Ryan Gosling’s style can be defined as being and with a strong sense of individual fashion for his fair age of 33. The all too famous heartthrob of The Notebook (who undoubtedly had every woman you know in tears) has an old-school casual style that has captured the fashion world. Ryan has taken a solid stance in personal style combining classic and timeless pieces with a playful and unintentional swag.

The Four Different Types of Ryan Gosling’s Style


At movie premiers and upscale Hollywood events, Ryan Gosling likes to add color and class to his sophisticated looks. A brown suit has generally been categorized as old with a hint of good ole grandpa – especially in a lighter brown color. Here Gosling takes this old school color and transforms it into stylish formal wear by combining it with some Lanvin Brogues for his premiere of Gangsta Squad.

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While utilizing old school colors, Gosling experiments with vintage fabrics as well. He is seen in a velvet suit for his premiere of The Place Beyond the Pines, which adds uniqueness to his formal attire. Gosling incorporates vintage accessories with his formal suits creating a traditional yet modish look. By adding glasses, bow ties, and incorporating old-fashioned colors and fabrics, Gosling makes his formal wear timeless but never boring with always a splash of that hipster style.

Ryan Gosling in Suit Ryan Gosling Khaki Green Suit in The Ides of March PremiereRyan Gosling Blue Suit and Black Bow Tie

Ryan Gosling Black Velvet SuitRyan Gosling Brown Suit Black Tie


When it comes to semi-formal wear, Ryan keeps it traditional and fresh. Slacks with a cool button-up shirt is a standard outfit for men, but add a colored belt with some stylish brown shoes and a nice watch and you have got a timeless look. Even in his semi-formal wear Gosling likes to use accessories to differentiate his style, which at times can be rebellious.

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Pairing an un-tucked shirt and suit is an easy way to loosen up its tight, sophistication. Don’t forget the stripped shirt and a long necklace to further dress down the look for a more casual vibe while still remaining fashionable. Ryan likes to combine classic casual wear with traditional pieces to create a unique, personal fashion that always turns heads.

Ryan Gosling Shirt and Slacks Business Casual

Ryan Gosling Grey Suit Style


Ryan Gosling’s style is rather standard when it comes to his daily activity. On many occasions, he can be seen in a loose Henley, which is clearly his go to shirt. This iconic deep V neckline combined with the standard “nerd” glasses is an extremely casual look. This ““fresh out of bed” style is interestingly combined with slacks and dress shoes making it casual from the waist up and dressy from the belt down.

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Another classic look that Gosling wears is the well-known grandpa sweater. At this point, we might as well call it the EX grandpa sweater as Gosling has brought it back into his modish, hipster style. His casual wear is comfortable and traditional, a vibe that Gosling brings to all his looks making his own personal fashion that has yet to be duplicated.

Ryan Gosling White Shirt Street Wear Ryan Gosling Street Style Cardigan & SunglassesRyan Gosling Street Wear: Glasses + Coat + Backpack


Whether he is clean shaved or a little burly, Gosling’s facial hair is one accessory that unintentionally adds personality to his look. Having a clean shave is something that supposedly will give off a better impression in a job interview, but Gosling plays with the stereotypes and uses that as a fashion statement. Clean cut as the cover of InStyle, Gosling shows off his standard deep neck casual Henley balancing the sharp shave with the careless vibe.

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When it comes to the suit, Gosling keeps a 5 o’clock shadow and in some cases even a full beard, again balancing the sophistication of the suit with his causal grooming. Gosling shows how facial hair can become an important part of a man’s look.

Ryan Gosling GQ Magazine Cover

Ryan Gosling GQ Magazine Cover

Ryan Gosling InStyle Cover Magazine Germany


Gosling takes risks in his accessories by combining old school and modern in his own stylish and confident way. With the way he rocks his casual wear, this man has made clear that pajama tops can be worn outside of the bedroom and only the cool kids wear reading glasses. Gosling likes to play with traditional fashion instead of always keeping up with the newest fad. He has brought back many old-fashion looks into the modern world making them stylish and fashion forward.