Hermes of Pairs, or simply Hermes is a french manufacturer of high-end goods was established in 1837 by Thierry Hermes. They specialize in leather, lifestyle accessories, perfumery, luxury goods and ready-to wear.

Lets take a look at the Hermes Spring and Summer collection for 2014.

Hermes SS14 - 1

This first outfit is a particular favorite of mine. Here the model can be seen wearing a grey unbuttoned shirt with white cuffs, matched with a plain white t-shirt underneath. He also wears silk burgundy ankle length trousers harmonized with brown slip on shoes to give relaxed but also provides a neat and tidy well dressed look.

Blue Notes

The following three outfits all have one thing in common: blue. From casual smart attire to calm relaxed wear, all three outfits have been styled with blue smart trousers while another two outfits have been paired with black sandals.


Hermes SS14-2

This is the smartest outfit: the model is seen wearing a blue suit jacket, patterned white and black shirt, blue tie that suits the jacket perfectly. Blue suit trousers that have been rolled up to the ankles to show off the blue slip on shoes. The rolled up trousers give this outfit a relaxed feel.Hermes SS14-3

He is wearing a brazen blue leather jacket without a shirt underneath, showing off his chest. Hermes SS14-4

The other outfit is wearing a grey jacket coordinated with a grey t-shirt and patterned scarf.

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More Blue Inspiration


Burgundy Touch

We just looked at blue based outfits. It now time to look at burgundy (red).

Hermes SS14-5

The first model is showing off a patterned jumper with the sleeves rolled up to give an easy going look. The jumper is patterned with three distinct colours, two of these colours are both shades of grey while burgundy being the main vocal point. This outfit has been paired with silk burgundy shorts and black sandals for a distinguished relaxed look. Hermes SS14-6This second outfit is an all burgundy casual look suit. The jacket this time has been buttoned up to give it a more business attire feel. It is twined with the trousers once again being rolled up to the ankle to, once more, show off the brown slip on shoes.

More Burgundy!


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Here are some more looks from the Spring collection:

Hermes SS14-7

Hermes SS14-8

Hermes SS14-9

Hermes SS14-10

Hermes SS14-11

Hermes SS14-12

As you can see, Hermes have used a myriad of colours for their Spring and Summer collection for 2014. They’ve used white, blues, reds, grey, brown, black and green. They’ve used neutral colours to create bold statement pieces of fashion.

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