J. Crew Group, Inc as they are formally known as are an American multi-brand, multi-channel and speciality retailer. They offer an assortment of menswear and accessories including: bags, belts, jewelry, swimwear and shoes. It was founded by Mitchell Cinader and Saul Charles in 1947.

Now let’s go through the J. Crew Spring and Summer 2014 Collection:

J.Crew SS14-1This first outfit is a particular favourite of mine, I’m partial to relaxed smart attire such as this. We can begin with the hair, which is cut short and combed to one side (Comb Over) to make it look intelligent, distinguished and well-groomed with a clean-shaven face. The grey suit jacket is synchronized nicely with the blue on blue look with the shirt and tie, the tie being a lighter shade to stand out. A blue handkerchief is tucked in neatly also. coordinated with a brown belt, cream-white suit pants which have been rolled up at the bottom with brown shoes without socks (check out this article on sockless trend) finishes off this outfit with a refined and relaxed summer look.

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Recommended J. Crew Pants & Shorts

Check out these other suited and booted looks:

J. Crew SS14-2J. Crew SS14-3

 The following two pictures are a little different to the ones above you’ll see from the pictures and descriptions below…

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J. Crew SS14-4Once again we have the smart comb over hairstyle and a clean shaven face. Next we have a blue suit jacket paired with a red tee. (I personally think that dark blues and reds go well together.) We once again have white suit pants rolled up, this time though they’re suited with a kinda cream coloured desert boots with light brown laces. We also have a holdall bag to look at. (Man bag) It’s a desert yellow with brown leather trimming and handles and it definitely suits well.

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Recommended J. Crew Suits

Check out this other outfit with a holdall bag and great grey plaid suit:

J. Crew SS14-5

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J. Crew SS14-6This next outfit, I feel we don’t see much of. We start of we a dark blue plaid suit jacket and matching shorts which go well together with a light blue tie and grey shirt. The brown belt is highlighted and it looks great. It’s tipped off with a pair of black smart shoes, light brown laces and 2 tones of brown for the outer sole. Overall this outfit is casual and also smart enough for a formal meal on the beachfront.

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Recommended J. Crew Shoes

Check out these other styles featuring shorts:

J. Crew SS14-7J. Crew SS14-8J. Crew SS14-9J. Crew SS14-10

Recommended J. Crew Shirts

Be sure to check out these other outfits to be inspired:

J. Crew SS14-11J. Crew SS14-12

So, what did you think of the J. Crew Spring and Summer 2014 Collection?