You may think you’ve seen them all. You may think a company is “cool” just by producing as their core products one of the most popular shoe type of all time: sneakers. And you’ll change your mind after getting into the world of Greats. If you haven’t heard of this brand yet, I assure you that after reading this article all the companies that come into your mind will seem just “regular”.

From the founders, Ryan and Jon, two funny guys, and continuing with their strategy and products, you’ll see for yourself that Greats Sneakers are anything but common. The company was founded in 2012 by the aforementioned guys driven by their love for sneakers and the desire to beat the standard supply chain, where companies sell their products to wholesalers, and after that to retailers. This system encourages the addition of profit margin, so the final consumer has to pay a higher price for the product. In order to eliminate this kind of unfavorable effect upon their customers, Ryan and Jon cut the wholesale and retail part from their production timeline and saved 6 months time until their products reach the final client.

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Did I mention how cool their website is? I really enjoyed navigating throughout their website and checking out the four models of sneakers they are offering (about which they don’t hesitate to mention that are inspired by classic models). Beside the fact that some pairs are inspired by popular figures, the company has a total transparency policy in what concerns the fabrics and the elements from which the shoes are made of.

Let’s see the available models by Greats Sneakers!

#1: The Royale

The Royale Greats Sneakers

We all know how much “made in Italy” is worth! Royale doesn’t make any exception in what concerns the quality from any leather good produced in Italy, except for the price! At only $159, Royale sneakers by Greats are handcrafted in Civitanova and display fully lined veg tan calf covered footbed and the well known Margom rubber sole! I love them in “Farro Suede” style!

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#2: The Wilson

The Wilson Greats Sneakers

If you like American football and you are Adrian Wilson‘s fan(who isn’t?), then you’ll love this pair of sneakers inspired by the famous pro-bowler! They are made out of black canvas and they feature a vulcanized rubber outsole. Looking at their nylon laces and custom cord lock, I would say this company really pays attention to details. Something about the price? They cost only $49. Tell me this price isn’t just GREAT(S)!

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#3 The Wooster

The Wooster Greats Sneakers

How would it feel to walk into Nick Wooster‘s shoes? Now can find out! Co-signed by Nick Wooster himself, this pair of “made in Italy” sneakers is also handcrafted in Civitanova. They are made out of pure Italian wool and suede and  they also feature a fully lined calf covered footbed! With all these features, the Italian Margom rubber cup sole could not miss! Either you go for “Wool Indigo” or “Slate Wool”, this pair of sneakers shows personality!

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#4: The Bab

The Bab Greats Sneakers

The Bab model is simple, yet with a modern Chukka finish. At a first glimpse, the airy look may have you fooled, but this model incorporates technology like High-Frequency Mesh upper, neoprene panel and also an EVA sole! At a price of only $59 you just can’t ask for more for a stylish and comfy pair of hybrid sneakers! I love the “Cargo” styles, perfect for being mixed with printed garments.

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Hope you enjoyed our short summary regarding Greats Sneakers and I truly encourage you to have a look at their website and to read their story. I see them as a cool, unconventional company which, in the first place, works to benefit and please the final consumer, but also a brand which takes the word “cool” to new dimensions!

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