The snow is gently drifting from the skies, the nights are earlier and the people are drunker. In other words, New Years Eve is but a few days away. It’s the end if an era, but one final task remains – the New Years Eve Party.

The fabled ‘New Years do’ is a strange phenomenon. It has a very simple formula, your work colleagues, your boss and an overflowing amount of alcohol in a rented, poorly lit bar. The final ingredient to this befuddled affair is you. The entire social year culminates to this one day, the day where you can truly showcase your personal style. Without the restrictions of office quota or uniforms, this can be the opportunity to bluster and pull out clothing that actually expresses who you are. If you’re forced to rely on the flair of a pocket square to spruce up your dowdy black suit, you’d still be wearing a dowdy black suit.

Finding a balance between a bold and the simple is key here. But many things have to be taken into consideration when putting together your outfit. Take a look around, who are your co-workers? How do they dress? Would the people from accounting find your fashion-forward leopard print blazer something to applaud or something to mock over the watercooler? Dress for yourself, but taking into account your colleagues perceptions. You don’t want to be forever known in the office as the guy who wore a t-shirt and Dad jeans to an upmarket bar.


The Formal Look:


Never has the phrase “Suited and booted” been better applied than the New Years party. A classic and ultimately timeless single breasted black blazer encapsulates the definition of egérie. Playful fabrics, such as velvet, can easily be worn for the party season and make for a more defined edition than your generic rented tux. If your workwear is formal, don’t just throw on a work suit, be daring. A rounded satin lapel with a crisp white shirt can make for a confident look, a look that will break the ocean of stuffy suits that the average joe would go for.


The Casual Look:


Dressing down is perfectly acceptable for the New Years do. Ditching the suit and letting loose for the night can be easily accomplished. Injecting a touch of difference into your outfit is what makes it memorable. A splash of colour (whether it be a vibrant watch or loafers) instils an element of interest. More trendier, edgier garments such as chunky knitwear or double breasted jackets, evoke an ambience of confidence. You’ll be the talk of the night, for all the good reasons.

The New Years do is all about one thing, refined sensibility. Not everyone at your work is going to appreciate the intrinsic details of your outfit. Whether casual or formal, you can easily dress to impress in a work-appropriate, but also fashion-forward outfit, perfect to finish and then begin the year.

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