With winter solstice near its end, hopefully you have found a pair of sunglasses that exhibits style! Although choosing a pair can be daunting, here are a few sunglasses you might want to consider for Spring Summer 2014.


CARRERA 84/S – Special Edition 


Carrera 84_S-mens-sunglasses-2014


Carrera sunglasses are one of 5 important in-house brands of Safilo. Producing eyewear for over 75 years, Carrera is definitely one of the top picks to throw in your wardrobe. Allured with color and unique design, the 84/S are undeniable superb in quality! Inspired by classic film “Downhill Racer” starring Robert Redford, these tri-layer acetate frames reflect sportsmanship in a fashionable way! With the Winter Olympics near its end, exult in appreciation these frames portray for heating up the summer!

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L.G.R. Asmara-mens-sunglasses-2014


The yellow gradient tint to this lens amplifies color contrast to maximize visibility and enhance depth perception while on the road or under overcast skies. The upper dark grey area ensures high protection from direct sunlight exposure from above. In the same way that our pupils dilate according to the intensity of light, Hydrogen Firing Photochromic treatment allows them to darken once expose to ultraviolet rays, making them a must have for driving!

Not only are the frames handmade in Italy, these lightweight cellulose acetate frames bend to adapt shape without heating for a better fit. As a final treatment they are hand polished after being tumbled in beech and birch wood.

Final verdict, details matter and L.G.R. has brought forth a pair of sunglasses that embellish any outfit!

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Not only did Sheriff & Cherry‘s rock the PRE AW 14 in Paris, artists like Frank Ocean and Disclosure have long yearned over their lenses. Working with a traditional optic factory in Croatia, handmade with cool colours and traditional shapes, these folks rejoice the original 60s G11 with summer class!

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Yes, another fav-fav from Sheriff & Cherry, the G1 hybrid series rock! Dipped with gold nickel painted frame-work and spotted crystal acetate arms, salute the Einstein! Certain to revitalize daytime jeans and t-shirt into a more formal occasion. EXP points if you tag along a hot date – Craftsmen from Croatia chanting “We’re not worthy, we’re not worthy!!

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Prada has always been one of the most influential fashion houses, alluring us with premium design and remarkable style. Prada’s sunglasses are yet another index to innovative quality, never dissatisfying their line-up. New to collection are Prada’s Military Green Gradient sunglasses! Equipped with a portrait streaked caramel round frame and double bridge metal plaque logo. Characterized with profound uniqueness, being in the spotlight will come fairly easy!

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Illesteva (pronounced il-eh-stee-vah) combines classic styles with contemporary Downtown New York aesthetics, using materials like acetate and titanium within the design of each frame.  Illesteva’s Half & Half Leonard are delightful and fall in line with modern exquisiteness. From beach wear to the opera house, framed to expedite wardrobe transformation whenever. Go gett’em and run with the pack of wolves.

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Although Balenciaga is found mainly in a woman’s wardrobe, these bad boys cannot be ignored! Handmade in Paris and framed in dark gradient, these thickened arms are embossed for glory. Best candidate for replicating style of Jay-Z and Kanye West, screaming out Holy Grail!

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The Mykita family, carefully hand-craft each frame from Berlin, Germany. Mykita’s collection ranges from classically elegant to more avant-garde designs. Light as a feather and easy to adapt, their sunglasses offer customers a wide variety with different lens colours. Personally, my favorite among contenders are the Edmund collection. These sunglasses emphasize the essence of S/S with a self-confident fashion statement. The Edmunds are presented with rich off-white colours and lens coated with a yellow flash. From Miami to Ibiza, you will look like a rockstar under the sun!

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As with any fashion trend the key is always to go for style that suits you – both in terms of face shape and personal style. Go above and beyond, playing with colours and details that make the biggest impact. In layman terms, stand-out and amplify this S/S with style!


This article was written by Marcus Wattz, Fashion Photographer & Writer exploring the depths of beauty and great wonders. Follow me on Google+.


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