In my last article, I was talking about the small adjustments that ever off-the-rack suit needs. But what about the colors? Should it be black? Or maybe dark blue. What about grey? Well, if you haven’t noticed already, grey is perfect for almost every occasion. That’s why many firms and corporations dress their employees in grey suits. Of course, other colors are exceptional as well. We all like that perfect black suit don’t we? But for now, we’re gonna talk a little bit about grey suits.

First off, let’s discuss nuances. The majority of people can be divided into three skin tone categories – light skin, medium skin, and dark skin. I’m sure you know your skin tone, so here’s the tip: remember the contrasts! The darker the skin, the lighter the gray should be. Of course this doesn’t suit everyone’s style, so be sure to always check out different colors and see how you like them before buying your final piece.

“Is it still fashionable?”, you ask. Well, although some men prefer black or dark blue for their suits, there are still many who choose grey. I’m sure you recognize these men:


Now that we’ve established the color of the suit, let’s talk about the shirt that’s underneath. Because grey is a very flexible color, you can wear it for pretty much any occasion. That means grey shirt, white shirts, colored shirts, and also black shirts. Whichever color you go for, make sure it matches your style and the event you’re attending.


What about ties?

Again, because grey is such a flexible color, it’s going to be easy to grab a tie that will make you look excellent. You can choose black, you can go for a darker grey, or even go wild, and choose a color, such as purple or orange. This may be a little wild for some of us, but hey, you never know until you try. Also, if you’re wearing a black shirt, you might want to unbutton a few of the top buttons and go without a tie.


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