The sun has been cracking the flags this week in the UK, its like we’ve changed seasons in a matter of days. Now all this spring like weather has come as a welcome change bar the fact my wardrobe is most definitely ill-prepared. The time has come put the chunky knitwear to the back of your closet and get on the hunt for new some spring/summer threads. Today I’ll take you through my seven menswear colour trends that’ll keep you looking on the money throughout the summer months. Be it bright, bold colour blocking, subtle layering or floral prints; I’ve been scouring the rails to bring you a selection of colours that’ll ensure you’re on trend during SS14.

 1: Red/Pink – Colour Blocking 

Burberry Prorsum Menswear SS14

7 Men's Color Trends for Spring/Summer 2014

Following on from Spring Summer 2013, colour blocking is back with a vengeance this summer. We always associated the warmer months of the year with bright, rich colours. Deep, bold red’s & pinks were seen in abundance during last year’s SS14 design shows. This style is demonstrated perfectly by the superb sweats above from Burberry’s Prorsum collection and Paul Smith’s SS14 mainline collection.

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2: Dark Floral

7 Men's Color Trends for Spring/Summer 2014

7 Mens Color Trends for Spring/Summer 2014

When you think of spring you often think of colourful flowers in bloom and the fashion industry is no different. Floral shirts have been staple part of summer menswear for an age. However, this summer we’re seeing floral prints on dark blue and black fabrics. SS14 designs see bold and creative floral designs from some of the top designers. American vintage shirt makers Gitman Brothers are a brand showcasing this summer trend and I must say they have some highly original and unique designs in their collection. A great example of this style is the fantastic royal blue ‘Birds of Paradise Shirt’ shown above.

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3: Blue Layering

7 Men's Color Trends for Spring/Summer 2014

7 Mens Color Trends for Spring/Summer 2014

It was clear from the spring/summer 2013 fashion shows that one of this years major colour trends would be blue. Layering your blue’s is the key to keeping on trend in 2014, with all the major brands looking to broaden their color palette to create fresh styles. I’ve always been a fan of dark, raw shades of blue (industrial denim in particular) and off setting this with subtle lighter tones works superbly. These SS14 press shots above from British brand Folk Clothing and Italian designer Andrea Incontri demonstrate this great understated style.

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7 Men's Color Trends for Spring/Summer 2014

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When the big yellow fella is out everyone’s mood is lifted. The sun really does give us all that little spring in our step. Therefore, no spring/summer style would be complete without some fresh, creative sunshine pieces. Khaki and beige tones are always common place in spring/summer menswear. However, this year a bold, vibrant yellow palette is very much on trend. We’re seeing the fashion rails filled with bright, bold yellow designs that will certainly get you noticed. The Oscar Quiroz SS14 shirt and short combination above is extremely creative and re-affirms the fact that menswear design heavyweights are going all out when it comes to colour layering this season.

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7 Men's Color Trends for Spring/Summer 2014

7 Men's Color Trends for Spring/Summer 2014

Purple is not a color you would usually associate with the summer menswear. It’s deep tones are more likely to lend themselves to a winter collection. However, many of the major designers have included purple in the menswear SS14 collections. I personally welcome a darker color palette over summer months as it’s most definitely edgier than the mainstream lighter citrus shades associated with spring/summer menswear. Brand’s such as Paul Smith have a great deal of purple in their SS14 mainline collection and have offset this against lighter cream/tones to again give us that vibrant color block look. On the other hand, designers such as Raf Simons &Bottega Veneta have combined shades of purple with deeper maroon and earthy brown tones, which is showcased perfectly in these pieces above.

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6: Olive

7 Men's Color Trends for Spring/Summer 2014

7 Men's Color Trends for Spring/Summer 2014

Olive greens and khaki tones we’re very on trend on spring/summer 2013 and olive green is back again this summer with a vengeance. As mentioned previously, it’s great to see plenty of earthy tones on this seasons rails. Olive green is associated with casual, outerwear as well as formal attire  in the form of tailored suits. Belgium designer, Dries Van Noten’s SS14 collection is fantastic and littered with dark olive tones featuring bold floral style designs/prints. A great example of on trend formal wear is the olive green suit feature above. Its superbly tailored with the washed blue denim shirt contrasting impeccably with the darker green giving the outfit a light summer feel.

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7: White On White

7 Men's Color Trends for Spring/Summer 2014

7 Men's Color Trends for Spring/Summer 2014

Whites and creams epitomise summer and ‘white on white’ layering is very much on trend coming into spring 2014. Now I’m a far too pasty for all over whites, but for those of you who can muster up a tan, it’s a smart look. Jared Leto managed to pull this off perfectly at this year’s Oscars, where he donned a fantastic white Saint Laurent suit, matched white shirt and red bow tie combo. One menswear designer you can always guarantee will bring us soft light tones is Nicole Farhi. Again, spring/summer 2014 is no different with the brand showcasing a light summer palette with a ‘white on white’ theme featuring heavily.

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