We are back with the 4th Edition of our Editor’s Choice Project Series and we were thinking to give our great readers a hand concerning what outfit to opt for and why to opt for it when a party organised by your company comes in sight, especially if you are the kind of gentleman who agrees on these wise words Da Vinci said: “Simplicity is the ultimate form of sophistication.” 

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Whether it will be a peacefully, settled evening in a fancy restaurant and you are going to be gossip-loaded when the nights is over, or you will be playing the rebellious single man with a few of your close colleagues, we have got you covered! And it is very unlikely to think that you’re not going to be the main attraction of the night. At first sight, it might seem that we put together a simple outfit, but it is the simplicity in it that makes you look dapper and effortless in the same time.

Editors Choice: Office Party

1. Skinny Fit Double-Breasted Suit – $474.00 – BUY IT HERE

This grey style suit can be associated with the modern tailoring. And as our main purpose is to help our readers in becoming the modern gentleman, how could you not find this suitable for you? The italian flair that this suit releases will provide you with the needed self-confidence throughout the night and will definitely turn heads.

2. Stefano Ricci Hairline Stripe Shirt – $795.72 – BUY IT HERE

We assure you that you will make the classic statement in this shirt. We did not choose the white version for we thought it will complement the outfit with a colorful touch. Expertly tailored in Italy from pure cotton, the shirt is styled with a sharp point collar, pearlized octagonal buttons, and, of course, the light blue and white hairline stripe motif. It will give your suit the sufficient luxury feeling. 

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3. Prada Medallion Leather Double Monk Shoes – $995 – BUY IT HERE

These double strap monk beauties are the ideal choice for topping off tailored looks. Teamed up with the items presented in the picture above, they push the outfit out of ordinary and give you as much imposance and confidence as you can take. Make sure to pair them with socks of the same colour in order for you to look perfectly dressed-up.

4. Bloomsbury Mens Watch – $538.46 – BUY IT HERE

No dinner-suit-look is complete without this oversized watch from the Bloomsbury collection. This choronograph will make your wrist “sparkle” and attract everybody in the room. If you would like your boss to give you more credit along the night’s discussions and keep your presence highlighted, then don’t hesitate wearing something like this beautiful timepiece!


This was the selection for this week and we hope you enjoyed our tips. Don’t forget to wear your attitude and very important, have fun!

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