Men, does your hairstyle need an update? Maybe you want to surprise your wife with a new look.  Maybe you haven’t had a date in a while and think a different hairstyle may be just the boost you are looking for. Maybe you have had some sort of life event (new job, divorce, move, etc.) and you want to change your hair to match the moment.

If you are going to change your hairstyle, you are going to need to think about a few different things:

  • Will this style fit your personality? If you have a laid-back, boyish personality, then a military cut might not be what you are looking for.
  • Will this style fit into your work environment? Dreads are probably not the best way to go if you work with corporate clients every day.
  • Will your hair work with this style?  If you have a receding hairline and your hair is thinning throughout, a spiky look might not be the best choice.
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Think about your personality, hair type, daily environment, and age as you are choosing your new style. Pick something that works for you and wear it with confidence.


#5 Side Part and Slick Back


This is classic, traditional and sexy. This style shows a commanding and confident personality. Think Don Draper from Mad Men. This style can be pulled off by at any age. It works for those with straight hair who want a sort of a retro look.

#4 Buzz Cut


This is a no-fuss look that often brings associations with the military. This look is masculine and rough. This can be pulled off by any hair type.

TIP: You may want to be careful about the shape of your head, however. This cut also must be maintained weekly – just a quick shave.

#3 Super Short


This is not as short as a buzz cut. It is done with clippers and is the same length throughout. Think Magic Mike. Enough said. This is a low maintenance cut that rarely even needs styling or product.  It is truly a wash and go look. It must be maintained every few weeks.

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#2 Natural Curls


What woman doesn’t love natural curls on a man’s head? Natural curls look great with medium-length hair. You will probably have to use a styling product to keep frizz at bay. The shorter the hair, the more structured it will get. The longer the hair, the more the curls get to show their wild side. Choose the length you are most comfortable with.

#1 Shaggy Layers


If styled correctly, shaggy layers can look great. If not, this hairstyle will make you look unkempt and homeless. Make sure your barber cuts layers that go with your facial features. Keep the layers shorter than your chin. This look works best for those with a casual attitude who don’t take life too seriously. Women love to play with this hairstyle and run their fingers through the soft layers.


Just like women, men’s hairstyles can convey a lot about their personality and lifestyle. As you contemplate a style change, take these things into consideration before you make the jump. Find a good stylist (don’t go to SuperCuts) and have fun with the new you!

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