Hi, guys! Given the fact that it’s my turn to write our coolest weekly column, Editor’s Choice, I want to talk about print. Yes, they are indeed cool and edgy, yet not anyone seem to be able to mix and match them. Everytime one of my male friends or my boyfrind go shopping, they ask for my opinion. Yes, as it seems, I am also a personal shopper! What I’ve noticed is the fact that most of them are afraid to wear prints on their shirts, tees, and, especially, trousers.


Before Christmas I went shopping with my boyfriend and, of course, he was making his way through the “basic” collection of trousers of the store(he already has like 3 pairs of the same style, but in different colors). I was quickly dragging him to the other part of the store and showed him a nice pair of printed grey trousers that, in the end, he bought!

Today I will suggest you some pairs of what I call cool printed trousers, from the comebacker camouflage print to other more daring ones like Paisley! Check them out in what’s next!

1. Hawaian Print Jigsaw Trousers, $75,38

hawaian print jigsaw trousers

The first print I chose is the hawaian one. His mostly worn in the spring/summer season, so take notes for the upcoming season! Still, this particular pair fits perfectly also the fall/winter season since it displays darker shades and a cool match of colors! What do you say?

2. Valentino Butterfly Printed Trousers, $978,09

valentino butterfly printed trousers

If you think a pair of butterfly printed trousers make you look less manly, you have to reexamine that thought! If Valentino displayed them on the catwalk, it’s for sure a trend to consider when you go shopping next time. They are slim fitted and will look amazing combined with other prints, but you have to master prints combinations. Unless you do that, go for plain shirts and jackets!

3.  MSMG Paisley Print Trousers, $178.79

msmg paisley print trousers

Pailey is one of my favourite prints when it comes to..everything! I love it on shirts, ties, bowties and, especially, trousers! I think it gives a cool touch to any kind of look, from sartorial to casual! This pair is also slim fit and I see it in dozens of combinations, from shirts to tees, but mostly with a cool layering on the top!

4. Ricky Camouflage Trousers by True Religion, $172,00

true religion camouflage printed trousers

Camouflage made its comeback on the runway and so it should in your closet! Embrace this cool print by wearing it with denim to make the best of it in a casual-edgy way! I am a fan of the classic army green or darker shades of grey and brown because they can get really versatile and easy to mix and match! In contrast with the slim fit pair I chose before, these True Religion camo jeans are straight fit and can be worn by any men with soldier attitude!

This would be all. Hope you enjoyed my suggestions, and, most important, you’ll take them into consideration!

Comment bellow and tell us your favourite prints!