We are all looking forward to writing the last chapter of this year’s ‘book’. Aren’t we? It is that magical time of the year when everything seems to come back to life, when cities are caught in decorative lights, houses are meticulously garnished and tables are filled with goodies of all kinds. What matters to us the most and what we are so enthusiastic about, is the fact the restaurants and in-door places are overrun by fabulous dresses and luxury suits. Shortly, lifestyle is taken to another level.

Therefore, you – as a man who wants to express his strong personality through his style – must dress as such.

Assuming you will be attending a Christmas party, whether it is an office party, a fancy dinner or a bash at your best friend’s penthouse, you must make your entrance in a spectacular, yet self-confident way.

There is one way you could make this happen: remember the light-grey suit that you usually wear at work, interviews and at the Saturday night dinner? Well, forget about it.

We are pretty sure that wearing a suit to the office does not always provide you with the chance to showcase your true, personal style. Along with this holiday party, you receive a good opportunity to show everyone how well can you dress and how creative you can get, of course without becoming an exaggerated hipster. We want to help you getting through this whole process of choosing what you are going to wear, so we would recommend 2 types of suits that will definitely turn eyes.


tuxedo-wear at christmas partytuxedo-wear at christmas party

tuxedo-wear at christmas partytuxedo-wear at christmas party

photo credit: ASOS

If the event you will take part of is large, then The Tuxedo is probably the simplest, the quickest and the most elegant choice for your Christmas party. Basically, this look represents sobriety and means that you have a proper dose of respect for those around you. As you can see, we are not guided by the old-school, conservatory black. That is why we picked the images from ASOS. They provide shades range tuxedos from classic black to midnight blue, ready to be matched with crisp white shirts for an effortless formal style.

A couple of rules when it comes to wearing a Tuxedo:

  • The shirt must have the ‘French’ cuffs just so you can apply a pair of cufflinks.
  • The trousers must have the base material the same as the jacket’s.
  • No tie belongs here. Only bow-ties or collar-pins. A tie would shorten the formality of the outfit.
  • In terms of shoes, the best choice you could make is something that does not involve too much contrast between ‘up and down’. Opt in favor of discreet models such as Oxford shoes or Patent leather/velvet Loafers.
what to wear this christmas party-shoes

photo credit: ASOS

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how to dress for christmas party

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what to wear to christmas party

photo credit: NEXT

In two or three pieces, this type of suit is not at the same level of formality as the first type. However, it fits really well, especially when we are talking about a more private, ‘closed-doors’ party. We would also recommend you here a soft-colors range in order to maintain the formal features of the look.

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The checked suit has a modish appeal that makes a solid seem outmoded and dull. It owns distinctive style and eminent versatility.The look is presently enjoying a stylish revival that lands outside old routines. In a checked suit, a man looks dapper, demanding and distinguished. A tie is very welcome here and you could even go for a unicolored pocket square, subtly arranged.

 A flash of color at the wrist (watch or bracelet/beads) or something a little different on your feet is a great talking point and will exude just enough fashion forwardness to show off your knowledge and confidence. We are talking about Double Monk Strap and Derby Brogue shoes

shoes- wear at a christmas party shoes- wear at a christmas party

photo credit: ASOS

To conclude, now that you know you look fantastic, go have some fun! You will definitely be the main attraction of the night.

How do you plan to get dressed this Christmas?

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