Trick or treat! The scary and fun Halloween night is getting closer and closer. On the 31st of October, the scariest night of them all, your checklist should include: an invitation to the most amazing Halloween party in town, a scary jack-o’-lantern, some frightening ghosts stories, dozens of candles and so on. But the most important of them all  is the costume! If you really want to make a good impression this Halloween by having the coolest costume in the room, then this article is everything what you need! Let’s get started, shall we?

#1 Can you save the world tonight?

The superhero costumes are among the most popular ones! Halloween is the night in which you can demonstrate what you’re capable of..and here I am talking about your super-power! Robert Downey Junior played the Iron Man on the screen, but will you manage to save the world on 31st of October? comes not only with the perfect costume, but also with the “must-accessories” for it: a 3-D chest piece with LED arc reactor and the helmet.

iron man - halloween costume inspiration

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#2 Dracula, my love!

There isn’t a more suggestive Halloween costume than this one! Dracula is one of the most controversial characters of the Romanian history and can really turn you into the Halloween party’s main attraction! For your bloody Count costume make sure that beside the collar cape, vest and black trousers, you got the right make up (the vampire fangs are a must)!

Count Dracula costume

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Count Dracula make up

Are you scared?

#3 Augh, augh, augh!

This is Spartaaaa! Getting some inspiration from the amazing 300 movie, or furthermore from the popular series “Spartacus”, prepare yourself to enter the Arena! You only have to wear a suede toga and a vinyl clasp, molded  gauntlets, shin guards and a helmet and you’re done

Spartan costume

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TIP: If you’re thinking of matching your costume with your girlfriend’s, get her a sexy warrior costume too(find it here)!

#4 Everybody loves Minions!

If you are not thrilled about the idea of buying a costume, don’t worry! We have the right costume guide for you in order to be transformed into a cute and yellowish minion! It’s easy and fun! You will need a dark overall, a yellow sweater, a pair of black gloves, a pair of black shoes, a yellow hat, some pipe cleaners and check this out:

Minion Costume



#5 Did someone said Clark Kent?

It’s a plane, it’s a bird, oh’s Superman. Or it could be you! We cannot forget about one of the most popular superheroes of all times! You may think the Superman costume may be a little out of fashion, but I think all men should dress-up at least once in the flying superhero! If you decide it’s your turn, you may opt for a costume like this one:

Superman costume

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TIP: Because the real superheroes of the world are the children, make them feel like one this Halloween!

superkidsBuy their mini-Supermen costume from here.

#6 Can you do the villain?

And I am referring to a truly evil character. The truth is that we talked enough about superheros. If it’s the night when we celebrate fear and evil, then Joker has to be in the game. To dress up as the supervillan from the popular movie Batman, you don’t need much. The costume including a purple jacket, green vest, shirt and a tie can be found here. But real thing in which you have to master is the make up!The_Joker

For getting some professional advice in what concerns Joker inspired make-up, check out this video:

 #7 Are you mad?

The funny thing about Halloween is the acting part! You don’t only dress-up, but you also act like the character! If you try to be as normal as possible in your everyday life, get a little crazy on Halloween. This is one of my favorite characters of all time, especially thanks to Johnny Depp’s interpretation. I present to you, the Mad Hatter!

the mad hatter

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 #8 Suit up!

For the ones who are spending their Halloween at the office party, this should be the right costume for you.You only need your stylish favorite suit and a piece of rope. Beside the fact that it is subtle, it includes a suit and it is the kind of costume a gentlemen would proudly wear on Halloween! It’s time to suit up, guys!

 Halloween Suit and rope Costume

 #9 What’s up, detective?

If you have in your wardrobe a maxi coat, you already have your costume. If not, don’t worry. Some men are meant for solving mysteries and dressing up as Sherlock Holmes will help you enter into a mystical world! Will you convince your best friend to join you and watch you back as Dr. Watson?

Sherlock holmes and Dr. Watson

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#10 Keep your arch close!

 If you would like stealing from the rich and giving to the poor, this is your character this year! Dress up as Robin Hood, the beloved folk character. If you’re decided we have the perfect costume for you composed from shirt, a hooded cape, belt, gauntlet & boot Covers. Just put your trousers on, buy an arch and you’re done!

Robin Hood costume

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#11 Snow White Needs You

And no, I am not talking about Prince Charming. If we started with characters who love staying in the forest, we cannot forget about the Huntsman from Snow White and the Huntsman movie! The costume should include an ax also. What do you say?

Snow White and the Huntsman CostumeIf you’ve already decided, just click here and buy it!

#12 Find your Princess

It’s long gone the concept of Prince Charming. Now every girl is looking for her modern prince and since Frozen movie became so popular, why not be princess Anna’s rebellious and stubborn lover, Kristoff? You need a fur trimmed tunic, a knit to wear under the vest, a hat, a multicolor belt, a pair of trousers, gloves and a pair of boots. This is how it should look in the end:

Kristoff Frozen costume

Ta daaa!

#13 The cursed number 13

Since we are at the last costume idea,which coincidentally is the thirteenth(what??) , it’s time for the scariest of the scariest! You may have seen them in all good horror movies, at the time when even a fly would scare the hell out of you…the possessed priest!

possessed priest costumeYou can get your horror priest costume from here.

TIP: Get your girlfriend in the game with a Regan(The Exorcist) costume! You’ll make a “lovely” couple!

regan the exorcist


Get her Regan costume from here or at least a Regan mirror to keep you company from here!

What costume will you wear this Halloween? Did our little inspirational guide help you  choose one?

Comment bellow and tell us what Halloween character you’re going to be this year!

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