The new year is knocking on our door and with that in mind, the last winter holiday of this year is about to happen. When NYE is mentioned, most of you guys are thinking about parties and festivities, right? When welcoming the new year with your family or close friends at home, the outfit is not a problem that needs special consideration. But when you are about to spend the last hours of the 2014 with colleagues or business associates, the formal dress code is obviously a wise choice. Here are some ideas what to wear on this occasion – the 31st of December.

First of all, it’s a good thing to welcome the new year fresh and sharp, filled with happiness and joy. This winter season is offering us a lot of casual garments even though, formal clothing always has its special place, particularly for private parties, at a luxury cottage or a dinner in a fancy restaurant.

For example you can wear a blazer with white formal shirt and a black bow tie. You can pair the blazer with either black or dark red trousers. Here are some further ideas on formal clothing for the NYE by Asos. Enjoy!

Formal outfit Idea for New Year's Eve

Formal outfit – 1st Option

Here you have:

The Formal

As a matter of fact, the tailless tuxedo jacket gets it’s name from Tuxedo Park, an early 20th century enclave of trendsetting fashion forward New York swells. Two words can describe a tuxedo: pure class.

It’s very stylish and comfortable to wear, but this combination is not for any random NYE event – it is for a very special one. There are some important rules to keep in mind when wearing a tuxedo, like:

  1. You can wear only collar-pins or bow ties. The ties are not allowed! Just in case: if put on a tie it will surely decrease the formality of the tux.
  2. The “French” cuffs have to be on the shirt.
  3. Trousers must be from the same material as the jacket.
 Formal Outfit Idea for New Year's Eve Party

Formal Outfit 2nd Option

Here is another idea for the formal section. A combination of brushed cotton tailored trousers, single breasted blazer, leather Moccasins and fine striped shirt. Most of these garments are under the brand of Gucci except for the tailored trousers – Carven and the Emporio Armani chronograph watch.

Formal Outfit Idea for New Years Eve Party

Formal Outfit – 3rd Option

Everything looks normal with the Emporio Armani watch, Boss black Reali dress slippers, Manuel Ritz velvet, white wing collar formal shirt and purple velvet bow tie by River Island, carbon fibre cufflinks by Ted Baker and finally tailored trouser from Z ZEGNA.

The purple velvet bow-tie brings a touch of informality – the purple color can easily change the look of your outfit because there is going to be a visible color contrast between the velvet bow tie and the white formal shirt.

Casual options are coming up!

When you are about to go to the NYE party without any specifically dress code mentioned, one thing should be said: you can expect a no dress code party and there’s only one solution to this – creativity. The main objective is casual elegance.

Casual Outfit Idea for New Years Eve Party

Casual Outfit – 1st option

I kept the connection from the previous formal outfits, but the main role of fresh colors can’t be changed; they look spicy and catchy. These combinations of tones will bring decisive difference from the formal outfits above.

Casual Outfit Idea for New Years Eve Party

Casual Outfit – 2nd Option

At first it looks like that the second option is a pure formal clothing. The main items which are making casual look of this outfit are the wedge brogues and silk bow tie.

Casual Outfit Idea for New Years Eve Party

Casual Outfit – 3rd Option

Red was the trend of this 2014 summer. Metaphorically with this garment you can say goodbye to the present year. The dean red trousers will give you an adventurous look, a strong message to the crowd at the party.

I wish you a successful New Year, don’t be afraid to pursue your dreams! Stay cool and open minded in 2015!