Who said that Ties and Bow-ties are to be worn only with a suit on a super elegant occasion?

Truth is, Ties and Bow-Ties are the ultimate chic accessory there is for men. They both elevate any usual shirt and pants outfit to the next level of elegance and they make you look put together and extremely fashionable. This is why, in our series of Gift Guides for this holiday season, we have decided to dedicate one only to them, as they are very important to own in any material and pattern.

However, before getting into the shopping spree moment of the article, as I am ever so curious about where things come from, I have researched a bit into the history of ties, neck-ties and bow-ties and here is what I have found.


“If the word “tie” is defined as a piece of clothing accessory that is worn around the neck, then the history of this piece of clothing will date back to the early days of weaving and spinning because scarves have been used for thousands of years to help protect against the cold. When thinking of a tie that is purely decorative rather than functional then the early roots are found in the 17th century in France. During the 30 years war (1618-1648) Croatian mercenaries came to France to support King Louis XIII. The Croats used a piece of cloth to tie the top of their uniforms. King Louis found liking in this type of scarf and adopted it as a mandatory clothing accessory for Royal gatherings after the war was over. To honor the Croats he gave it the name “La Cravate” – a name still used in France today.” (www.bows’n’ties.com )

Holiday Gift Guide: 11 Ties & Bow-Ties to own this season

A good quality tie can be your best asset

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So at first they were only purely decorative, a nice piece of cloth made from the finest fabrics on the market and it firstly resembles more the bow-ties as we know them, than the actual ties. It wasn’t until the 19th century that the Four-in-hand knot was invented that the necktie started to resemble what we know today. During this period, several menswear accessories were also patented, some of the most wearable ones being the Bow-tie and the Ascot, and the ties of today are believed to have been invented by the British Horsemen who used to tie their scarves around their neck while holding the reigns of four horses in one hand. (www.bows’n’ties.com )

Holiday Gift Guide: 11 Ties & Bow-Ties to own this season

Never underestimate the power of a bow-tie

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So, now that you know a bit more about the history of the ties and bow-ties, it is time to find out our 11 picks for this holiday season.

#1 The Polka Dot Tie

Polka dots are simply amazing. The pattern is great and very wearable and it adds a bit of playfulness to any outfit, be it very elegant to slightly more day-to-day. It shows that you are aware of the current trends, but it also has a toned down way of showing your sense of humor through clothing. Take it as a revolution to any elegant outfit!

Holiday Gift Guide: 11 Ties & Bow-Ties to own this season

The Strawberry Polka Dot Necktie 

Whoever said that pink is only for girls was more than just incredibly wrong. This beautiful strawberry pink Polka Dot tie from Beau Ties Ltd is simply perfect for any occasion when you want to be a bit playful, yet look super polished and in trend. It matches most of the colors you could find a suit in, and besides, the material is absolutely perfect!

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Holiday Gift Guide: 11 Ties & Bow-Ties to own this season

The Alexander McQueen Polka Dot Tie

Never underestimate the power of a designer tie. Yes, they may come in heftier prices, I completely agree, but the care and attention to detail they are made with is incomparable. Plus, Alexander McQueen has a way of introducing his signature skull in everything he designs in such a casual almost unseen manner it simply takes my breath away.

#2 The Velvet Bow-Tie

Another must in any gentleman’s wardrobe, the velvet bow-tie should be found, in several colors in your accessories drawer. It is a super covetable item, that can be worn with a very elegant and sleek suit, for an added texture, but also with a more day-to day attire, for a plus of chic. We have found the perfect Alexander McQueen and Dolce & Gabbana ones, however, the market is filled with the velvety ones, and the seasonal clothes work best with the extra texture this bow-tie offers.

Holiday Gift Guide: 11 Ties & Bow-Ties to own this season

Alexander McQueen Royal Blue Velvet Bow-Tie

This royal blue velvet bow-tie made me fall in love at first sight. It is very elegant, yet extremely fashionable and add a bit of color and texture to any outfit you would want to wear it with! Besides this, it is the epitome of Alexander McQueen’s elegance and downright genius in choosing the perfect colors to match the perfect materials.

Holiday Gift Guide: 11 Ties & Bow-Ties to own this season

Dolce & Gabbana Martini Velvet Bow-Tie in Black

The reason I chose this Dolce & Gabbana bow-tie is the material combination it offers. Velvet is the main texture, but I really loved the combination with the satin material. It is the exact right amount of elegance and wonder I would like a bow-tie to have. Perfect for different occasions, the material combination simply made it more elegant and desirable.

#3 The Classic Tie

Is the tie everyone needs to own. Simple, coming in a singular colour, the classic tie brings the utmost elegance to any suit amd should be treated accordingly. It can definitely be worn in different manners and it comes in a myriad of colours, but it is important to accessorize it properly, so that it does not lose its value.

Holiday Gift Guide: 11 Ties & Bow-Ties to own this season

Burberry Classic Tie in Grey

I adore grey ties. Even though this might sound crazy, but the fact that they are neither white, which is very hard to take care of, neither black which can be very solemn and serious, makes this the perfect color for a classic tie. It blends in, it catches the eye and shows the viewer that you understand this understated color.

Holiday Gift Guide: 11 Ties & Bow-Ties to own this season

Gucci Silk Jacquard Hand-Made Tie

The power of the black tie is often underestimated. Yes, I have just said that the grey tie is excellent in its classic form, but the black tie is a MUST in any gentleman’s wardrobe, simply for its solemn and serious meaning. It can work with the most serious of occasions without failing and this is what makes it a classic you need to own.

#4 Striped Bow-Tie

Who does not love stripes? We have just talked about the classic, simple tie, but striped bow-ties should not be neglected either. Less elegant than the classic tie, the striped bow-tie is another must for your day to day wardrobe. It is perfect for many different occasions and it adds a pattern and something new and interesting to any outfit. So, why not give it a shot?

Holiday Gift Guide: 11 Ties & Bow-Ties to own this season

Striped Imperial Red Bow-Tie

I chose this bow-tie specifically because of the choice of color. I find that the four colors chosen for the stripes make perfect sense and are completely matched with each other. Besides this, I love bow-ties that add a little texture to the upper part of your body and this one does just that. Plus the price is much more affordable than a designer item, yet it has the same quality. What’s it not to love?

Holiday Gift Guide: 11 Ties & Bow-Ties to own this season

Gucci Striped Silk Twill Bow-Tie

Gucci’s understanding of silk mesmerizes me everytime I see their accessories and this striped bow-tie makes no exception. The care and craftsmanship of twilling the silk can be seen even in photos and this is what makes it so special in the eyes of the viewer. One designer item like this one will definitely be noticed by everyone around you and it is details that always make the difference.

#5 Seasonal Tie

A Gift Guide cannot be compkete without its seasonal additions. Personally, as I truly love Christmas I absolutely adore the seasonal additions to any man’s wardrobe. It is fun, sets the tone for some good nights with the family and brings some joy to the outfit that might be more or less formal at this time of the year. Would you wear one?

Holiday Gift Guide: 11 Ties & Bow-Ties to own this season

Peppermint Red Necktie

If you are a fan of peppermint as much as I am, then this seasonal tie is perfect for you. This particular flavor describes my Christmas Eve at home the best and the candies drawn here are simply overly cute. It is a funny tie to wear and it is worth putting you in the happy mood of holidays in the family.

Holiday Gift Guide: 11 Ties & Bow-Ties to own this season

The Flurry Black Necktie

What says Christmas better than snow? For me personally nothing. I love the idea of holidays as white and as perfect as you see in the movies, even though that does not happen in real life. However, you can emulate the white perfection of holidays through this wonderful snowflake patterned black and white necktie. It is perfect isn’t it?

#6 The Paisley Bow-Tie

Paisley is a pattern that is extremely in fashion at the moment. It appears on everything from accessories to suits and it adds an interesting yet super classy pattern to the array of choices that exist and you should own something with paisley at all times in you wardrobe!

Holiday Gift Guide: 11 Ties & Bow-Ties to own this season

The Scolti Paisley Bow-Tie in Black

This black paisley bow-tie is simply perfect from all aspects a bow-tie can have. The color makes it excellent for a very elegant event, but also appropriate to wear on a toned down day-to-day smart casual attire and this is what makes it a great asset to invest in for your wardrobe.

Holiday Gift Guide: 11 Ties & Bow-Ties to own this season

Charvet Woven-Silk Paisley Bow-Tie

This Charvet paisley bow-tie in this beautiful blue has a very nice effect created by the texturized pattern. It is special to have and blue is sometimes quite understated and matches pretty much anything, so this makes it a plus to invest in a blue paisley bow-tie as well as in the back one presented before. 

#7 The Plaid Necktie

Whoever said that plaid is only for Scottish people did not know where to look! Of course, the fact that they have the most amazing history and colour combinations of checkered everything is undeniable, however plaid is something extremely in at the moment, along with the different trends of the season. The reason I have put it in here, besides it being a must in your wardrobe, it’s because of its versatility and fashionable attire. It can make any suit and shirt stand out from the crowd through the easy to accessorize pattern that makes it perfect.

Holiday Gift Guide: 11 Ties & Bow-Ties to own this season

Burberry Checked Silk Tie

Burberry’s checks are always something recognizable, so if you feel like having a designer item, but you are afraid that people won’t know, this tie screams it from the bottom of its heart. It is visible, it matches a lot of different colors and textures, and what is amazing about it is the fact that it can go elegant as well as totally day-to-day because of its luxurious material. Definitely worth splurging on!

Holiday Gift Guide: 11 Ties & Bow-Ties to own this season

Beauties Chieftain’s Tartan Blue Necktie

This Scottish tartan could not be made better than on a tie. The color combination works great with any season and it is a covetable, understated choice if you don’t want the tartan to stand out completely from the rest of your outfit. Plus, besides the pattern it has, it adds some texture due to the material it’s made from. Completely lovable!

#8 The Seasonal Bow-Tie

Again, as the necktie, the seasonal bow-tie is the perfect choice if you want to be playful and have an interesting Christmassy coordinated accessory. The holiday celebrations are amazing and who said they can’t also appear on your clothes? If you have a sole suit with a simple shirt then this is the perfect accessory, or, if you want to be more daring, go for a combination of patterns, but make sure they work well together, as otherwise it can be too much of a clash.

Holiday Gift Guide: 11 Ties & Bow-Ties to own this season

The Scotch Pine Bow-Tie

The Scotch Pine is the perfect christmas symbol existed in the world. There is nothing that screams holidays more than the appearance of the Christmas tree in every household and having it on your bow-tie simply introduces you more to the holiday spirit. Would you buy one for your seasonal outfits?

Holiday Gift Guide: 11 Ties & Bow-Ties to own this season

The Fiedler/Toscanini Bow-Tie

When seeing the name of this bow-tie, I have researched both Fiedler and Toscanini, however I haven’t found their ties with fashion, as Fiedler was an industrial and organizational psychology researcher best known for the Fiedler contingency model of leadership, while Toscanini was an Italian orchestra conductor renowned for the intensity and perfectionism. Besides the interesting facts this seasonal bow-tie holds in its name, I chose it because of the color combination and the material it comes in. Red and green are the ultimate symbolic colors of Christmas and I loved how this bow-ties creates an understated way of celebrating the holidays to come.

#9 The Striped Necktie

Stripes can be found everywhere, and what is beautiful about them is the fact that they bring extra colour and texture to your outfit, which makes them perfect for any occasion, depending on the material they appear on. It is a great choice if you want to have a pattern in your wardrobe that is less visible and pushy!

Holiday Gift Guide: 11 Ties & Bow-Ties to own this season

Thom Browne Navy Striped Necktie

This neon-like striped necktie is simply amazing. Not too elegant, not too sporty it is the perfect mix of day-to-day smart casual you might need at any moment of your life. This is the safe choice compared to going with a flower patterned tie to the casual Friday at your workplace. It looks great and the contrast of colors works amazingly well with many different outfits and colors.

Holiday Gift Guide: 11 Ties & Bow-Ties to own this season

Burberry Wide-Stripe Silk Tie

Yet another understated pattern, the wide-striped ties are the perfect choice for a more elegant and classy smart-casual moment. This Burberry one has a great color combination, besides the wonderful silk texture, making it great for a rather elegant attire if you want to go a bit risqué. Pair it with your favourite white or lightly colored shirts to emphasize the autumnal colors and you will not regret your choice.

#10 The Elegant Bow-Tie

 We have had something very elegant at the beginning, which I have decided to be focused on the material it is made from, however the ones here are the next level of elegance. The classic bow tie, the ones that you actually have to tie yourself are the perfect choice for the very elegant occasions when you will need to have the perfect outfit. These kinds of bow-ties will make your attire look flawless, and will show everyone there that you pay special attention to details.

Holiday Gift Guide: 11 Ties & Bow-Ties to own this season

Carven Silk Bow-Tie in Green

This beautiful color is great for the holiday season, being the color of the Scotch-Pine tree. However, it looks amazing at any time of the year, simply because it is different than the usual black or white elegant bow-tie. It is great to add a bit of color to a simple black and white outfit, thus making it an outfit with more emphasis on details. This will show that you understand the power of difference and that you can be attentive to details, while looking flawless at the same time.

Holiday Gift Guide: 11 Ties & Bow-Ties to own this season

Gucci Silk-Satin Bow-Tie in Black

This bow-tie is simply perfect for the most elegant ever attire you may need to have at any point in your life. Simple, the silk-satin material add a little bit of texture and its color matches absolutely anything you could own in terms of elegant 2 or 3 pieces suits. Don’t forget to always match your pocket square with your bow-tie, as the beauty of any outfit lies in the details and people will notice it.

#11 The Paisley Necktie

Just as the Paisley Bow-Tie presented before, the necktie with the same pattern is a MUST in any man’s wordrobe. Not only is this pattern extremely versatile, it comes in different shapes and sizes, which makes you want to buy into it more. It is an amazing addition to any outfit and it can definitely make any shirt stand out. You can choose the more elegant and subtle paisley, but also the colorful and interesting one and still, your outfit looks impeccable and shows that you know a thing or two about fashion.

Holiday Gift Guide: 11 Ties & Bow-Ties to own this season

Emernegildo Zegna Quindici Paisley Tie

Emernegildo Zegna has the most amazing ties I have seen in a long while. His understanding of color and  blending shapes is more than simply wonderful and this paisley number makes no exception. If you would have given me these colors separately I would have never ever placed them together, but he did and look at the sheer amazingness that resulted. The perfect colorful paisley tie for a great smart-casual or elegant outfit you may own. Let the tie have center stage and pair it with simple garments.

Holiday Gift Guide: 11 Ties & Bow-Ties to own this season

Bernstein Mens Blue Tie in Paisley

I seem to have had something with blue throughout this gift guide, however, I cannot emphasize enough the versatility of this color. It works with pretty much everything you could think to own and it can grab the attention of people around you instantly, while at the same time, when worn differently it can lead the viewer to the other details in your garments. This is what makes this color so wonderfully perfect and worth having in different patterns and textures to match your wildest outfit dreams.

We have come to an end of this gift guide and we have presented you our choice of Ties and Bow-Ties you simply need to own for adding the perfect details to any outfit you have. We have taken great care to choose what we found best on the market and now it is your turn to return the favor.

Let us know what you have liked best in the comments below and don’t forget that sharing is caring!

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