This week’s Editor’s Choice focuses mainly on the Casual Chic days, when you do not have to bother that much what you get dressed in as long as it is comfortable and it looks good. Every man should have his go-to outfits for every situation, and this one makes no exception. Details are always important and if you are a person who is very busy, you will want to be prepared with a set of outfits for different occasions so that, if you need them in a hurry you can have them ready.

This is why, we have compiled an outfit for those moments when you need something that shows you pay attention to your style and garments, but that is comfortable and perfect for a normal day out.

Here are our choices! Let us know what you think!

Editor's Choice: Today says casual

1. Paul Smith Regular Fit Jeans in Corduroy – $182.54

I have chosen these specific jeans as they come in a color that is not widely used. To offer a bit of texture to the lower part of the body I chose them in Corduroy and besides, what better designer for well-tailored regular fit pants than Paul Smith, the master of men’s tailoring? The might seem a bit pricy if you look at the numbers, but Paul Smith is worth more than this for creating the perfect pants for anything in an impeccable manner.

2. A.P.C Nautical Shirt – $253.97

Besides the slight texture in the lower part of the body, I chose a beautiful A.P.C Nautical Shirt to complement the color of the jeans. It is in black and white and it makes a very easy combination with basically anything you might own. When in doubt and when not having enough patience to iron a shirt, just go for something nautical. They create a beautiful illusion and this specific sweater I chose is of great quality, which makes me love it even more.

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3. Vito Claudi Jersey Blazer – $95.24

If the weather outside is colder, we suggest you layer up with a wonderful blazer, like the Vito Claudi one we chose for the image. The color and the material make it a classic, timeless piece and combined with the Corduroy pants and the Nautical Shirt it adds an extra pinch of style.

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4. Hugo Boss Steel Chronograph Watch – $436.52

Of course details are always important and any outfit should include the small things, such as accessories. For this, I chose another timeless piece, the Hugo Boss Steel watch. It adds a subtle touch of luxury and an elegant and classy detail to a stylish, casual outfit.

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5. Raf Simmons Desert Suede Boots in Blue – 1,066$

Last, but not least, the shoes. It is always good to invest in a good pair of boots. I have chosen suede ones for this outfit, but I would not suggest you do the same for your outfits, especially if you know that you live in an area where it rains a lot, such as the UK. I have chosen these specific boots though, not only because they are an extra touch of luxury at $1,066, but because Raf Simmons, their creator is known for simple, statement pieces, and their simplicity and rather vibrant color will definitely make your outfit stand out on any given day!

Did you like the outfit? What would you do different? Tell us in the comments below and don’t forget that sharing is caring!