When it comes to shoes, most men fall into one of two categories: those who own way too many and those who don’t own enough. In reality, the majority of men should be able to get by easily with about five pairs of footwear, which if selected carefully, will cover all the bases so you always have the right shoes for the occasion. Here’s a list of five styles that every man should have in his wardrobe.

Black Lace-Ups


A pair of smart, black lace up shoes are timeless. These really are a must-have as they’ll be perfect for almost any formal occasion. If you’re wearing them to work, a wedding or a posh party, you’ll be sure to look the part. Another great thing about owning a pair of black leather shoes is that they’re so versatile. You’ll be able to wear them with any pair of black, grey or navy blue smart trousers. If you haven’t already got some black lace-ups then you need to acquire yourself a pair, quickly.



It’s a safe bet that you probably already own a pair of trainers, if you haven’t; you probably need to crawl out from whatever rock you’ve been living under for the past 30 years and get yourself down to the shops. Trainers can be a staple of almost every casual look. Whether you’re on the tennis court or going to the pub, a good pair of trainers will serve you well when you need some comfortable everyday shoes.

Desert Boots


If you’re bored of trainers and looking for casual shoes that will make a statement, you should look into getting yourself a pair of desert boots. Desert boots will look great with jeans and give the impression that you made a bit more effort for the occasion. If you decide to invest in a more expensive pair, you could even get away with wearing them with a blazer for a smart-casual look. In a lot of ways, a good pair of desert boots can be more versatile than trainers.

Boat Shoes


Boat shoes should be a staple of every man’s summer wardrobe. It doesn’t matter if you wear them with jeans, chinos or shorts, they’ll compliment any summer outfit perfectly. Boat shoes are also made in plenty of different materials, from leather to canvas or suede. With that kind of variety, it won’t be difficult for you to find a pair that suits your style and make you look that extra bit savvy.

Work Boots


Finally, for when you need to get your hands dirty, you’re going to need a pair of sturdy work boots. The choice of work boots available is fantastic, if you need them for your job or you’re a bit of a DIY enthusiast, it’s definitely worth investing in an expensive, waterproof pair with steel-toe caps. If you don’t think you’ll need them quite as often it’s still worth picking up a pair on the cheap; you’ll be glad you have them when it snows.

This article is written by Aisha, a content writer who loves to write about anything fashion-related from catwalk fashion to Islamic clothing such as abayas, jilbabs and kaftan dresses among others.

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