Here we are again after a few months of “inactivity” regarding interviews with different bloggers, brand ambassadors, CEO’s, designers etc. Today we are featuring a Handmade Bow Tie Company LuckyLusyano that offer quality products, prompt customer service and fast & free delivery worldwide.

If you are anything like me: sick & tired of simple bow ties and are looking for something more special, they are the go-to place. A lot of unique pieces that will blow your mind, just take a look below at some examples!

Below, they answer to 6 interesting questions for us and we will also have a Giveaway in partnership with them starting tomorrow, 21st of May 2014. Stay tuned!


1. What is your most popular fabric? What about color? 

According to our business the most popular fabrics are silk, cotton, linen and jeans, as you can imagine everyone is different and it is really down to personal tastes. During these years we come up with several models also combining different material to create our LuckyLusyano Bow Ties and we still do today, we like to thing outside the box. Regarding colors..well.. it is a such a big topic! I can tell you that as a company we like strong colors.

We think that bow ties define the mood of a person at that precise moment that is worn. Bow Ties are classy but at the same time fun and this is what is all about for us. We are having fun at our studio and we like to see people enjoying themselves wearing our pieces.

The trendy color for 2014? Pink, green, yellow and red. 

LuckyLusyano Italian Handmade Bow Ties

2. How important is confidence in style? Why? 

We at Luckylusyano believe that is important to have confidence in style. Everyone has an innate style, but everybody is showing in his own way. This is the reason why we only produce unique pieces – we have a wide range in order to satisfy every single “flavor”, it is our policy and also the secret of our success. 

3. Do you have any crazy story that you want to share with us? (related to clients and orders) 

Well, not really crazy stories, however we’ve seen clients moving and switching from styles to styles that shows that people keep on changing and evolving. Once we had an email from a potential client from New York that wanted to buy bow ties for 20 years marriage anniversary but he was not sure about the color so he ended up buying 35 different pieces. He is still a client today one our the many LuckyLusyano aficionados. 

4. Where do you see yourself in 5 years as a business? 

Lucky Lusyano prides itself on better serving the needs of its clients through a company philosophy of narrow focus and specialization, concentrating solely on bow ties category. With a keen eye on fashions and trends within the international markets, we are committed to serving our ever growing customers base for many years to come.

At Lucky Lusyano, we are committed to a long-term investment philosophy that emphasizes quality and styles diversification. We serve individual clients as well as retailers who are interested on expanding the bow ties trends. Our clients are interested on superb products and is our mission to deliver 100% handmade products rigorously crafted in Italy. Moving forward we are planning to focus and tackle the US market more and more – the made in Italy is always very much welcomed in the States thanks to our high quality products. 

LuckyLusyano Italian Handmade Bow Ties

5. What are 3 most important company goals? 

  • Keep the same high quality consistency for many years to come and always look out in order improve every aspect even after many years of experience.
  • Produce the new trends of the future.
  • Be a global brand.

6. Where can people follow you and find out even more about you? 

Our website is the face of our brand – Moving forward we have plenty of marketing activities to implement with trade magazine and fashion blogs. We just relaunch our social media campaign on Facebook and Twitter, clients can find out more by following our pages.