Have you ever filled out questionnaires in magazines to find out about your character and personality? If so, you might be interested in this new way of discovering something about yourself. Researchers have found that an individual can be classified according to their tea drinking habits. Additionally, your character can be compared with the type of tea that best suits you. How do you normally take your cuppa? Have a look below and see what it says about you…

1.    Black, strong and with two sugar cubes

What Types Of Tea Say About You 1

When somebody has to take the lead, you are the person others will approach. You have courage and expect the same from others too. Occasionally other people may think that you are a bit dominating and what they can’t always see is your calmness and gentleness inside.


2.    Black, extremely strong and no sugar

What Types Of Tea Say About You 2

You are a perfectionist. You see the innermost details that other people miss. Sometimes you feel you are sailing against the tide, and maybe sometimes you really are. Try to turn the direction of your sails sometimes and go with the flow. Try making a cup of tea for somebody else during tea break.

3.    Milky with no sugar

What Types Of Tea Say About You 4

The path of righteousness is clear to you, but you are very easily distracted from it. This happens because you are very flexible and easy going sort of person. You are very bold in trying out new things so try to make your own independent decisions and don’t always wait for those around you.

4. Milky with sugar

What Types Of Tea Say About You 3

You are fanatic about tea. A real tea-lover; you can never say no to a cup of tea at work. You are very easy-going but sometimes your care-free attitude gets you into trouble. Learn to say no before everyone starts taking advantage.

What about the more unusual types of tea?


Green tea

What Types Of Tea Say About You 5

You are full of elegance and sensitivity. You easily get upset over petty things. You consider your life to be peaceful and you don’t let anybody disturb it. You don’t have much patience. You are too shy to have an intense personality. You are a person who could happily spend lots of time all by yourself.

Iced tea

What Types Of Tea Say About You 6

You are full of energy. You are always busy doing some kind of activity. You have the ability to deal with difficult tasks very well. You know what you are doing. At the same time, you also tend to take a casual and relaxed approach to some of the activities you undertake.

Orange Tea

What Types Of Tea Say About You 7

You’re optimistic, and happy with a real flair for life.


Darjeeling Tea

What Types Of Tea Say About You 8

You’re composed, mature and sophisticated. You don’t take any nonsense from anyone!


Mint Tea

What Types Of Tea Say About You 9

You are loud, and fun to be around. Everyone wants to be your friend.


Wild Berry Tea

What Types Of Tea Say About You 10

You’re crazy and fun but some people will find you a bit “in your face”!

Now all you need to work out is which type you are!

Richard Woods is a writer for KLIX, the coffee vending machine division of Mars Inc.