Chivas Regal Extra  is the newest member of the Chivas Regal, The Royal Family. The most recent “release” by the market-leading scotch whiskey brand is the first new whiskey in almost 10 years and it is desired to satisfy the high expectations of the discerning whiskey drinker with something exceptional – “deep in aroma, rich in fruitiness and generous in sweetness.”  

In order for you to learn more about this totally new taste experience, we have Collin Scott, the Chivas Regal Master Blender, answering a couple of questions and enlightening on the flavour and its captivating story.

#1. Could you, please, elaborate on what your job as Master Blender for Chivas entitles?

The role of the Chivas Master Blender is to safeguard the integrity of all our Chivas Regal blended Scotch whiskies, by ensuring that their high quality, character and taste are consistent year on year.

A Master Blender is like an artist who selects many different single malt and grain whiskies and brings them together in harmony to create a blended Scotch of the finest quality which offers a luxury taste experience. Each of the whiskies selected for Chivas has been matured in quality oak casks for many years. The magic of Scotch is that each whisky, from the many distilleries all over Scotland, has its own unique character, flavour and taste. We check the quality and character of the new Scotch whiskies before filling them into our oak casks for long maturation in our warehouses in Scotland. Only when we deem them ready do we select the many different casks of mature whiskies for blending Chivas Regal.

Chivas Master Blenders throughout the years act as the guardians of the past, the present and the future of Chivas Regal.

#2. Have you always known you would become a whisky blender?

No. However, as my grandfather and father dedicated their lives to the Scotch whisky industry, I was lucky to have been brought up in a whisky environment, which I think gave me a subconscious passion for Scotch.

My journey with Chivas Brothers started in 1973, with initial assignments related to bottling, before I moved into Quality Control in the early 1980s. Working with the blending team I learnt all about our Scotch whiskies, the art of blending and all the Chivas traditions and house style from our previous Master Blender Jimmy Lang. On his retirement in 1989, I succeeded him as Master Blender for Chivas. I have now been with Chivas for over forty years.

#3. Where did you get inspired to create the new Chivas Regal Extra?

The idea behind the creation of Chivas Regal Extra is to provide established drinkers of Chivas 12 Year Old the opportunity to take their whisky experience to the next level. Chivas Regal Extra presents a different and new level of luxury through the marrying together of a special selection of whiskies matured in Oloroso sherry casks of some of the rarest and finest malts in the Chivas inventory.

Chivas Regal Extra

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Chivas Regal Extra was also created as a tribute to James and John Chivas, who were our pioneers in the art of blending Scotch whiskies at their emporium in Aberdeen during the mid 1800s.

#4. When creating a new blend, what is the intention you put into it? What would you like people to feel when they drink Chivas Regal Extra?

When creating a new Chivas Regal blend, it is important that it is blended in the traditions and house style that already enshrines the current Chivas Regal family. These traditions and style were handed down over the generations, having been introduced by James and John Chivas.

I hope that people find that Chivas Regal Extra not only meets their expectations, but also exceeds them.

#5. What is it like working at Chivas? What is the culture all about?

At Chivas we have a fantastic team of people, from all walks of life, who all work together to ensure our millions of customers and consumers around the world will always have and be able to enjoy our Chivas Regal. As co-leaders of our business, the Chivas culture means conviviality and responsibility.

#6. Who is the man that drinks Chivas? What can you tell us about him?

Chivas Regal is the whisky for modern gentlemen. A Chivas Regal drinker is generous, sophisticated and, of course, chivalrous.  We also see young adults, entrepreneurs and women enjoying Chivas Regal around the world.

#7. What makes Chivas unique on the market?

Chivas Regal has a world-wide quality status that consumers know and respect. The Chivas traditions of blending and the unique house style – smooth, rich and generous – gives Chivas Regal international appeal and presents a luxurious taste experience.

#8. What would be the perfect Christmas present by Chivas?

A cosy room with a blazing fire, comfortable chairs and sofas, fantastic company, perfect music, crystal tumblers and Chivas Regal Extra – Slàinte mhath!

#9. What can we expect in 2015 from Chivas?

There will be plenty happening in 2015. In terms of Chivas Regal Extra, the expression is going continue its global roll-out. It is currently available in Australia and in key markets across the USA, it will also be available in Travel Retail in April and the UK in September 2015. Next year we’ll also be seeing the second annual Chivas Masters bartender competition; national heats will begin early in the year, culminating in the global grand final in New York in July.

There is going to be a lot of exciting Chivas activity next year, but one thing that will not change is that I will always ensure the consistent high quality and taste experience of Chivas Regal.

 #10. Although it must be difficult to choose, could you please tell us your favourite Chivas mix, and why?

It may depend on my mood which Chivas Regal I choose, but my all-time favourite is Chivas Regal 18 with about the same amount of natural still water added – no ice!

Chivas Regal 18

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Have you guys ever had a taste experience with Chivas Regal? If you have, tell us your story within our comments section below.