First of all the answer is YES. Men should wear purses and this item won’t take away at all the masculinity you want to display. The purse can be a must have if you have to carry many things with you like your agenda, your smartphone, your tablet and so on. If you are a passionate reader, where else would you place your book?!

There are so many debates among the men purse, so I just wanted to express my personal opinion upon the subject and to show you my favorites. Today’s Editor’s Choice will be all about different styles of men purse and where/how to wear them. The idea is that maybe you are confident about wearing this item, but in the end, if you see it as a helpful item, as well as an ideal chic element in your wardrobe, everything will change!

Check out my favorite men purses:

men purses

1. Fossil City Bag$198.00

fossil city bag

This one is a reinvented Fossil classic, the Estate city bag! What I love about it it’s represented by its versatility and the casual touch of the details, but also the cognac shade. This one is not a picky choice if you want to carry it with you on a daily basis. I would definitely combine it with a grey knit and a checkered shirt! It’s size is perfect for carrying your iPad or Kindle, as well as your books or wallet.


2. Burberry Smoked Messenger Bag, $823.08



If you fancy a not too casual, nor sartorial look, this is your ticket to an incredible outfit. The Burberry bag is exquisite, yet not necessarily the “businessmen” type of bag. It work wonders paired with a trench coat and a pair of fit trousers. You can play with the shades of your outfit from black to brown and blue and if you are a men who loves details, here you have the perfect accessory for you.

3. Alexander McQueen Backpack, $1,925.00

Alexander McQueen backpack

If you are more of a sporty type, but you still want to follow the latest trends, here you have the most awesome accessory you can wear this season: the backpack! This blue backpack signed Alexander McQueen is anything, but ordinary. It has them all: texture, color, a beautiful shape and it’s really comfortable! Wear it when you go to the gym or when you have a busy day!

4. Piquadro Work Bag, $396.92

piquadro work bag

And when things are getting more serious and your involved in daily business meetings, of course you need a proper bag to carry all the documents. This Piquadro leather work bag fits  perfectly an active gentlemen and a matching suit. It has all sort of pockets and compartments, from an iPad special compartment to umbrella pocket. I say it’s pretty cool!

Will you buy a bag for the upcoming season?

Comment bellow and tell us your opinion about men purses!