We’re seeing a slight decline in wet shaving incidence right now driven by the rise of the beard.

With a growing number of celebrities such as Brad Pitt and Ryan Gosling sporting numerous facial hair styles, it is evident that the beard craze has affected the whole of the men’s grooming market. Leading shaving brands such as Gillette have confirmed their steady decline in wet shaving products since the beard became so trendy and appealing across the US and the UK.




It’s not all bad news for the male grooming sector though, as the decline in wet shaving product sales has clearly paved the way for the growing popularity in facial hair grooming products.  Facial hair grooming products would typically include beard shampoos and conditioners, beard combs, beard styling creams and of course the hugely popular beard oils. Most men still like to groom, regardless of whether they are sporting facial hair or not, therefore beard care products have naturally become the fastest growing sector within the male grooming market.

Troy Curtis, owner of a popular grooming salon in Dorset, UK, had this to say on the matter: “It’s not just the growing popularity of beards that is affecting the shaving industry. Mainstream blades are becoming far too expensive to throw away after a few uses, so I think people are making their equipment last and as a result sales are falling. Some of the premium blades are overhyped for what they do, so people have been inclined to go for the product that does the job and also lasts.  Most of the customers at my salon have some form of facial hair, but that’s the current trend. Trends don’t last forever – they evolve”.

With an increasing amount of beard care products widely available in shops and online across the men’s grooming market, the choice is endless!  If it’s a beard oil that you are after, then J. Nicholas have this year launched a beard oil that they hope will continue to grow in popularity across the sector…

J. Nicholas Beard Oil is becoming one of the leading products in this growing market. The oil is a superb blend of natural ingredients to help soften and condition facial hair. This oil is an adaptable formula for a short stubble look to the more outrageous fully fledged beard. J. Nicholas Beard Oil also contains the refreshing lime extract, giving it a very zesty, yet manly scent, while sustaining its unique selling point.


It seems as long as there is a demand for facial hair products, the whole market will continue to grow and evolve.  From what was previously a market cluttered with woody scented and classically branded beard oils, we are now seeing a steady rise and diversity in this growing sector with the development of actual shampoos, conditioners and styling creams that are specifically formulated for facial hair.

Is it essential to groom and take care of your beard? Not essential, no, but it definitely helps.  Facial hair grooming products can reduce many of the negative symptoms that come with having a beard. Regular beard maintenance can result in less skin irritation and can also help to reduce itchiness across the face – two of the most common complaints from men sporting beards. Facial hair care products are also great for enhancing and cleansing the overall appearance and condition of facial hair, helping you to achieve a healthier and cleaner looking beard.