Carrying on with the “Holiday Series Posts“, we have arrived to the point where things get serious for us, the males. And by serious, we mean fancy and sophisticated. Gentlemen, it is time you digged deep into your pockets and surprise your ladies with the item they have always dreamed for.

We are sure that there are some of you, our readers, have had enough listening to your girlfriends singing all day long about that Michael Kors purse, that pair of black boots from Prada‘s winter collection or that fabulous silver Guess watch, but we are also confident that all of you have known deep down that this moment will eventually come. Now, if you put some money aside and decided that you want to shop at a whole another level and impress your girlfriends, we have definitely got you covered! So take your courage in both hands and scroll down to check a few designer items that you could put under your ladies’ Christmas Tree.

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#PRADA Lace-up Short Boot

This is the type of gift that might create a common first impression, but it is also the type of gift whose quality, efficiency and versatility is realised only after a period. When she realises how well do they match with any outfit, she is going to eat you up! Shortly, your girlfriend is going to thank you for the rest of your life for these leather boots with Side Zip and Lace-up Closures.

#MICHAEL KORS “Large Casey” Leather Satchel

This is the kind of accessory that arrests everyone’s eyes! If you want us to turn our heads after your girlfriend, then this is what you want to buy her. The popular designer Michael Kors provides the luxury fashion industry with this spectacular “item”. Smooth leather elevates an impeccably structured satchel accented with polished goldtone hardware and a signature padlock.

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#BURBERRY “House Check” Gloves

These beauties from Burberry would definitely make your girl go crazy. Not only because of that fancy aspect given by the well-known, typical Burberry pattern and the soft leather palms, but also because of the silk lining they come with. Not to mention the adjustable belts that give these gloves the perfect tone of elegance.

#ROBERTO CAVALLI Long Sleeve Leopard Print Dress

Haven’t you guys overheard her mentioning this dress in a conversation with her best friend? This is the piece she wants to wear for the NYE Party, and we bet you want that too. Roberto Cavalli had in mind to design these curvy leopard-printed splices that narrow through the waist, to visually shape a curve-highlighting dress that is sure to turn heads.

#KARL LAGERFELD “Kourbe” Double Wrap Bracelet Watch

Last but not least, here is our pick from this list that we suggested. This is the golden Bracelet Watch your girlfriend’s wrist is going to fall in love with. We are sure you make her happy in so many ways. Do something she has never thought you would do! Surprise her with this glamorous watch with studded pyramid indexes and wrapped chain bracelet. If you will ever regret it, we take full responsability.

Jumping to a conclusion, as far as we are concerned, the list above includes some high-end items that your girlfriend would “die to own”. Yet, we truly believe that true, long-term happiness does not have anything to do with expensive gifts and a lot of money, but these things are part of our lives, and sometimes they are worth investing into, especially if they put a smile on your girlfriend’s face.

What are you guys thinking about these products? Does any of them fit your girlfriends’ tastes? Write your opinions in a comment below.