. It’s been said for centuries that “Readers are Leaders” (or the other way around), so in order to create a better world, to be able to inspire through our leadership sense, we need to constantly read and develop ourselves.

Below is a selection of the finest books on personal development, leadership, law of attraction, success, happiness, relationships, awareness and truly everything that can contribute to long-term happiness. We’d be more than happy to include other books if you share them with us in the comments section! Enjoy!

The following section is covered by Male Extravaganza’s CEO, Mihai Herman. Enjoy!

1. How To Think Like Leonardo Da Vinci – Michael Gelb

If you are anything like me, the first thought that will come to your mind would be “how can this possibly make me happier?”. Well, I never thought I’d fall in love with this book that easy, but it’s one of the best books I’ve read so far because it constantly gives you more and more possibilities through the examples set by Leonardo. It expands your reality like no other book and it makes you believe (if you are open) that you can actually become an expert as well even in more than just one field of activity.

Probably the best part about this book is that it has exercises that you can do right away to become more centered, to deal with anxiety, to live life at its fullest, to become more teachable, to become more successful and many more.

Did I mention that at the end of the books it also teaches you how to draw?!

How To Think Like Leonardo Da Vinci - Michael Gelb

Order it here!


2. Think and Grow Rich – Napoleon Hill

A classic and most probably the first book that you should read if you’re just starting out reading self-development and law of attraction books. It goes into a lot of details about the law of attraction and all the different values that a successful person has.

Think and Grow Rich is also one of the first books to expose the power of the human mind and how to use it in order to be, do or have anything that you want. A must read!

Think and Grow Rich - Napoleon Hill

Order it here!


3. The Magic of Thinking Big – David J. Schwartz

Another classic and it should have a top place on your must-read list! Dr Schwartz goes into detail about how by thinking a certain way you can change everything in your life (for better): your career, your relationships, your financial status, your health, everything. He also proves that you do not have to be a genius or to have innate talent to become successful and to live your dreams.

The Magic of Thinking Big - David J. Schwartz

Order it here!


4. Money and The Law of Attraction – Jerry & Esther Hicks

Jerry & Esther Hicks are some of our favorite teachers out there because they manage to explain everything in their books with such clarity that anyone can understand. (well, Abraham does actually)

Abraham is an entity that shares knowledge through Esther about the law of attraction, about the planet earth, life, universe, how to be happy and much more. Read the books and see if you resonate with any of the ideas presented. Another great read by them is “Ask and It Is Given”.

Money and The Law of Attraction - Jerry & Esther Hicks

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5. The Art of Living by Joseph Campbell

Joseph Campbell was an American author and teacher born in New York City in 1904. Some people say that this is one of the most challenging, thought provoking books ever written and they might be just true, especially if you look at just the first sentence: “The privilege of a lifetime is being who you are”.

It is that kind of book that you can actually open at any page and get something valuable from it. A books that deserves to be read and re-read every few years.

The Art of Living by Joseph Campbell

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6. How To Win Friends and Influence People – Dale Carnegie

It’s no secret that in order to build a business or to become successful you need to first build your network, to go out and meet people and eventually see how you can help them. This book is just for that and it goes into great detail about techniques you can master when you deal with people or how to get people to like you.

Sounds interesting? Get the book!

How To Win Friends and Influence People - Dale Carnegie

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7. Spiritual Marketing – Joe Vitale

“Spiritual Marketing” is the easiest book you can possibly read on the subject of “Law of Attraction” – you can easily finish it on a Sunday afternoon. What I like the most about this book is that it gives you a lot of examples and stories that make you believe more in yourself.

It also talks about how our beliefs shape our life and how they can push us forward or hold us back. It pays off even if you read it just for the part where he talks about how to become more aware of what you think and believe.

Spiritual Marketing - Joe Vitale

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8. The Six Pillars of Self-Esteem – Nathaniel Branden

Nathaniel Branden was a psychotherapist and writer, one of the first people to talk about the importance of self-esteem and definitely one of my favorite people. This book is a practical guide on the important of self-esteem in a man’s life and how the level of self-esteem will dictate your future and all the decisions that you will make.

One of the exercises in the book is “unfinished sentences” that you have to write down every day and will give you a larger view of your life, your struggles and what you need to change in order to raise your self-esteem and become happier. A must read and I can’t tell how much this book has helped me move forward.

The Six Pillars of Self-Esteem - Nathaniel Branden

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9. Awaken The Giant Within – Tony Robbins

If you’ve never heard of Tony Robbins means you definitely need to start working on yourself! Tony is a life coach and self-help author that has some of the most exciting seminars all over the world. You actually have to walk on hot coal and even Oprah did it a few years ago.

This book deals a lot with “why we do what we do” (also has a nice video on TED about the subject) and encourage us to discover our deepest values and work with them.

Awaken The Giant Within - Tony Robbins

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10. The Diamond Cutter – Geshe Michael Roach

The book is a “practical application of Buddhist philosophies to the world of business” based on the views of Geshe Michael Roach. A lot of people think that by being a businessman you have to be bad, greedy and that business & spiritual practice cannot exist under the same roof. They couldn’t be more wrong as Geshe Michael says that the ones that have what it takes to be entrepreneurs, are exactly the ones that can actually follow through with a spiritual practice.

He talks a lot about having a ritual, about meditation and a stress-free life.

The Diamond Cutter - Geshe Michael Roach

Order it here!


11. Mastery – George Leonard

George Leonard’s expertise comes from the study of Zen philosophy and from his practice of aikido martial arts. He talks about following with a certain practice just for the sake of doing it and how important it is to keep your mind in the practice in order to experience it at its fullest.

He says that by doing so, you will get a greater sense of satisfaction and fulfillment in our every day lives.

Mastery - George Leonard

Order it here!


12. Thanks! – Robert Emmons

Robert Emmons examines what it actually means to think positively and how it can impact your overall happiness level. The books also gives you actionable advice on what can you do right now to become more contempt with your life and accept it as it is. Gratitude means to be thankful for what you have in the process of getting more, not to accept what you have and not want more.

A simple exercise like writing down 5 things you’re grateful for every morning can improve your happiness by 20% in about 60 days. Why not try it?

Thanks! - Robert Emmons

Order it here!


13. The Gifted Adult – Mary-Elaine Jacobsen

Not as famous as “Emotional Intelligence”, this extraordinary book by Mary-Elaine Jacobsen will guide you through understanding your true potential and will teach you how to stop sabotaging yourself and your success.

The Gifted Adult - Mary-Elaine Jacobsen

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 14. Flow – Mihaly Csikszentmihaly

Mihaly Csikszentmihaly is best known for his work in the field of happiness and creativity. He also introduced us to a new state of consciousness called “flow”. When you are in this particular state everything feels like magic. Learn how to enter the state by reading the book!

Flow - Mihaly Csikszentmihaly

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15. Do You! – Russell Simmons

Ruseell Simmons is an American music magnate in the hip-hop industry and founded a music label and several clothing fashion lines. With an estimate net worth of $340 million in 2011, Russell definitely knows what he’s talking about.

In the book, Russell talks about the 12 laws that helped him achieve great success and happiness. The main law of his teachings is that it’s impossible to achieve any lasting success of you don’t give something of value first. His vision will motivate you to pursue your dreams for sure!

Do You! - Russell Simmons

Order it here!


16. EntreLeadership – Dave Ramsey

The tells you how Dave Ramsey grew a multi-million dollar company from the cable table in his living room and the main idea of the book can resume to “your company is only as strong as your leaders”. If you are really passionate about leadership and understand how it can impact your life and your business, this is a must-read!

EntreLeadership - Dave Ramsey

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17. Overachievement – John Eliot

In this day and age, this book should be on every corporate employee’s desk because it talks about how to thrive on pressure and become even more successful in spite of it. John Eliot tells you why relaxation, stress management and other techniques won’t work for most people and what to do instead.

Overachievement - John Eliot

Order it here!


18. Love – Leo Buscaglia

Success is awesome, wealth is amazing, but if you don’t have love you’re truly missing out. This is one of the kindest books you will ever read that will soften your heart and open your soul to love: yourself, your family, your friend, strangers and even people you don’t like. It teaches compassion and, if you ask me, should be the most important gift you give to a new married couple!

Love - Leo Buscaglia

Order it now!


19. The Lean Startup – Eric Ries

Perfect for people that have a startup or what to launch their own company any time soon. Eric is not a big fan of business plans and in turn will give you ideas on how you can test your vision continuously and adapt before it’s too late. This book will teach you how to run successful businesses in an age when entrepreneurs need to innovate more and more.

The Lean Startup - Eric Ries

Order it now!

 20. The 4-Hour Workweek – Timothy Ferriss

Tim Ferriss is a nonconformist in the way he thinks and lives his life. He is on a constant search for ways to hack your life, to find new ways of doing certain activities and to experience as much as he can. Read the book to learn how you can hack your way to a wealthier lifestyle with as little as 4 hours of work every week!

The 4-Hour Workweek - Timothy Ferriss

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Disclaimer: we do not promote the alcohol consumption on a regular basis or just because “you are bored” or “just don’t want to deal with these problems right now”. We promote alcohol consumption as a social event with friends and family a few times a year (we talk about spirits). We are also against getting so drunk that you cannot remember what you did last night (okay, we’ve all been through that at least once in our lives, but don’t make it an every weekend event!).

We do encourage you to drink one glass of wine every day or every other day as it is very healthy for you and will improve your overall wellbeing. It’s is actually one of the most important factors found in people that lived over 100 years: regular consumption of pure cocoa, wine and olive oil.

In conclusion, please enjoy responsibly!

1. Chivas Regal Extra

This is the newest member of the Chivas family is “deep in aroma, rich in fruitiness and generous in sweetness.” The taste of it is of “sweet ripe pears in syrup, vanilla caramel, cinnamon sweets and almonds in the background.” – this is a luxurious way to spend your holidays!

We love to promote Chivas because it’s really made for the fine gentleman.

Chivas Regal Extra

Order it here!


2. Metamorphosis Blanc 2004 by Iris van Herpen

This prestigious champagne is made by the Champagne House Moët & Chandon. Metamorphosis is a limited edition bottle created by Iris van Herpen, a dutch fashion designer.

Region: Epernay, FRANCE

Metamorphosis Blanc 2004 by Iris van Herpen

Order it here!


3.  Courvoisier XO Imperial

One of the most extravagant cognacs by Courvoisier. Perfect for a night with some friends that you did not see in a while and you can show them how much you appreciate them by sharing this bottle with them.

Taste: an exotic vanilla and creme brulee bouquet, candied orange aromas and iris flower notes.

 Courvoisier XO Imperial

Order it here!


4. Jim Beam Maple

Their experts have created “a liqueur infused with the world’s finest Bourbon and maple flavours. The result is a perfect balance of robust Bourbon notes and sweet brown maple, with a rich, smooth finish.”

Jim Beam Maple

Get it here!


5. Don Reca by Viña La Rosa

Viña La Rosa was established in 1824 and it’s one of the oldest wineries in Chile.

Color: very deep and dark, almost opaque.

Taste: aromas of mint and red berries tempt the nose, as well as exhibit an aromatic array of eucalyptus / menthol, violets, clove and black currants.

Don Reca by Viña La Rosa

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1. TRX Suspension Home Training Kit

Invented by a former U.S. Navy SEAL, the TRX turns every exercise into a challenge for the core by using two resources everyone has access to: gravity and your own bodyweight. It’s revolutionary and can be easily practiced at home with this kit or, nowadays almost every gym has classes where you can join and exercise if you’d rather do it with a professional trainer.

There are lots of videos on the internet and articles that will teach you everything you need to know about TRX and will give you hundreds of exercises to try out. Check out this article that featured 45 Insanely Effective TRX Exercises!

TRX Suspension Home Training Kit

Order it here!


2. Superfoods by David Wolfe

David “Avocado” Wolfe is a raw-foods guru and one of the leading authorities on nutrition. He is also the President of The Fruit Tree Planting Foundation with a mission to plant 18 billion fruit trees on planet Earth.

The book describes each superfood in detail and also gives you delicious recipes that you can try at home. Some of the superfoods that he talks about: goji berries, maca, spirulina, bee products, cacao beans, hempseed and many others. If you are interested in nutrition and want to know how easting certain foods can boost your energy levels and keep you healthy, this is the book to read!

Superfoods by David Wolfe

Order it here!


3. Garden of Life RAW Organic Meal

If you’ve been looking for a protein powder that is organic and plant-based, this might just be your best choice! It also comes with all the essentials amino acids you need to sustain a healthy lifestyle, live probiotics and enzymes for digestion and has a massive 33g of protein per serving.

You can purchase it unflavored, vanilla or chocolate and mix it with soy milk, goji berries, bananas for extra taste.

Garden of Life RAW Organic Meal

Get it here!

 4. Vitamix TurboBlend 4500

Not your usual blender, for sure! We are great advocates of healthy living: lots of vegetables, regular exercising and of course, positive thinking. With this blender, you can actually mix anything, just depends on your taste. It’s great for before or after the gym to enjoy your protein & vitamins smoothie, plus you can make cream soup as well.

Comes with a 2+ peak horespower motos and a 5 year warranty!

Vitamix TurboBlend 4500

Order it here!


5. UP24 Fitness Bracelet by Jawbone

You can track your everyday activity and sleep easy with this fitness bracelet. It connects to your smartphone app through bluetooth to give you a larger view of your activity, track your goals and stay focused. A great investment if you are an active person or you are striving to get there!

Some of the features: smart coach, bluetooth enabled, food & drink logging, continuous updates, steps count, water resistant, idle alert and many more.

UP24 Fitness Bracelet by Jawbone

Order it here!


6. Chimp Primal Kettlebells

This is the coolest gift you can give to a fitness lover and you can find it in different sizes (and faces). We cannot stress enough about the importance of using the kettlebell at least once a week, especially for your core muscles. There are so many exercises available, that you can’t possibly get bored!

Chimp Primal Kettlebells

Order it here!



1. Wide Angle Phone Camera Lens

It’s not always convenient to take your DSLR camera with you and this small, easy to attach, camera lens will make your life easier. Okay, do not expect the quality of a professional camera, but it’s much better than just your phone camera lens. Will make a great gift for your photography lovers friends.

Wide Angle Phone Camera Lens

Order it here!


2. GoPro HERO4 Silver

The popularity of these video cameras has exploded in the last 12 months; everyone has one or knows someone that has a GoPro camera. With its cinema-quality capture and manual control of color, ISO limit, exposure it’s the best investment for all your travels and projects next year.

GoPro HERO4 Silver

Get it here!


3. Mini Jambox Bluetooth Speakers by Jawbone

This is small enough to fit in your pocket, so it goes wherever you do to entertain you and your friends. Perfect for the beach, tennis court, park, or a small indoor party.

Mini Jambox Bluetooth Speakers by Jawbone

Order it now!


4. iPod Shuffle 2GB by Apple

Your perfect companion while running, walking or commuting to work! You can store about 300 songs and can listen non-stop for up to 15 hours. This gift comes with the “cool factor” included!

iPod Shuffle 2GB by Apple

Get it here!


5. iPad Mini 3 by Apple

We cannot think of anyone that can possibly say “no, thank you” to a brand new iPad Mini 3. Get it on white! You can read about all the features here! It’s really slimmer that you think!

iPad Mini 3 by Apple

Order it here!


6. Kindle Fire HD7 by Amazon

If you like to read books, but like how easy it is to carry all your books on just a small device and access them anywhere, anytime, Kindle Fire HD7 is for you. The great news is that all of the books above are available in kindle edition! This new update comes with a quad-core processor, front and read camera, HD display and much more!

Kindle Fire HD7 by Amazon

Get it here!


7. Beats by Dr Dre

These lightweight angled headphones will match your head/ear shape to reduce user strain for long wear comfort. A great investment even if you get them just to see what the fuss is all about!

Beats by Dr Dre

Get them here!


8. GO 600 Portable GPS by TomTom

Your perfect travel companion with 3D maps and buildings, a 6 inch touch screen and lifetime traffic information and updates.

GO 600 Portable GPS by TomTom

Order it here!


9. Samsung Galaxy NX3000

This camera is ideal for your amateur photography lover friend! With a 20 Megapixel camera, HD 1080 video and Wi-Fi, this digital camera is perfect for every day use.

Samsung Galaxy NX3000

Get it here!

I couldn’t have done finish this article without the help from my lovely team: Roswitha Herman, Andra Maier, Sebastian Filip, Alexandru Paval, Alexandra Toma, Hristo Petrov & Brendan Lai. Thank you!

You can also check out Antonio Centeno’s list of 199 products to get even more inspiration!

Hope you enjoyed our massive gift ideas for men article and that you’ll take a moment to share it with your friends and family. You can also share with us other products that we could have included!