Good news, gentlemen! H&M decided to focus their attention a little bit more on you. Actually Isabel Marant did. Probably you are now wondering who Isabel Marant is…Of course you don’t know the French designer since she creates women clothes and her first collection was a jewelry one. Becoming a very famous and beloved designer, the Parisian fashion-guru has been contracted by H&M for their annual high-end collaboration.




Even if it is her first attempt on menswear, everyone can see she has done an excellent job. She is recognized for creating casual-urban clothes that can be mixed really easy, resulting an effortless style. Any guy wants an effortless look, am I right? You don’t wanna seem that you spend two hours of choosing your outfits on your daily walk to buy some beer, or when you go out for a casual night. If you are looking for the kind of garments that are screaming “I put my clothes randomly, but I still look cool as hell”, this collection was meant for you.





Isabel combined for this limited edition collection the ethnic motifs she loves with various kinds of fabrics, from wool to leather. I like very much the chromatic of the collection, including classical, yet classy combination like black and white, nude and red. She has chosen the boots for an urban-like twist and the scarf for the accessories’ line.

It is not complicated to play with the clothes Isabel created in order to achieve lots of different looks; But don’t forget: if doesn’t matter which clothes you choose to put on, as long as you wear them with the right attitude! It’s time for shopping, boys!