Work hard, play harder. And I am definitely talking about working out. For any occasion, the first impression matters and nothing speaks more than your body and the way you take care of it. But I am not going to give you some magical diet or a special set of exercises that will provide you the six pack we all aim at, rather I am going to talk about your gym outfit and how it can influence your performance.


Never thought that the way you are dressed in the gym is important for your training? Think about the following things:

  • You have to get in the right mood to perform at your very best;
  • The right outfit can increase your self esteem
  • Men like that effortless attitude that says “I am looking amazing without putting too much effort in it”. And this is strictly related to your choice of outfit
  • Too loose or too tight clothes can harm your practice
  • Sports shoes are the key to a successful workout!

Now let’s get to the real deal. Here are my suggestions upon a comfortable and cool workout outfit:

Editor's Choice: Work Hard

1. Adidas Grey Back Logo T-Shirt – $10.99 

When it comes to T-shirts, totally keep in mind that “less is more”. Don’t go for lots of prints if you don’t want to be seen as you’re bagging for attention! This tee is 100% cotton, which is exactly what you need when you’re working out. Also, there is no need to invest lots of money for a $50 T-shirt when you can have quality and comfort in a $10-$15 one.