After graduation, you start becoming a real man. You’re done being your parents little boy, you have to start taking life by the horns and the first step you have to make is to find a job.

Now if you’ve studied at a business school you will most likely end up working in a corporation or maybe who knows, you might actually start a business of your own. So what does that mean? It’s time to make a change in your wardrobe. That means sweatshirts, hoodies, T-Shirts, sport shoes and all the other leisure clothes you own must remain at home. I’m serious, they are hidious as they are, don’t take them too far away from home.

You have to start buying office clothing, e.g. buy a SUIT. I know most people think of suits as being uptight so don’t worry about that, there are lots of other office attires one can dress, but more on that later.

You have to keep in mind that one suit isn’t enough. Sure you may have spent a lot of money on that one suit you own, you know the one you went to prom with, the one you had the interview in that got you the job you currently or soon will work at place but come on, those were one day events. Having a job means working from Monday to Friday (sometimes even during the weekends) from 9 to 5 (sometimes even more).

It’s not easy to say it but after working a few days in that suit you might want to think about taking it to a dry cleaner’s, you don’t want to be the office skunk.

And think of it this way, remember high school? Remember when your classmates made fun of that kid that wore the same clothes week after week? That can happen in the office too. Just think about it, wearing the same suit over and over again. If you don’t care about yourself that’s fine, but think about that poor suit you work in, sweat in, eat in, travel day after day.

So hopefully I have you convinced that you need more than one suit. Ideally I would recommend you having 3 or 4 suits. It’s the most decent number of suits you can own, and you can play with them easily, it’s up to your imagination.

But I am not here to preach about the importance of a suit. Well in a way I am but my objective today is to teach you the importance of suit colors in an office.

Here is the winning formula: Dark colors win over light colors. Yes.. the dark side wins this time. Here is why:

The Light/ Warm Colors

I love warm colors, they lighten you up, they are pleasing to the eye but they just don’t work in an office. Working in a corporation is a serious deal and you can’t start walking through the hallways, pass by your boss’s office wearing a yellow suit that makes you look like a clown. You just can’t. Think about when you are going to the bank. See any yellow/pink/orange/red suited people? Didn’t think so either.

What light colors to avoid?

#1 Red

Psychology: The color red is associated with the traits of being: aggressive, energetic, provocative, attention-grabbing

Now picture this guy in an office:


Kind of hurts the eye, doesn’t it?

#2 Yellow

The color yellow reminds us of the sun right? A warm yet very bright light that can blind you, seriously don’t stare into the sun and don’t wear yellow at the office.

fer2b2p - ylo

 #3 Pink

Now unless you are a Pimp you shouldn’t wear this during office hours. It actually makes you look kind of ridiculous.


#4 Light Green

Want to be the office Kermit? Well then you found yourself a suit. If you don’t, go for a more darker shade of green.


#5 Orange

Also a no-no. Orange evokes the feeling of playfulness and fun. On one hand, that’s not a bad thing but let’s face it, who has time for fun during office hours, right?


#6 White

White suits are great. They are a very good Summer choice for a suit, as a groom you can wear one and of course as a bride. White is a color of nobility, purity, cleanliness. That’s why the bride’s dress is white! But in the office you are no bride my friend, you’re not on your Summer holiday on a tropical island, you are in an office, sorry to burst your bubble but it just doesn’t work.

Plus imagine how a white suit would look after business hours. You wouldn’t be sure if the actual color of the suit is black of white.



The Cold/ Dark Colors

You can’t go wrong by choosing a dark color. You can choose between, black, grey, charcoal grey, blue, navy blue, dark green, brown, even lighter shade of brown.

There is a trick I know. If you are into light colors, let’s say red, and you don’t like navy blue for example, you can either choose a dark shade of red like burgundy or you can go and work on a construction site. Seriously, who doesn’t love navy blue suits?

There is a saying about The Blue Suit: A blue suit is the most versatile of accoutrements. True story to this very day.

So do not worry, you will not look dull in a dark colored suit. Not even in a black one. You know why? Because there is this great invention called shirts, and when it comes to shirts, man you can play around with those colors in any way you want. Oh and of course, suits come with stripes or you can buy checked suits. And you can add nice colors to those stripes or checks as you please. The main idea is don’t look too bright. And by that I mean  your suit, you, it’s ok to be bright!

Here are the winning colors:

#1 Navy Blue


#2 Grey


#3 Charcoal Grey


#4 Black


#5 Brown


#6 Light Brown


As a final word to this article, more a word of advice. If you truly enjoy bright colors look at the color palette from below, find your color for example you want a purple color. Choose the right purple color from the palette.


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