So you went out and bought yourself a new pair of trainers. And you dropped a pretty penny. They look fresh, fit great, and have that new sneaker smell on them. But let’s be honest here, unless you plan on wearing them around your living room, they are not going to stay so fresh without some maintenance and care. Follow this guide for keeping those sneakers feeling great and looking like new.

Give your kicks a rest

Keep them in a rotation with other sneakers. This will give them more time to air out, and less time to get worn out. In addition to wearing out the shoe, you can actually do harm to your feet by wearing the same shoes everyday. Different shoes put pressure on different parts of the foot, so switching the shoes out regularly does good for your shoes and your feet.

Clean them regularly

You will notice after wearing your sneakers for a brief period of time that scratches and scuffs will appear on the surface. Take care of these blemishes right away with a shoe cleaner. A great brand that we recommend for that is Jason Markk’s. Whether your sneakers are leather or suede, this solution will help keep your sneakers looking like new after several wears.

Shoe cleaning Kit Jason Markk

If it’s time to toss them into the washing machine, be sure to remove the shoelaces and the insoles. Take two pillowcases, placing a shoe in each pillowcase. Tie the pillowcases closed, and throw both in the washer on the cold and delicate wash settings. Never put your sneakers in a dryer machine! Place the shoes in a well-ventilated area to air dry. This will help to restore those sneaks to that fresh from the box color.

Replace insoles as needed

One part of the shoe that receives a lot of wear and tear is the insole. Not only does it get worn out, it can also really start to stink after a while. Check regularly to see if your insoles are developing this problem. If it is not worn out but is retaining odor, you can sprinkle some baking soda in your shoes at night, and shake it out in the morning. 

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Another option for de-stinkifying sneakers is to place dryer sheets in them when not in use. This will keep shoes smelling fresh every day. However, if the insoles are starting to thin out, you’ll want to replace them or add extra support. Your new insoles will not only reduce odor, but will make the shoe more comfortable. Men’s arch support inserts will create an especially comfortable ride in all of your sneakers and you can get them here.

Keep your laces clean

A simple trick to keep your sneakers looking bright and new is to care for and replace your laces. To clean your shoelaces, soak them in a bowl of warm water with shoe cleaner (Jason Markk’s shoe cleaner works well here too). Replacing worn out, frayed laces is also cheap and simple.


You can find shoelaces at just about any shoe store, but if your kicks command laces, go to Laced Up Laces. Be sure to measure the length of the laces before purchasing new ones, in order to get the right fit for your shoe. Finally, if you’re in a bind and the ends of your shoelaces are looking a little frayed, coat the ends with a little clear nail polish for a quick and temporary fix (ask your girlfriend).

Prepare for rain, hail, sleet and snow

Weatherproof your sneakers for preventative measure. When your shoes come into contact with water, this can cause damage to the material after prolonged exposure. Protect your shoes from weather damage by using a weatherproof spray. Be sure to purchase the appropriate type of spray so that it won’t damage the sneaker, see our recommended spray here.



Good quality sneakers don’t come cheap. Proper care and maintenance will help keep your shoes looking good and fitting like new.