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How To Wear a Blazer: 5 Kick-Ass Items to Rock Your Outfits

A lot of people ask us "how to wear a blazer?" and we finally have a complete answer for you. Read out 5 essential items that go well with a blazer.

By | March 22nd, 2014|OLD Male Extravaganza|0 Comments

Hair That Gets Results – Old Spice

Gentlemen, the curtains of winter are closing and time to reclaim the throne. Thankfully Old Spice has it all figured out.TV campaigns such as “For Hair That Gets Results” found on social media site such as Youtube and Facebook, are hilarious but yet a clever way to express - “Guys who use Old Spice just seem [...]

By | March 9th, 2014|OLD Male Extravaganza|0 Comments

S/S 2014 Ready to Wear Men’s Sunglasses

With winter solstice near its end, hopefully you have found a pair of sunglasses that exhibits style! Although choosing a pair can be daunting, here are a few sunglasses you might want to consider for Spring Summer 2014.   CARRERA 84/S – Special Edition      Carrera sunglasses are one of 5 important in-house brands [...]

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Top 5 Supplements Men Should Take Now!

As a Fashion Photographer, my schedule is often fast-paced and maintaining a healthy regiment is highly critical. No one wants to see a sloppy photographer behind the camera; imaging Kate Moss or Anja Rubik’s reaction – in other respects stock-a-riffic! Here are five important supplements you should stock up on today! Trust me, your body [...]

By | February 1st, 2014|OLD Male Extravaganza|0 Comments
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