Even though it’s been more than one month since i had 90% of the answers in a spreadsheet, there has been so much happening here at Male Extravaganza and i knew that just putting everything together is just 50% of the work that it has to be done in order to make it a successful article.

After three followups i managed to get 27 replies from some of the most popular bloggers out there and i am very proud to have talked with these fine gentlemen (& ladies) over the email, but i do hope to meet at least 30% of them in person in 2015 (sounds like a plan, doesn’t it?). Why should you listen to what they recommend? Because most of them have been featured in magazines like GQ, Esquire, NY Times, Forbes and other important publications + they probably have at least 100 years of experience all together.

Besides the 27 blogger, at the end of the article you will find the items that the Team at Male Extravaganza cannot live without.

Two things that i have to mention about the items featured below before we get dig in:

  • Some provided the exact product they love. For those that did not, i personally recommend the product that i think is the best.
  • 90% of the links that you find under the pictures are affiliate links, that means if you decide to purchase an item we’ll receive a small percentage. It helps to keep the blog alive. Thank you! 

Let’s jump right in! Have a small piece of paper or your phone ready because you’ll definitely be inspired to shop for some items by the time you finish reading this article.

Here they are, in no particular order, answering one of the most intriguing questions:

“What basic clothing item can you not live without?”

1. Dan Trepanier  – TSBmen.com – @TSBmen

“The black leather jacket below by Ralph Lauren Purple Label is my favorite piece in my entire wardrobe. I paid $600 for it seven years ago, it was on clearance at the Ralph Lauren outlet in upstate NY. Not only is the fit perfect and the lambskin butter soft, but over the years this simple bomber jacket has become a sort of urban legend among my group of friends. One of my boys dubbed it “the piece”. When i wear this jacket i feel like a million bucks, i walk taller with it on and feel damn near immortal.” – Click to Tweet


Leather Jacket by Ralph Lauren Purple


2. Megan Collins – StyleGirlfriend.com – @StyleGF

“I can’t live without a pair of straight-leg, dark rinse jeans. They’re the perfect staple in any man or woman’s wardrobe. Dress them up with a button-up shirt and loafers, or down with a perfectly-broken in white t-shirt and sneakers.” – Click to Tweet

AG  Graduate  Tailored Fit Straight Leg Jeans  Jack    Nordstrom

The “Graduate” by AG Jeans


3. Justin Livingston – ScoutSixteen.com – @justinliv

“I’d say the clothing item that I couldn’t live without would be joggers. They’re perfect for everyday wear and make running to appointments around the city a comfortable experience.” – Click to Tweet

 joggers for men

GLOBE Goodstock Jogger


4. Marcel Floruss – OneDapperStreet.com – @OneDapperStreet

“I probably can’t live without my Birkenstocks anymore. They’re perfect for the hot summer days, comfortable, German (like me 😉 and thanks to the whole hype around them, they’re massively trending.” – Click to Tweet


Birkenstock USA


5. Moti Ankari – TheMetro-Man.com – @MotiAnkari

“I can’t live without my blue mesh Nike Roshe sneakers. I bought my first pair this season, and they’re perfect for casual looks and can be paired with a suit. I’ve been wearing them non-stop.” – Click to Tweet

Nike Roshe Run Shoes Blue

Nike Roshe @Nike.com


6. Sven Raphael Schneider – GentlemansGazette.com – @gentsgazette

“Boxer briefs. I wear them every day, no matter what the season or time of day, except when I wear swim trunks. Living without it would be awful.” – Click to Tweet


CK Pro Stretch Boxer Briefs


7. Brian Sacawa – HeSpokeStyle.com – @HeSpokeStyle

“I cannot live without my Ray-Ban Clubmasters.” – Click to Tweet

Ray Ban  Classic Clubmaster  51mm Sunglasses

Ray-Ban Classic Clubmaster


8. Antonio Centeno – RealMenRealStyle.com – @RMRStyle

“It would have to be my casual slip on boat shoes because even if I was in a nudist colony, I would still be wearing these.” – Click to Tweet

Sperry Top Sider® Slip On Boat Shoe

Sperry Top-Sider Boat Shoe


9. Eric Sztanyo – Cladwell.com – @Cladwellman

“Rainbow sandals. Hands down. I’m pretty casual with my attire, so I get a lot of use out of my sandals, especially in the warmer weather. Up until recently, I would buy the cheap pair of sandals and throw them out at the end of the season. But now that I’ve worn Rainbows, I’ll never go back to anything else. This is a new find for me, and I understand I’m a bit late to the party. But, I’m so glad to finally be here. For anyone with arch support issues, I highly recommend the double layer. They offer better support than my tennis shoes even. Love them!” – Click to Tweet

Rainbow Sandals Men s Premium Leather Single Layer Sandal  Shoes

Premium Rainbow Sandals


10. Cory Ohlendorf – Valetmag.com – @valetmag

“Maybe it’s because I live in California, but the one piece I wear more than anything is a pair of Ray-Bans. I like the “New Wayfarer,” which slightly smaller and more subtle than the originals. They’re classic, comfortable and make anyone look cooler. Plus, they’ll always be in style.” – Click to Tweet

Ray Ban  New Wayfarer  55mm Sunglasses

Ray-Ban “New Wayfarer”


11. Marcus Jaye – TheChicGeek.co.uk – @TheChicGeekcouk

“Living in England it would probably be a raincoat. One that is actually waterproof like my hooded Mackintosh.” – Click to Tweet

Macintosh green dunoon handmade rain coat

Handmade Rain Coat @Mackintosh


12. Jeremy Reeves – KinoWear.com – @kinowear

“The item I couldn’t live without is a custom-fitted, blue collared shirt. I have blue eyes so blue really pulls them out (and gets me compliments ALL the time). And the shirt itself is extremely versatile. It can go with jeans and a blazer… or even with some grey or khaki pants. You can’t beat it!” – Click to Tweet

blue-collared-shirt-solosso.jpg  500×750

Get it at Solosso.com

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13. Paul McGregor – MFM.com – @mensfashionmag

The Jack Purcell Converse, a real basic but can be dressed up or down. I’ve worn these with tailored trousers before, and also worn with some casual denim. Style staple, and extremely comfortable to wear too.” – Click to Tweet

Converse Jack Purcell CP OX Trainers White   Converse All Star Trainers Shoes Footwear Converse Sneakers Designer Trainers   Mainline Menswear Official Stockists Of Converse All Stars Jack Purcell Chuck Norris Trainers

Jack Purcell Canvas Sneakers @Converse


14. Tom Hosking – TheVersatileGent.com – @versatilegent

“For me this changes rather frequently, I find myself obsessed with something for a certain amount of time, then move on. However there’s a few staples that keep coming back in rotation, the most common of which is my pair of white Frankies sneakers. Designed here in Australia by a local Sydney gent named Francis, they’re the perfect everyday shoe, and I literally wear with anything from suits to swimshorts.” – Click to Tweet


White Sneakers – Bianco @FrankiesShoes

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15. James Want – TheVersatileGent.com – @versatilegent

“I’d have to say well fitted quality white shirt with a strong collar. I wear my P Johnson white shirt with a suit and tie, open with chinos or untucked with swim shorts. It is the most versatile basic in a man’s wardrobe.” – Click to Tweet

White Twill Shirt P.Johnson Tailors

White Twill Shirt @P. Johnson


16. Scott Purcell – ManOfMany.com – @manofmanytastes

“A basic fashion item I can’t live​ without is my navy blue suit from Institchu. It is probably the most versatile item of clothing I own as it can be dressed up or dressed down making it perfect for almost any occasion whether it’s the office or a cocktail party. There is nothing worse than being under dressed for an event and a navy blue suit is always a safe option.” – Click to Tweet


Customize yours @Institchu

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17. Derek Guy – DieWorkWear.com – @dieworkwear

Probably the most inspiring story…

“Probably my watch. It’s a Rolex Oyster Perpetual Datejust from 1968. My father bought it brand new when he graduated from university in Taiwan, and wore it throughout his life since. It was on his wrist when he and my family escaped from Vietnam after the Tet Offensive, and then from Cambodia after some of my family died in the Cambodian genocide.

It was also on his wrist in Iran, where he landed after Cambodia, and then again when he had to flee because of the Iranian Revolution. He wore it throughout our time in Canada (where I was born), and then later in Los Angeles (where I mostly grew up). It was almost stolen from him at some point in LA when he was robbed at gunpoint, but luckily, he had the smarts to toss the watch under the table during the robbery.

Anyway, he unceremoniously gave me the watch when I turned 30. I was at home on my birthday, walking down the hallway when he caught me. He took off his watch, put it in my hand, and insisted that I have it. That was the first day in my 30 years that I saw him without that watch on his wrist. It’s now on mine every day, and it reminds me of how much I love him.” – Click to Tweet

Rolex Oyster Perpetual Datejust 1968

Found a similar one @ebay

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18. Oliver Bridge – Cornerstone.co.uk – @Cornerstone_HQ

“Crisp white fitted shirt is the key item in my wardrobe!” – Click to Tweet

Non Iron Traditional Fit Button Down Collar Dress Shirt by Brooks Brothers

Dress Shirt @BrooksBrothers


19. Sean Russell – MenProvement.com – @MenProvement

CLAE Shoes – Specifically the Hamiltons. Not many men know about CLAE as a brand – but they should. These shoes are amazing, and ever since owning 3 pairs of the Hamiltons (Grizzley bark and black are the best), I can never rock a different pair of shoes with jeans. They look great, they feel great, and the more you wear them in the better they get.” – Click to Tweet


Clae Hamiltons


20. Team at BlackLapel.com/Compass – @BlackLapelCC

“That’s easy…a Solid Navy Suit, custom made from BlackLapel, of course.” – Click to Tweet


Customize your suit @BlackLapel


21. Tanner Guzy – Masculine-Style.com – @MasculineStyle

“The one article of clothing I personally can’t go without is a good chambray shirt. I’ve had to rotate through a few in my closet because I wear them so much. It can be paired with a suit, or jeans and some sneakers.” – Click to Tweet


Indigo Chambray Shirt @J. Crew

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22. Glen Antoine Palmer – GentlemenStandard.com – @Glen_Palmer

“I am going to state that a simple pair of black cap-toe oxfords would be at the top of my list. A pair of simple black oxfords can be deployed for a myriad of occasions from job interviews to work to morning church service. A properly selected pair should last almost a lifetime if pampered correctly.” – Click to Tweet


“Santiago” Cap Toe Oxfords @Magnanni


23. Matthew Pike – BucketsAndSpadesBlog.com – @mat_buckets

“Would have to be indigo denim jeans for me. The most hard working of items.” – Click to Tweet


Slim Jeans @Albam


24. Michael Lamb – SweatShorts.co – @sweatshorts_co

“Personally I cannot live without sweat shorts. These shorts are as basic as they come. Yet when you wear them you get the urge to smile and relax. I wear mine everyday. The first thing I do when I come home from work is put sweat shorts on. They are perfect for lounging, watching TV, playing video games, reading, or really anything. The best part about them is that if you put on a nice shirt and pair of shoes most people don’t even notice that you are wearing them. That’s what I like to call a comfort camouflage. A piece of clothing that is both comfortable and stylish? Yes please.” – Click to Tweet


G-Star Sweat Shorts @asos


25. Andy Gilchrist – AskAndyAboutClothes.com – @AAAClothes

“Mine would be the pocket square, but I’d also have to have the essential compliment – the sport jacket!” – Click to Tweet


Linen & Cotton Pocket Square @Hugo Boss


26. Simon Holbert – OffTheCuffLdn.co.uk – @offthecuffldn

“I couldn’t live without monk strap shoes. After asking around the office and having multiple discussions we decided that monk strap shoes we’re integral to a great many of our current looks. We feel monk straps have stepped ahead of brogues as the fresher, sharper footwear trend (in particular the double monk strap). They can be the dressiest of all men’s shoes but their versatility means they look as good with a navy suit as they do with a pair of roll-up jeans.” – Click to Tweet

To Boot New York  Burns  Double Monk Strap Shoe Men in Brown

“Burns” Shoe  @To Boot New York


27. Kaitlyn Keeble – Coveops.com – @CoveOps

“If underwear is too cliché since that’s mostly what I write about, then the next item for men is a good pair of shoes. When it comes to men, comfort is everything and a good pair of shoes speaks volumes, especially boots.” – Click to Tweet

Team Male Extravaganza

1. Peter Walker – Writer – @Thinking_Chap

“Mine would have to be my vintage ‘Tootal’ Scarves. Tootal’s were the scarves of choice for mods, musicians and football casuals throughout 70s/80s Britain, and I’ve got a keen interest in men’s fashion from  that era. I prefer a second hand one, but I know Stuarts London have some decent ones in stock.” – Click to Tweet

Tootal Scarf Navy Paisley Silk Bag
Vintage Navy Paisley Silk Scarf @Tootal


2. Joshua Milton – Writer – @applejosh23

“The basic clothing item I couldn’t live without? The bow tie. In the sea of rigid business attire, ties are simply so worn out and overdone. Bow ties are a comparatively more fun and playful accessory that can set you apart from the masses. I’ve got everything from a bow tie with safety pins to chains and tartan. A bow tie is a simple, but effective way to speckle some individuality into an outfit.” – Click to Tweet

Title of Work Chain Bow Tie in Black
Chain Bow Tie @Title of Work


3. Matthew Turner – Writer – @SmallFeatures

“That’s tough, one piece of clothing I can’t live without. My jeans probably. My black stretch skinny jeans. They’re reliable and you can wear them with anything to create a casual outfit if you’re going out with friends or a smart casual outfit for going on a date for example. You can wear a slim fit shirt and a nice pair of brogues.” – Click to Tweet

NEUW Men s Iggy Mid Rise Skinny Jeans Black Raw Mens Clothing

Iggy Skinny Jeans @Neuw


4. Andrea Kubisch – Writer – @LadyInGray

“I have decided to go with the classic aviator sunglasses. For me, these sunglasses can make any outfit look good. Whether I am wearing a suite or a boho dress the aviators always add that touch of class and personality. Somehow these glasses are vintage and fashion forward at the same time making them compatible with any style I choose. Sometimes I like to wear the mirrored ones for some edge.” – Click to Tweet

Ray Ban Aviator Sunglasses with Mirrored Lenses Blue

Aviator Sunglasses with Mirrored Lenses @Ray-Ban


5. Mihai Herman – CEO – @MihaiHerman

“I couldn’t live without my high top Chuck Taylors @Converse. They are good for any weather, even wore them in the snow. Plus you can add the casual touch to any outfit and stand out if you’re anything like me and you love colors. I’ve had white, red, green, beige. Put a tie on and you’re a Rockstar!” – Click to Tweet

Converse 1970s Chuck Taylor® All Star® High Red Sneakers Men

1970s Chuck Taylor @Converse

This is it! I really hope you’ve been inspired by our #roundup and i’d really appreciate it if you’d share it with your friends. 

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