We are back with a new edition of our awesome Editor’s Choice where we give you some tips and tricks and one outfit idea to impress wherever you go. This week’s choice is an interview outfit, as with the coming of the new year, we are either looking for a new job or for an internship or placement, if we are students, and we all know that you have to be dressed to impress on these occasions.

So we have decided to give you a nice selection of clothes to get some inspiration from and nail your interview outfit to the latest detail.


Here are my picks:

Editor's Choice #5: Interview Dress Code Is Required

#1 Todd Snyder White Label Plaid Suit in blue– 447.49$

A suit is an amazing longterm investment and it is a complete MUST at most if not all interviews. Of course, there are jobs where a suit might differ in style and/or colour, but I have chosen this blue plaid wonder as it is fashionable and it shows that you pay attention to details in a subtle way.

#2 Emernegildo Zegna Shirt in white– 370.00$

Emernegildo Zegna is a master of shirts and ties, and as it is usually recommended to wear a white shirt at interviews, this one was a perfect match of luxury and pure amazingness to be worn. Yet another longterm investment, luxury white shirts are a great way to show that you know when and what to wear.

#3 David Donahue Woven Silk Tie in purple– 57.49$

This is a little touch of colour in your interview outfit. With a tie you have a larger spectrum of choice and colour, so I would say go crazy with it, but not too crazy. Keep it classy and make it look very expensive, yet extremely appropriate at the same time. It is the accessory that stands out most in an interview, in the end so choose it with care.

#4 Salvatore Ferragamo Leather Belt– 280.00$

Another amazing longterm investment, a leather belt will hold on to the wearer for years on end, only looking better with age. What is important to always remember when choosing a belt, especially for an interview, where you would want to pay attention to all possible details, is to always match it with your shoes.

#5 Cole Haan Wingtip Oxford Shoes– 148.00$

What is better for a suit and tie outfit that an amazing pair of Oxford shoes? These Cole Haan Wintips are great for multiple occasions, thus making them as well a great longterm investment for your wardrobe. Matched perfectly with the belt, these Oxfords are comfortable and look geat with any suit. What more to ask for?


#6 Burberry ‘Eckford’ Wool & Cashmere Peacoat– 995.00$

Since it is the middle of winter and even if in some places it might be warmer than in others, I would suggest a great peacoat to accessorize your amazing suit. This Burberry number, although pricier than others, looks amazing and it can be your little gem of luxury if you are willing to pay almost 1000$ for a coat.

#7 Ted Baker Wool Scarf in Purple– 56.90$

Because of the rather cold weather, a scarf is completely advised to complete the arrival outfit. I have chosen a purple Ted Baker woolen scarf to keep you warm and to show that you are very careful in choosing your colours and matched it with the tie you have underneath.

#8 Kenneth Cole New York Multifunction Leather Strap Watch– 165.00$

No outfit is complete without a great watch, and this Kenneth Cole one matches the rest of your accessories very well, being in the same colour range with your belt and shoes and in nice contrast with your dark blue suit and purple tie. Is there anything more to ask for?

Last thing, never forget to take black or dark brown socks to look great even when sitting down and to dab a bit of perfume on your hands and neck area, but never too much to leave a daft of it wherever you go and you are done.


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