As we head into the summer months the fashion industry traditionally becomes a vibrant and colourful place. This time of year sees the high street awash with bold and bright palettes and as we highlighted in our colour-trends post back in March, pattern and floral prints are prominent in fashion heavyweights SS14 stock. The print blazer was an extremely popular piece during SS13 and with men’s fashion industry currently embracing creative, distinctive looks, the statement suit and pattern blazer are back again with a bang this summer.

However, getting this look right can be challenging. I mean let’s be honest; It’s a fine line between looking well put together, or looking like you’re auditioning to play Joseph in the latest rendition of Lloyd Webber’s ‘Technicolor dream-coat’. Fear not though, here at Male Extravaganza we’ve got a definitive guide to looking good in your print blazer.

Print Blazer Style Tips

  • Contrast with Neutral Colours: With bold pattern prints it may be wise to compliment with neutral block colours such as whites, and creams. Remember the blazer is the main event here so you don’t want to create a colour or pattern clash otherwise you’re whole style will just come across far too busy. Some slim or skinny leg dark wash denim are always a winner when creating this look.
  • Mix & Match Patterns: Being able to mix and match your patterns without looking like your grandma’s patchwork quilt is key if you’re planning on putting prints together. A couple of things to you can do to ensure you create a strong look are; 1. Use the same colour and tones for your matching patterns/prints, 2. Use the same pattern (check with checks, etc), but ensure you change the sizing otherwise you’ll look you’re wearing weird tartan strip! This great article on the Art of pattern mixing will give you some great examples of these different looks and some handy tips.
  • Wear a Blazer you’re comfortable with: Print blazers are often creative, bold and worn to make a statement. That’s great, but it’s no good buying a wacky yellow print blazer if you never wear yellow’s. You won’t feel comfortable and it’ll be left gathering dust in your wardrobe all summer. My advice would be to stick with a colour palette you feel at ease with.
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Apparel Ideas & Inspiration

Print Blazer Street Style:

Nick Wooster Floral Print

Guide to Wearing a Print Blazer - StreetstyleGuide to Wearing a Print Blazer - Steetstyle



Print Blazer Lookbooks:

Guide to Wearing a Print Blazer

Guide to Wearing a Print Blazer - Lookbook


Guide to Wearing a Print Blazer - Steetstyle

The Looks

1. Smart-Casual

The smart-casual look is a great example of timeless men’s style. My preference would be to turn this into a real vintage look, with a superb tweed blazer such as this fantastic Viyella Harris Tweed Overcheck Jacket below. 

You may want to compliment this with a neutral shirt. I would recommend lighter tones and choose a colour palette that draws attention to the patterned blazer and not the shirt itself. A patterned contrasting paisley and polka-dot tie, dark wash denim and some classic brown brogues would really put the finishing touches on this outfit. A great creative outfit that looks classic and smart, but with quirky vintage feel. This style would lend itself to an evening meal at a swish restaurant when you might not feel like going all out suited and booted.

Guide to Wearing a Print Blazer - Smart Casual

2. The All-over Print Suit

This look is not for the faint hearted. It’s nice to get away from your ‘run of the mill’ formal workwear attire and this style is just that. Complete print or patterned suits are ideal for a summer wedding and those of you looking making a bold fashion statement. One thing is for sure, This look will certainly get rest of wedding guests talking. The grey Vivienne Westwood patterned suit featured below is a great example of how to wear this look.

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The thing to remember here is that your suit is the dominant item and you want showcase this and  ensure its stands. Therefore, I would opt for a light neutral shirt of even polo shirt, such as this light blue knitted John Smedley piece below. You could finish the outfit off with a with a pair slip on summer loafers or even some canvas lace-ups depending on how casual you want to make it. Always try to keep things simple though and let the suit do the talking.

Guide to Wearing a Print Blazer - All Over Print Suit

3. Pattern Mixing & Matching

So far, I’ve been telling you to keep you shirts neutral and pattern free. Well, in fact sporting a bold pattern shirt that compliments your print blazer can be also a great look. As mentioned earlier in our key tips, you don’t want to look like you just thrown a bunch of patterns together, otherwise you’re likely to look a little miss-matched.

Try to stick with colours and tones that compliment your blazer. The grey floral print Paul Smith shirt featured below, really compliments the print blazer even though they both have a floral printed design. To finish off the outfit I would keep your jeans/chinos relatively neutral. I’ve gone for some dark denim and a pair of these superb Sanders ‘Alfie’ Brogues.

Guide to Wearing a Print Blazer - Pattern Mixing


4. Straight-up Casual

So we’ve established smart-casual is a good look for something like an evening meal where a suit may be that step to far. Well, what about when you’re just heading out for a few drinks with friends? The key to this look is that you’re relaxed and comfortable. A shirt and tie combination will result in you looking far too overdressed can be downright restrictive, remember you’re just trying to chill out and have a bit of fun … less is best here! Let’s be honest, who knows where the night will take you (or state you’ll be in).

I would suggest a neutral polo shirt or logo T-shirt to compliment your print blazer, be careful with your logo’s though, make sure they don’t clash with your print blazer. Some slim fitting indigo denim, a pair of canvas lace ups and you ready to head out. I’ve chosen this Sophnet two button blazer and paired it with a plain white polo shirt and these quality RFW canvass sneakers. This is straightforward comfortable style that looks the business.

Guide to Wearing a Print Blazer - Straight Up Casual

6 Print Blazer Recommendations for SS14

Dries Van Noten Runway Blazer

The Dries Van Noten Runway Blazer – GET IT HERE

ASOS Slim Fit Blazer In Floral Print

ASOS Slim Fit Blazer In Floral Print – GET IT HERE

GUCCI Green Flower Print Cotton Viscose New Palma Jacket

Gucci – Green Flower Print Cotton Viscose New Palma JacketGET IT HERE

Beams Plus 3 Button Madras Check Blazer

Beams Plus 3 Button Madras Check Blazer – GET IT HERE

Nicole Farhi Snake Print Blazer

Nicole Farhi Snake Print Blazer  – GET IT HERE

Paul Smith Grey Flecked Silk Westbourne Jacket

Paul Smith Grey Flecked Silk Westbourne Jacket – GET IT HERE

Things to take Away

Whether your thinking of splashing out on an understated pattern blazer or a bright and bold statement suit, my advice would be to first and foremost make sure you feel comfortable with what you’re wearing. The high street is currently full of floral patterns with this look firmly on trend in SS14,  so don’t be afraid to get creative!

It’s important to remember that your print blazer will most likely be the statement piece in your outfit so strive to build the rest of your look around it and ensure you don’t take the focus away from your blazer by over complicating colour and pattern combinations. Keep things simple!

Let us know what blazer styles you will be sporting this summer and feel free to share your comments below!