What can be more awesome than attending one of the coolest fashion events of the year?

18th of June, 8:30 AM was written on the invitation and at 7:30 I was already in Florence (for the first time). I was heading to the Pitti Immagine Office without knowing what to expect, since it was my first press conference I attended. Everyone was looking stunning and as I entered on the Terrazza Pitti, what caught my eye were the pieces of the WOOSTER + LARDINI collection standing in the middle, ready to be admired.

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The two brands brought together their know-how and passion and promised us an unique capsule collection which combines the sartorial style associated to the Italian spirit and the unique and metropolitan style of the iconic Nick Wooster.

Wooster + Lardini Press ConferenceLardini family together with Nick Wooster

The word Lardini family first highlighted was internationalization. This is the purpose of this collection: to provide new opportunities for the high-quality Italian brand. And who can be the proper person in order to help this happen? Of course, someone with fashion sense and know-how in this field: Nick WOOSTER. Even-though Nick swore not to put his name on any piece of garment, Lardini family seems to made him change his mind.


Luigi Lardini and Nick Wooster

The star of the collection, as the designers emphasized, is the jacket and it is available in four styles. The best describing word for this item would be “effortless”, since Nick came with the idea of creating something imperfect. They invite us to forget about the classical vision we have about the way men wear their jacket looking for an impeccable style. This time they wanted to generate the idea of wearing something raw and understated.

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Nick Wooster + Lardini Capsule CollectionNick wearing the pieces from the capsule collection

The other pieces of the collection are represented by trousers in slim and straight styles, woven shirts and vests. The fabrics used areĀ cotton, tweed, wool and linen and as color palette, the classical combination of black and white, shades of grey, olive, khaki, stone and putty and shades of navy blue.

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I can see the reason why Lardini family chose Nick for being their brand ambassador in the USA and moreover, their business partner. He is a very charismatic guy, with a lot of fashion sense. When I asked him how was it working with a brand such as Lardini, he responded that he hasn’t got any difficulties because he is coming to Italy for so long and knows exactly what to expect from this kind of collaboration.

But enough with words, here is the collection:

Pleated trousers - Wooster + Lardini Collection

Pleated trousers

Cotton jacket - Wooster + Lardini Collection

Cotton jacket

Khaki jacket and Bermuda shorts - Wooster + Lardini Collection

Khaki jacket and Bermuda shorts

Wooster + Lardini Collection

The color combination says it all

Funny Prints - Wooster + Lardini Collection

You can see from the prints the funny and playful spirit Nick has

Jacket and trousers in tweed - Wooster + Lardini Collection

Jacket and trousers in tweed

Jacket and trousers in tweed - Wooster + Lardini CollectionThe sartorial style synonym with Lardini brand

Woven Shirts - Wooster + Lardini CollectionThe four available styles of woven shirts

Beside the collection, Nick and Lardini family invited us to visit their stand within Pitti Immagine 86, where the show was more on the streets than in the stands. Fashion bloggers, journalists and photographers from all over the world were all reunited in the same place, meaning an ultra-fashionable and awesome day spent in Florence!

What’s your opinion regarding the WOOSTER + LARDINI capsule collection? Would you wear it?

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