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Prints, in general, are nothing new in the world of men’s fashion. Plaid, stripes, checkered, and other generic patterns have been staples in most men’s wardrobes for decades. However, this season a few new(er) prints have made their debut, and we’re seeing them everywhere. In this post, I will break down the top 3 prints of SS14 as well as how to make them work for you in all aspects of your life.

#1 The Flowers are Bloomin’ and Boomin’

Floral seems to be everywhere this season.  It’s all over the streets, runways, and even in the office. It’s not just on shirts. Floral is all over pants, ties, and blazers for most of the spring and summer lines. Some men are a little hesitant to run with this trend in fear that wearing flowers isn’t exactly “masculine”. However, there are multiple ways to wear floral with style, dignity, AND masculinity.

Floral Print Trends for Men SS14

Day Wear

Short sleeve wovens, floral chambray, and printed floral denim are all great ways to take part in the floral trend this spring and summer. All of these options can be dressed down with jeans or a basic tee or dressed up with a blazer and a pair of chinos. Either way, there is nothing un-masculine about these floral options of street wear.

Floral Print Trends SS14 Men for Day

Business/Night Wear

As far as more formal occasions go, floral printed attire is a great way to add a bit of individuality to your otherwise more basic formal and business wear. Whether it be your tie, your dress shirt, your blazer, or even a bow tie; floral printed pieces are a great way to add a little something extra to your outfit, while still maintaining a professional and classy look.

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Floral Print Trends SS14 Men for Night

Whether you’re still a little unsure and are starting out slow with just a touch of floral in your tie, or you’re diving in full force with a floral inspired suit, I don’t recommend missing out on this fun, flower powered summer trend.

Floral Print Trends SS14 Men for Day


#2 Seeing Spots

Polka dots, another pattern that is normally associated with women’s wear, but has now made its way into the mens’ fashion world. Polka dots are becoming increasingly popular this season, especially in formal/business wear. Here’s how to make this trend work for you:

Prints on Prints Trend for SS14: Spots

Day Wear

For a more day appropriate, casual look pair a polka dotted chambray shirt with some darker wash jeans or chinos. A short sleeve woven with a pair of jeans, or shorts for a warmer day. You can also pair some polka dotted chinos or shorts with your favorite V-neck or dress shirt.

As far as street wear is concerned, a polka dot piece can be paired with virtually anything for a fun, spring-inspired, stylish look. This trend is great for adding a little pizazz to your wardrobe. You can even mix prints like below with a plaid shirt layered with a polka dot jean jacket.

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Prints on Prints Trend for SS14: Spots for Daily Wear

Business/Night Wear

Polka dots are a great way to spice up the office and night attire as well. You can throw on a polka dot dress shirt under your blazer and tie with a pair of jeans for a dinner date. For an office look, pair a polka dot dress shirt with a patterned tie and dress pants. You can add a simple, spotted tie with a neutral suit for a job interview. You can also mix and match a polka dot tie/bowtie with solid and patterned dress shirts like pictured below. If you’re really feelin’ the polka dot trend, choose a spotted tie and dress shirt to go under your blazer.

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Prints on Prints Trend SS14: Spots for Night Wear

Not completely sold? Dip your toes in the spotted water with a pair of bold, polka dot socks or completely immerse yourself with a little polka dot on polka dot action as pictured below.

Prints on Prints Trend SS14: Spots


#3 Round Up the Troops

From chinos to tees to  jackets to bags – Army fatigue is back and bigger than ever. But it’s not being worn to blend in, these camouflage pieces are being worn as accent pieces for tons of casual/semi-formal looks this spring. The more masculine of this season’s print trends, camo may be a little too rugged for the office, but it’s still playing a substantial role in street and night-wear.

Prints on Prints Trend #SS14: #Camouflage

Day Wear

The options for army-inspired streetwear are endless. You can pair camo-printed chino shorts with a dress shirt and a blazer for a nicer look, or you can dress it down with a tucked in chambray shirt with sneakers. Camo jackets are a great transitional piece for cooler days, which is always a successful look with a basic white tee. Camo pants can also be paired similarly and camo printed tees and button-ups are great options, too.

Prints on Prints Trend #SS14: #Camouflage

Night Wear

Unfortunately, as I mentioned earlier, army fatigue is not really an office appropriate print. However, it is still versatile enough to be dressed up for a night out with the guys or a date night (depending on the formality of the establishment).

Pair a pair of camo-printed pants with a nice blazer and button-up for a dressier feel. Add a bright blazer and light colored shirt for a summer-inspired look. A camo cardigan/sweater paired with a dress shirt and pants or jeans is a great outfit for a night out with your friends. A camo jacket/blazer goes well with a neutral color schemed dress pant/shirt combo. Keep in mind that camouflage is a more casual pattern, and should be avoided for more formal situations and events.

Prints on Prints Trend #SS14: #Camouflage

Another way to incorporate a little camo into your everyday wardrobe is with these calvary-inspired accessory pieces.

Prints on Prints Trend #SS14: #Camouflage

From wovens to crazy pants and blazers, this season is full of printed pieces to experiment with. Paired correctly, these printed pieces can be as risky and bold, or as neutral as you desire. With so many options of printed pieces, these fun prints can be incorporated into the wardrobe of a man with any style preference, for almost any day-to-day occasion.

Whether you choose to mix and match, layer, or just accessorize with these patterns; the possibilities are endless and you have the opportunity to own the look and really make the look yours. The cardinal rule to “properly” wearing trends, is to wear them in a way that suits YOU and your personal style and personality.

Not sure if prints are your thing? That’s fine too! Cladwell can offer customized recommendations to help you find your perfect spring and summer style!


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