The new desire for men to cultivate their own style has swept the fashion domain, capturing the gazes of spirited visionaries who seek to provide men with the tools to create their own individual looks. This is the aim of online boutique Hervia.

The store was originally founded in Manchester, a town not particularly sparring with luxury fashion houses such as London or Milan do. The aims of the store were to provide affluent customers with access to designers who are not typically obtainable by those living outside of London. This ethos of helping people create their own niche with their clothes is translated to their online store, which provides, on a worldwide scale, clients with edgy brands of great grandeur.

Comme des Garçons:

HerviaCommeDesGarsconOne such brand that the team members of Hervia have liaised with to provide accessible luxe fashion is Japanese fashion label Comme des Garçons. The brand offer a very youthful approach to design, combining modern tailoring silhouettes with urban layering. Comme des Garçons’ printed collections, from Breton stripes to checked suiting, and their masculine use of asymmetry and floral embroidery, hit the Spring/Summer 2014 trend targets easily.

Raf Simons:


In contemporary menswear, Raf Simons is one of the main innovators. His collections are defined by linear cuts which combine the spirit of teenage rebellion and sartorial traditions. Hervia provide men with great Raf Simons garments, including his latest collaboration with Adidas, which add a pop of that Belgian avant-garde. The bold flat florals and the ice-cream vendor block shirts compliment this seasons’ focus on colour.

Y-3 Yohiji Yamamoto:

HerviaY3Distancing himself from an obsessive following to trends, Yohiji Yamamoto uses oversized silhouettes that fuses sportswear with high fashion. Extending the body’s contours and using luxe-sports aesthetics, going with the World Cup fever, Hervia enables men to buy into this different sort of clothing. The patterned blazers are a key piece.

This is just a small sample of the diverse range of high fashion clothing, men, women and kid’s, that Hervia provide people who may not be lucky enough to live in close access to London with. The store hopes to give the world the opportunity to acquire some of the world’s highest quality clothing and hope to support new generations of talent. It can be safely said that Hervia have achieved their aims.

This article was sponsored by Hervia.