Ah! Christmas, the best holiday we have. Is right about the corner, so you have a little time left to buy something for your loved ones. For those of you who are in a relationship, are married, have a fiancee or a mistress (don’t worry, we won’t tell), it’s time for you to dig a little more in your wallets and make your partner in crime happy.

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Here are some gifts ideas who I believe, will make your pretty other half thrilled.

#1 MSC Lavender and Chamomile Gift Collection

She can infuse the home and her skin with the fragrance of the items listed here:

  • soy wax candle
  • bar of soap
  • reed diffuser kit
   Price: 78$

MSC Lavender and Chamomile Gift Collection



#2 Bedhead Short Hooded Flannel Robe in Christmas Eiffel Tower Print

Bedhead Short Hooded Flannel Robe in Christmas Eiffel Tower Print


Imagine this: Christmas morning. The special scent of coffee made by her, waiting for you in the kitchen, dressed in this flannel robe. And it’s only $150.

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#3 Silent Night Basket

We all love chocolate, candy and sweets. Your partner will be so happy, I’ll bet she’ll have a big surprise for you when the night comes, after you buy this.

Here is a short list of what the basket contains:

  • Thorntons Triple Chocolate Chunk Cookies 175g
  • Copperpot Milk Chocolate Coated Butter Fudge 175g
  • Ardens Green & Black Olive Twists 100g
Price: £80

Silent Night Basket



#4 Wood Photo Transfer

Buy a Christmas tree. Let her decorate it. The night before Christmas, make some changes that will delight her. Replace the ornaments with these things:


You can use your wedding photos, photos of last summer together, photos from her prom when she kissed you. To make this a beautiful gift for her, you need just a few things:

  • A photo printed on basic computer paper with a laser printer
  • Branch slices about a 1/2 inch thick
  • Mod Podge
  • Drill
  • White ribbon (red, blue. Your choice.)
  • Small paintbrush
  • Washcloth
  • A gel medium (buy it from here)

For the DIY instructions, visit thehomesteady.com.

Photo Credit: TheHomeSteady

Photo Credit: TheHomeSteady


#5 Vintage Photo Camera

Everybody loves photos. Let’s go back in time. How about 1947?

67 years ago, Polaroid introduced its first consumer camera. Now, you can still buy one of them and let your beautiful partner take selfies. I know, there are not cheap and you can’t post the photos on Instagram, but you can get closer to our parents childhood.

polaroid-sx70-black-label-1 (1)

Price: €349

#6 Tickets for Christmas in Norway

It’s winter. Christmas is almost here. Christmas in a few words is: snow, gifts, hot chocolate, warm jackets and love. I really love snow. I need it in the summer too, but I don’t have a strong relationship with the meteorologists. If your female partner loves snow as much as I do, do something about it and spend your Christmas in a country full of snow this time of the year.



Yes. Norway. Just let me tell you what you can do there: you can try a snowmobile or king crab safari, go dog sledding under the northern lights, or stay at a real igloo hotel. The Norwegian ski season typically last for six months and usually offers good snow conditions throughout. The ski resorts are located at VossRøldal and by the Sognefjord.





Hurry up! Make her happy.


#7 Rendevouz Gift Range


This pack will contain 6 items, but you can buy them separately. It’s a gift for those who travel. For women who love to be unique and make an impression out in the world.

1. Rendezvous Wash Bag


2. Rendezvous Tablet Case

3. Rendezvous Vanity Case

4. Rendezvous Luggage Tag & Passport

Tip: If you’ll buy the tickets to Norway, she might love such fashionable Rendezvous help.


Let us know if you like the ideas presented here. And if you know any woman that might be happy with one of the gifts shown in this article, spread the word.