The Power of Color Purple

Purple is a mysterious color that is associated with royalty, luxury, power, and wisdom. Although considered more feminine, when applied appropriately purple can bring a strong sense of style and confidence to a man’s outfit. Purple is extremely diverse ranging from a dark navy-esk color to a soft light similar to white, making it easy to sneak into the fashion world. When looking around for some new additions to your closet, consider this fashion forward color in small details or as the dominant color of your look.


In case you are skeptical about adding this color to your closet, check out this article from the Medical Daily describing a scientific study that shows women are more attracted to men who wear purple. Now that you are fully prepared to incorporate purple into your daily wardrobe, the remainder of this article should be relatively helpful.


Attention to Purple

Adding purple in the details will create a pop of color as well as bring some mystery and extravagance to your outfit. Incorporating purple around the edges through subtle aspects creates a sophisticated, classic look without being too bold.


Throw in some refined color through your accessories and accenting to bring some flare and show personality. Purple in the way of ties, socks, cuff links, sunglasses, etc. add a touch of discrete color pop showing your style and attention to detail from head to toe. Many are intimated by this controversial color, however purple can range from navy to burgundy with the color spectrum in-between. This polo shirt is available at Vastrm.

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Purple Trend In the Raw

Feeling a little bolder? Add purple to your outfit in a strong way and do not be afraid to add this color to your basics collection as well. Since it comes in so many different shades, light, dark, redish, blueish, etc – a shade of purple can be found to match any occasion, and more importantly, any style.


A nice, crisp purple dress shirt is a must in any closet. As discussed above, purple goes with a wide range of colors and shades meaning this dress shirt won’t have a hard time finding an appropriate tie. Purple in the form of shoes and jackets will add some serious style and fashion to any outfit, dressy or casual as well as show confidence and fashion forward mentality. For a more casual way to add purple, look for brighter color shirts and pants. Brighter shades of purple bring an energetic and outgoing vibe to a look where dark and more subdued shades show off a mysterious and cautious side.


Putting it Together

Purple is a strong contender as the future of fashion for the upcoming season. It could be seen allover the runway in Milan Fashion Week ranging from classic designers such as Armani to the more adventurous Versace. Spring and Summer will be full of bright and bold purples in casual wear and dressy accessories to compliment the sunny, warm weather. Fall will be filled with a more neutral version of this purple bringing out its more subdued and sophisticated side in the form of darker shades.


Keep an eye out for some unique yet versatile pieces to add to your closet in this trendy color.

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