So you got on the suit, the tie bar, pocket square on your way lock in that client that is going to boost your career through the roof; or maybe you have on the best casual outfit, determined that this is NOT going to be the night you go home alone. It’s been said over and over that women judge a man by his shoes and, what better way to make those shiny sneakers or oxfords pop then a pair of crazy bold socks. And I’m not talking here about the flannel black ones that you have your drawer stuffed with, you won’t be wearing those except from funerals from now on.

1. Socks should compliment the shoe not match them. 

Just like the tie bar or pocket square it’s best if they are not the exact color or pattern as the surroundings. Use the same principle you would when picking up the rest of the accessories.


2. Be wild but don’t go nuts.

You want to look like you have the guts jump out of a plane but you’re sane enough to open the parachute. They can come in all shapes and sizes, or more like all colors and textiles. Depending on the event or just your mood on can feel free to go any way you want as long as they are not white. The ’90s are gone so leave that to Michael Jackson wanna bees.

If the occasion allows it you can even go with a theme.

GQ socks

socks3 Sockssocks2

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3. Mix business with pleasure.

Keep everything they way you would when you’re going into a conference but pump up that sober black or dark navy suit with splash of color and you’ll be ready for the after party as well.


mocc socks

There is though one occasion when you don’t want the socks to pop, at all! Wearing shorts with
short socks, regardless how little they show, is a definite no-no. Try these babies, you can get pretty much anywhere from supermarkets to high end clothing retailers. They will fool everyone into thinking that you’re bare feet and save you the sweat and blisters. Try this once, let us know how you felt about it.

So, do you feel confident enough to wear colorful socks?