For the busy gent, finding a high quality shirt that fits well and is right for their lifestyle can be an arduous task. Seeing a tailor in person is one option, but the travel time to their premises and number of fittings needed can be inconvenient. Turning to the online realm is the answer then for many men, only to find that the number of sites out there and millions of cloth and design combinations on offer are vastly overwhelming.

For the career tailors at Henley Bond, these scenarios formulated an idea: create an offering that is as high quality and personal as seeing an in-person tailor, but with a digital element to make it more convenient for clients.

Their goals were simple: save busy men time by allowing them to design shirts from their location, assist with the design as they do in person at their bespoke tailoring house Beau & Co. and craft shirts the right way, by hand, right here in the US. The result is a handcrafted shirt designed via an immersive yet simple online experience, which allows beautiful shirts to be visually created in a matter of minutes.

The most interesting element is the digital consultation, an industry first which quickly learns the unique style and personality of each client, before designing a collection of shirts Henley Bond’s tailors feel would be attractive to you and your lifestyle. This mimics the in-person experience of meeting with a tailor, where style is understood and suggestions are made, just in a lot less time.

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From there, the Henley Bond team hand-cut and make the garment, as can be seen in their recent brand video. Garments feature everything the discerning gent would expect, from individually drafted patters and mother of pearl buttons and single needle stitching and pattern matching at the seams.

The future looks interesting for Henley Bond, with a lofty vision of revolutionizing how gents buy custom shirts well under way, we’re told plans have been drawn and details will be revealed shortly. In the meantime, Beaumont and his team are working hard to craft shirts and do some good in the community. After establishing a partnership with the Military Order of the Purple Heart, Henley Bond have begun donating shirts to US troops and their families.

For those looking to get involved, see the “Give Back” page on their site, where you can donate your gently used shirts in exchange for reduced pricing on your next Henley Bond order.

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Henley Bond is a maker of hand-crafted custom men’s shirting. For more, click here.