A while back, we have started interviewing people from the fashion industry: bloggers, designers, businessmen and i know how much everyone loved our last “Style Talk” with Emil Anton. Now we want to expand this even further and also interview people from the grooming industry (stay tuned), but this way we promise to deliver them on a constant basis, hopefully one every week.

Interviews are a great way to interact with industry leaders and very experienced people, one of them is Elliot Suiter from InStitchu.co.uk. He and i met on Twitter, which is probably the most engaging social network out there, moved the conversation via email and we currently plan some projects together: interviews, guest articles & even a giveaway (this March).

Have a notepad and a pen because you are about to learn.

1. Name & Location

My Name is Elliot Suiter and I am the UK Director for InStitchu. We are an online based tailoring company and do not have a central base although we’re mostly in London.


2. Describe what you do for a living.

I ensure the business runs smoothly on a daily basis, making bookings via enquires as well as measuring customers interested in getting a tailor made suit.


3. How would you define your personal style?

I like wearing accessories with my suit to give it a more modern look. I have a plethora of pocket


squares, tie clips, cufflinks, tie pins, belts and ties that I rotate and favour a very peacocked looked. Most of what I wear comes from the inspiration of others such as David Gandy, Pharrell Williams and Ryan Gosling. I’m not one for ‘the old classics’ like Clark Gable or Dean Martin, it’s too simple for me.

4. In your opinion, how important is confidence in style?

I try to stand by the phrase ‘wear the clothes don’t let them wear you’. This simply means if you think something is too much and will grab too much attention then you’re not wearing the clothes because you aren’t confident. I always wear a pair of colourful socks as it’s both the easiest and most hidden part of my attire.


5. Italian or British cut of suit? Why?

I prefer an Italian cut as its slimmer, I also like to have a single vent as I’m rarely sat down. I like jackets to have a peak lapel as they generally stand out more and no one does this as well as the Italians. Plus my girlfriend is Italian so I get told of is I say English.


6. What is the most popular type of suit: double breasted or single breasted?

The most popular type of suit is certainly a single breasted suit as its conventional although my preference would be towards a double breasted as it again stand out from the crowd.


7. What is the most popular fabric? What about color?

Our most popular fabric is currently a charcoal. It’s a Wool super 100 and has the perfect balance between light and dark grey making it ideal for work or leisure.


8. What is the most bizarre order you’ve had?

We have measured a small baby before which was a little different. Outside of that we have created a Pink Jay Gatsby suit.


9. Where do you see yourself in 5 years in this industry?

The industry for men’s fashion is growing at a rapid pace and with us being at the forefront of innovation in terms of creating a bespoke suit online I would like to see InStitchu with several retail shops across the country incorporating technology and heritage. I would love to happy a Gin Bar at one of the stores like Hackett London on Regent Street.

10. Where can our readers find out more about you and your business?

We regularly update our blog where you can read about the latest trends and get style tips. To start creating your own suit visit www.institchu.co.uk.


Hopefully, we’ll be back next week with another interview. Please let us know who would you like to be interviewed on Male Extravaganza. Write us an email!

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